2 Cup Manifestation Method

If you are looking to apply the law of attraction in a way that is visual, symbolic and uses the power of water, then you will like the 2 cup manifestation method.

What is Manifestation

Manifestation is using your thoughts and emotions to align with the energy of what you desire.

When we want something we can feel it’s energy. Try it now, think of your desire. It has an energy and emotions that are unique, does it not?

To manifest, you want to expand on that energy and feelings. This is what all manifesting methods help you do.

And because the universe is one energy, when you align your emotions and thoughts with your goal, you influence the universe to bring it into reality.

As the law of attraction states, what you focus is what you get. Focus on abundance and you will get abundance, focus on lack and you get lack.

So by focusing your energy onto the feeling of what you want, you will bring in into your own life.

What is the 2 Cup Manifestation Method?

The two cup manifestation method is a relatively new method, and has become popular recently.

It is based on the idea of quantum jumping. This is the idea that there are several dimensions all existing at once, similar to the multiverse idea.

For instance, there is a dimension where you do not have your desire and there is a dimension where you have it.

The 2 cup manifestation method involves taking you from one reality to the other.

It uses water, which some believe changes with your intention. So when you visualize your desire in the presence of the water, the water takes in the vibration of that desire.

Then you drink it, which merges it with your own vibration and is also a symbolic act of accepting your new reality.

The key for it to work is to visualize and feel your new reality is already here. Do not expect it to come in the future because the universe will take that literally, and keep you waiting for it in the future.

Remember, the dimension where you have your desire, already exists, so that is the vibration you want to align with. Not with the current dimension, where you do not have.

Steps to Use the 2 Cup Manifestation Method

New Reality Cup

Here are the steps to follow to make sure the 2 cup method works….

1. Prepare Cups

You will need two clear glass cups, as you want to be able to see the water.

Fill one cup with water and leave the other one empty.

Label the full cup with your current reality. For instance “I want more money”

Label the empty cup with the reality you would like “I have an extra $10,000 dollars in my account.”

Your cups are now ready.

2. Visualize Your Desire

Now you want to imagine and feel your desire as if it has already happened.

Taking the above example, visualize your bank statement with the extra $10k. Go into as much detail as possible. Use all your senses.

Imagine yourself, logging onto your online banking, the sound of clicking the buttons and the feeling of seeing the money and your new bank balance.

Give yourself much time as you need to get into the vibration and feeling of your desire. When you can feel it, put your attention on the empty cup, labelled with your new reality.

3. Pour water into the empty cup

Now it’s time to bring the new dimension into existence.

Take the full cup and slowly pour the water into the desired reality cup. Keep your vibe on your desired goal and the feeling your wish has been already fulfilled.

As the water fills the cup, feel the new reality pouring into your body and surroundings.

4. Drink the water

Take the new dimension you have aligned with, and bring into your body further by drinking the water.

The waters intention is now infusing with your intention, which magnifies your manifesting power.

5. Throw away the old label and trust the universe

Take the label off the cup representing your old reality and throw it away.

You can burn it, rip it or scrunching it up. It’s up yo you, whatever feels like a dimension shift for you will work.

You can leave the new reality label on the cup or take of the label and keep it, to look at regularly. Trust the the universe will deliver.

How often Should You Do the 2 Cup Manifestation Method?

Go with what feels right to you. You can do it once a day or once a week. The important thing is to keep the feeling and attention on your goal as much as possible.

If that means doing it everyday for you, then go for it.

What Can You Use the 2 Cup Manifestation Method For?

You can use it to manifest relationships, money, health or anything else.

It’s also great for self improvement. Just label the cups with what you want to change about yourself and follow the steps above.

Tips to Make the 2 Cup Manifestation Method More Powerful

You make the 2 cup manifestation more powerful by following these tips….

1. Combine it with other manifestation methods

Use the two cup method with other manifestation techniques like vision boards and affirmations.

For instance, you can repeat the label of your new reality as an affirmation as you go about your day.

2. Be clear and specific on your desire

When you write your desire, be clear and specific as possible. But don’t make it so specific that you no longer believe it will happen. Also leave some room for the universe to surprise you.

However, you want to be more specific than just “I have more money.”

State the amount and where you think it will come from, i.e your job, business or someone where else.

3. Do it regularly

Be consistent. So you don’t lose the feeling of it. We are prone to doubt and negative thinking, so by repeating it often you will maintain a positive energy.

4. Do it at powerful times.

Two of the most powerful times to use the two cup method is before sleep and when you wake up.

At those times your subconscious mind is more open to suggestion.

And at night time, it will work on ideas on how to create your desire, as you sleep.

5. Use gratitude

Sometimes it is hard to get into an abundant state and imagine your goal as already yours. At those times, you can use a gratitude practice.

This means you think of things you already have that you are grateful for. They can be big or small, it does not matter. What matters is the feeling of gratitude and positive mindset.

Once you have the feeling, you can then focus on your desire.


The 2 cup manifestation method is a way of attracting what you want using two cups.

You fill one cup, labelled with your current reality, with water. You label a second empty cup with your new desired outcome.

Then using quantum or dimension jumping, you pour the water from one cup into other. You have now jumped from one dimension to another.

Throw the current reality label away, and wait for your desire to take shape!