Ahamkara Mudra

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life and need a power boost, try ahamkara mudra.

What is Ahamkara Mudra

Ahamkara means ego or self  in Sanskrit.  It refers to our sense of “I am.”

Aham means “I” and Kara means “maker.” So it is the I- making mudra.

Mudra means seal or gesture. As the different hand positions of yoga “seal” in various energies and enhance them in positive ways.

This means the ahamkara mudra builds your sense of yourself, which will lead  you to assert your place in the world.

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How to Do the AhamKara Mudra

  • Sit in a comfortable position. Either on the floor or Chair. You can any meditative or relaxing pose you wish. Just make sure your back is straight.
  • Rub both hands together to bring up the energy in your hands
  • On both hands, gently curve your index fingers.
  • Bring the tip of your thumbs to the side of the first knuckle of your index fingers.
  • Keep the other fingers straight but relaxed.
  • Place the back of hands on your laps (I.e palms facing up). You can also put one hand at your solar plexus (palm facing inwards).
  •  Hold the mudra for 10 minutes while  meditating. You can hold this mudra up 45 minutes.

Benefits of  AhamKara Mudra

  • Gives you a sense of peace and well being
  • Increases your personal power
  • It Gives you confidence to overcome your fear and doubts. Also see Kali Mudra.
  • It stimulates your Solar Plexus Chakra  (Manipura Chakra) which is where your confidence and self esteem reside, according to classic yoga.


If you are feeling powerless or lacking in in courage to do things, then ahamkara mudra will help you.

This ancient mudra will build your sense of self and also give you peace and well being.

Try it now for 10 minutes.