Autumn Crystals

Autumn is here. The abundance of summer has given way to a time to shed the old and make space for the new. There are some amazing autumn crystals that are suited to this time of year.

Whether you are feeling sad at the end of the summer or looking forward to to the change, these crystals will help you.

I’ll also show how to use them this fall season.

Autumns Vibration

Whether your are in the southern or northern hemisphere, autumn is a time to slow down and contemplate. It’s a time to make space for new energies to enter.

It’s OK to feel a bored, there is wisdom in boredom. However, when you realize the beauty of the energy and vibration of this colourful season your boredom will turn to gratitude.

The autumn equinox ushers in the time to be grateful for the harvest. This can be a literal harvest or the harvest of your work (including inner work) and relationships over the year.

9 Autumn Crystals For You

Autumn or fall crystals use the powerful energy of autumns change and crystal healing power to enhance your life. As the days get shorter you will naturally turn inwards as you prepare for winter.

Among many the colours and hues you will see red and burnt orange crystals because they reflect the colours of the autumn season…

1. Jasper

Jasper is a great autumn crystal

Jasper is a nurturing and protective stone known for its grounding and stabilizing properties. It comes in various earthy colors. It is an excellent choice if you want to connect with the natural world..

Autumn Significance: Jasper’s connection to the earth aligns with the grounding and stabilizing energy needed as we transition into the cooler and more introspective autumn season. It will help you feel rooted and centered.

2. Hematite


Hematite is a powerful grounding stone that helps absorb negative energy and enhance mental clarity. It’s associated with strength, courage and balance.

Autumn Significance: Hematite’s grounding qualities are particularly valuable during autumn when there can be a sense of unsteadiness with the changing weather and daylight. It can help you stay focused and maintain your balance.

3. Carnelian

A great crystal for autumn is Carnelian

Carnelian is a warm and energetic crystal that boosts motivation and creativity. It encourages positive life choices and self-confidence.

Autumn Significance: Carnelian’s fiery energy resonates with the vibrant colors of autumn leaves. It can provide you with the vitality and enthusiasm you need to embrace the season, making it an ideal crystal for fall.

4. Citrine


Citrine is associated with prosperity, abundance and joy. It attracts positive energy.

Autumn Significance: The golden hues of Citrine mirror the warm and inviting colors of autumn. It can help infuse your life with a sense of warmth, positivity and abundance.

5. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz - A protective and grounding crystal for autumn

Smoky Quartz is a grounding and protective crystal that helps release negativity and stress. It promotes balance and transformation, allowing you to let go of what no longer serves you.

Autumn Significance: Smoky Quartz is excellent for autumn because it aids in shedding emotional baggage and adapting to transitions. As the season shifts, this crystal can support your journey toward greater clarity and emotional well-being.

6. Hematoid Quartz

Hematoid Quartz

Hematoid Quartz is a combination of Hematite and Quartz. It possesses the grounding properties of Hematite and the amplifying qualities of Quartz. This crystal is known for enhancing focus and emotional clarity.

Autumn Significance: Hematoid Quartz is ideal for autumn because it can help you stay grounded and focused during the transitional period. It offers stability and mental clarity, making it easier to adapt to changing routines and weather.

7. Moss Agate

Moss Agate:

Moss Agate is a stone of abundance and growth. It’s associated with nurturing energy and is often used for promoting harmony and connection to nature.

Autumn Significance: As autumn marks the transition from growth to dormancy in many parts of the natural world, Moss Agate’s energies can help you find peace and balance during this season of change. It also encourage a deeper connection to the earth and the cycles of life.

8. Labradorite


Labradorite is a mystical stone known for its flashes of color. It’s connected with intuition, transformation and protection. Labradorite will help your spiritual awareness and inner strength.

Autumn Significance: Autumn is a time of inner reflection and preparation for the colder months ahead. Labradorite’s mystical energies can aid you in your spiritual growth and self-discovery.

9. Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is ancient wood that has undergone a transformation into stone over millions of years. It is a grounding and stabilizing stone that connects you to the wisdom of the past and the endurance of time.

Autumn Significance: As nature undergoes its own transformation in autumn, Petrified Wood can help you tap into the wisdom of the past and the strength to adapt to change. It can provide a sense of continuity and resilience during this season of transformation.

Ways You Can Use Autumn Crystals

Crystal grid

If you have loved crystals like I have for a long time, you will already have your favorite ways of using their energy.

However, if you are new here are some ways you can harness their power…

Crystal Grids

Create a crystal grid using your autumn crystals. Set your intention and arrange them in a geometric pattern. Place the grid in your home where you can see it to allow the crystals energies to radiate out into your home.

Meditation and Contemplation

If you have a special meditation area, you can place the crystals around you as you focus your intention on renewal and contemplation.

If you do not a dedicated place, you can hold them in your hand as you meditate.

Crystal Elixirs

Create crystal elixirs by placing cleaned and purified crystals in a glass of water and leaving it in the moonlight or sunlight for a few hours.

Drink the elixir (remove the crystals if they are small, you don’t want to swallow them!). You can also use the elixir to bless and cleanse your home or any other area.

Decorative Displays

Arrange your crystals in a decorative dish or on a seasonal altar to enhance the ambiance of your living space.

Seasonal Ritual

Incorporate your chosen crystals into autumn-themed rituals or ceremonies. This might involve setting intentions for the season, releasing what no longer serves you, or expressing gratitude for the abundance in your life.

Wearable Crystal Jewellery

Wear Crystal Jewellery

You can purchase the crystals of your choice as jewellery or make your own.

As you wear your autumn crystal jewellery you will be protected by the energy wherever you go.

Nature Walks

This is my favourite way to use them. I take my crystals with me on nature walks during the autumn. It helps me connect with energy of change.

Gifts and Offerings

Place them on an altar as offerings to express gratitude for the season’s blessings. You can also give the crystals as gifts to other people. The energy of giving will come back to you.

Take Away

Autumn is a time for change and looking inwards. When you use these beautiful and powerful crystals you enhance the positive energies of this vibrant season.

You can carry them around with you, wear them as jewellery or use them in rituals. Trust your intuition to find the best use for you.

A friend of mine puts them under her pillow at night, I did not even think to do this. She just went with what felt right to her.

Autumn is a wonderful time, make it even better with these crystals.