Affirmations for Finding love

Love makes life wonderful and meaningful. These affirmations for finding love will change your energy so love will come to you, sometimes in the most unexpected ways and chance encounters.

In this article I will explain what affirmations are , how to use them so they cannot fail. And off course, you will have a 150 affirmations to relish.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements you read, say in your mind, out loud or write down.

You can use them for anything. Wealth, health, happiness or a healthy relationship are all common ways people use positive affirmations.

And off course, you can use them  to attract love.

People use them to manifest and also to rewire their brain from negative self talk to positive thinking.

They also work if you need to calm yourself at anytime. I have used affirmations before an interview and before other events I feel nervous about. Especially if my monkey mind is going crazy, telling me how I am going to fail.

How To Use Affirmations For Finding Love

In order for them to work, especially for manifesting and the law of attraction, you must create and use affirmations for finding love in a specific way.

1. They must be in the present tense.

The universe operates beyond time and space. It takes what you say literally.

So if you tell it you want something in the future, it will give what you want i.e. “wanting in the future” but never getting.

Therefore you must use affirmations to confirm you already have what you want. This may seem strange. It can even make you feel you are doing yourself a disservice because the universe will think “she already has it, so I do not need to do anything.”

That only makes sense from the human, time limited mind. From the universal mind perspective everything already exists as potential and as form. So when you say you already have or already are what you want, then it will bring that into form because it already exists.

Don’t worry to much if this does not makes sense to you. Just understand the universe is abundant and does not lack anything and it works on energy alignment.

Align with energy of abundance and speak as if you already have what you want and you’ll be fine.

2. Feel the Affirmation.

The second thing you must do is to feel the affirmation. It’s one thing to say it as if it has already happened, it’s another to feel as if it has.

Everyone is different, some people find this easier than others. If it’s difficult it is because you are fearful, doubtful and feel you do not deserve what you are asking for.

Question your beliefs. You have learned them, they are not true. You can unlearn them through inquiry.

A great way to get into an abundant mindset is through gratitude, be grateful for what you have already. Big or small, it does not matter, its’ the feeling that matters. Once you get the emotion of gratitude, take that with you into your affirmations.

3. Use visualization.

When you say the love affirmation, imagine (visualize) what it will be like once you have the love you want. This will help you get into the feeling. Again, imagine it as already here. Live it in your imagination.

How These affirmations Will help You Attract Love

A woman feeling love after doing love affirmations

The following 150 affirmations for finding love, when used consistently and following the above principles, will change your energy and subconscious mind.

Each affirmation for love has been chosen carefully. Many are healthy self love affirmations because that is the basis for all healthy relationships with the right person.

Leave the rest to the universe and your subconscious, they will then bring love into your reality.

When to Use the Affirmations for Finding Love

You can use these love affirmations to attract healthy relationships at anytime. But there are certain times when they are more powerful.

1. Before going to sleep.

When you read these affirmations before you sleep, your subconscious mind will work on them as you snore away.

2. First thing in the morning.

This is another time your subconscious is open to affirmations. Immediately after you open your eyes use the affirmations. This is also a great way to start and take the love and abundant energy with you into your day.

Don’t be surprised when you wake up and you are automatically saying the affirmations you repeated before bed. See also how you use water to manifest at overnight.

Enjoy the affirmations for finding love, remember feel them to be true now!

150 Affirmations for Finding Love

1. I am deserving of deep, fulfilling love.

2. Love flows to me effortlessly from all corners of my life.

3. I attract loving and caring people into my life.

4. My heart is open to giving and receiving love.

5. I am surrounded by love in all its forms.

6. Every day, I grow more capable of loving and being loved.

7. Love heals me and makes me strong.

8. I am a magnet for positive, loving relationships.

9. My love for myself sets the foundation for all my relationships.

10. I radiate love, and it returns to me manifold.

Affirmations for finding love

11. I am worthy of a healthy, loving partnership.

12. My heart is always open to love, but never for granted.

13. Love enriches my life in beautiful ways.

14. I am grateful for the abundance of love in my life.

15. I find love everywhere I go.

16. I am capable of profound empathy and understanding in my relationships.

17. Every day, my capacity to love grows stronger.

18. I deserve to be loved fully and unconditionally.

19. I am a beacon of love and compassion.

20. My relationships are founded on mutual respect and love.

21. I am loved more than I ever thought possible.

22. Love is my birthright, and I embrace it with open arms.

Affirmation for finding  Love 22

23. I am lovable just as I am.

24. My life is filled with love, joy, and happiness.

25. I love deeply, passionately, and wholeheartedly.

26. I trust in the power of love to heal and guide me.

27. I am attracting a healthy, loving relationship.

28. My heart is always open to giving and receiving love.

29. I am worthy of being cherished and adored.

30. Love is a natural state of being for me.

31. I am surrounded by love and everything is fine.

32. Every interaction is an opportunity to express love.

33. I see love in the small acts of kindness around me.

34. I release all fears of not being loved and open myself to accept love.

Release fear around love

35. I am a unique, special individual who has much love to offer.

36. The more love I give, the more I receive.

37. My relationships are filled with love and joy.

38. Love is an endless source in my life.

39. I experience love wherever I go.

40. I am deserving of a loving, long-term relationship.

41. My heart overflows with love for myself and others.

42. Love brings me hope and courage every day.

43. I am a loving and caring person, worthy of the same in return.

44. I am grateful for the love that surrounds me daily.

45. My love is a gift that I generously give to others.

Love is a gift to others

46. I welcome love with open arms.

47. I am a reflection of love, and I attract it in abundance.

48. Love is my guiding light in life.

49. I am loved for who I am.

50. My life is enriched with loving connections.

51. I effortlessly attract love by being myself.

52. I am in a harmonious relationship filled with love and understanding.

53. Every day in every way, I become more open to love.

54. I am deserving of a loving, supportive partner.

55. I am in a loving and supportive relationship.

Love affirmation

56. I express love freely and joyfully.

57. My love for myself and others grows stronger every day.

58. I am surrounded by love and everything is okay.

59. I attract loving, kind people into my life.

60. Love is my natural state of being.

61. I radiate love, and it comes back to me in abundance.

62. I am in harmony with the universe, and this harmony brings me love.

63. My heart is always open to new possibilities of love.

64. I am worthy of the greatest love and affection.

65. I find love in all my interactions.

66. I am grateful for the love I have.

67. My heart is a sanctuary of warmth and love.

My heart is a sanctuary

68. I am a loving, positive person who attracts the same.

69. I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.

70. Love is the essence of my being.

71. I am lovable, loving and loved.

72. I attract love in all aspects of my life.

73. I am deserving of a love that fulfills me.

74. Love is all around me, I just have to open my heart to it.

75. I am creating a life full of love and happiness.

76. I am constantly surrounded by love.

77. My life is full of love and I am ready to share it.

78. I am grateful for the love that grows in my life daily.

79. I am open to love in its many forms.

Love has many forms be open to it

80. I am a vessel of love.

81. I cherish the love I receive and give it freely in return.

82. Love is a healing force that touches my life deeply.

83. I am a loving individual who deserves the very best in life.

84. My relationships are built on trust, respect and love.

85. I have a real connection with someone who values me.

86. Every day love grows.

87. I am lovable and my love is a precious gift.

88. Love flows through my friendships, my family and my romantic relationships.

89. I deserve fulfilling relationships filled with love and joy.

90. My love is powerful enough to overcome any obstacle.

91. I am confident and deserving of a fulfilling love life.

92. I radiate love and positivity, attracting similar energies.

93. My heart is always open to love and I trust it has found me.

94. I am worthy of lasting love that grows stronger every day.

95. I am capable of unconditional love and complete acceptance.

I am unconditional love

96. Love is always within my reach and I embrace it with open arms.

97. I am deserving of a partner who respects, cherishes and loves me deeply.

98. My ability to love grows more profound each day.

99. I am worthy of a passionate and harmonious relationship.

100. Love enriches my life in countless ways and I am thankful for it every day.

101. I am a source of boundless love and affection.

102. My heart’s capacity to love is infinite.

103. I am deserving of a love that lights up my life.

104. Love is my natural state, and I express it freely.

105. I am surrounded by love in all its glorious forms.

106. My relationships are anchored in love and mutual respect.

107. Every day, love comes to me easily and effortlessly.

108. I am worthy of profound and soulful love.

109. Love is a blessing that I am grateful for every day.

110. My love is a powerful force for positive change in my life.

111. I attract loving, supportive, and kind-hearted people into my life.

112. I am open to exploring new depths of love in my relationships.

113. Love is the foundation upon which I build all my relationships.

114. My life is enriched by the love I give and receive.

Affirmation to attract Love

115. I am a beacon of love, attracting more with each passing day.

116. I am worthy of being loved for who I truly am.

117. My heart is a reservoir of limitless love and compassion.

118. I am deserving and have a partner who adores me just as much as I adore them.

119. Love is the guiding light in my journey of life.

120. I am capable of giving and receiving love without fear or reservation.

121. My love is a gift that I share generously with others.

122. I am surrounded by an abundance of love and affection.

123. I am in a loving and supportive relationship that brings out the best in me.

124. My capacity for love expands with every experience.

125. I attract love into my life in unexpected and wonderful ways.

126. I am grateful for the love that fills my life every day.

127. Every encounter is an opportunity to spread love and positivity.

128. I am a reflection of love, and love reflects back to me.

129. My heart is always open to nurturing and meaningful relationships.

130. I am loved more deeply than I ever imagined possible.

Love is great

131. I am deserving of a joyful, passionate love.

132. Love is a journey that I embrace with open heart and mind.

133. I am a magnet for loving experiences and relationships.

134. My relationships are a reflection of the love I cultivate within myself.

135. I am worthy of a love story that inspires and fulfills me.

136. I find love and romance in the most unexpected places.

137. Love is an endless resource within me that I share freely.

138. I am deserving of all the love that comes my way.

139. My heart is filled with love for myself and others.

140. I have a love that complements and enhances my life.

141. I am a beautiful, lovable person with so much to offer.

142. Love finds me in both small moments and grand gestures.

143. I am worthy of a love that respects and honors me.

144. I nurture my relationships with love, patience, and understanding.

Affirmation for Love

145. My life is a beautiful expression of love in various forms.

146. I am deserving of a deep, soul-connecting love.

147. Love is the essence of my existence and I embrace it fully.

148. I am capable of building lasting, loving relationships.

149. My love is a gift that enriches the lives of those around me.

150. I am open to love in all its beauty and complexity.


Affirmations for finding love are a great way to get you into the energy of love.

These 150 love affirmations have everything you need. You can read them all regularly or pick the ones that resonate with you.

Remember, the key is to feel them as if they are already true, because to the universe and your subconscious mind they are.

Have fun with these affirmations to attract love and believe it’s on it’s way. You deserve love!

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