Best Time To Manifest Money

The best time to manifest money is when you are in a relaxed and abundant state.

It’s the opposite of how most people do it. They ignore their financial situation and then panic when they need money. They then want to manifest money fast.

You get abundance from abundance, Abundance does not come from lack.

Good news is, if you do not have the amount of money you want, you can still feel abundant. This is what the law of attraction tells us, you get what you focus on.

In this article we will look at the ways you can feel abundant and how to focus your mind and emotions to change your vibration to align with wealth.

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What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is using your imagination to change your state to the vibration of what you desire.

Because it is based on the law of attraction, it can sound like you do not have to take action. As the word “attraction” makes people assume their desire will come to while sitting around and doing nothing except positive thinking.

That’s not the case, the law of attraction includes many laws, on of which is the law of inspired action.

Take Inspired Action

The law of inspired action states you must take action in order to manifest your desire, but the action must be from a deep place of spirit. Then what you do will be aligned with the universe.

The good news is when you change your vibration, you will naturally take action towards your desire. You will often surprise yourself because you will not always be clear why you are doing something, until it takes you a place you needed to be.

Universe is One Energy

You and the universe are one energy. Everything influences everything else. So your thoughts are the same energy as material things, they are just vibrating at a different frequency.

When you change your thoughts and emotions to an abundant vibration, that energy will create circumstances in your life that match that energy.

How to Best Manifest Money

How to Manifest Money

So the best time to manifest money is when you are vibrating at an abundant frequency.

The first step is to understand how money manifestation works, you have done that by reading this far. Once you have understood this, you can move onto changing your vibration further.

Lets look at ways to do that…

1. Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements about your desire. You can say them out load, write them down or repeat them in your mind. If you meditate, you can also use them as a money mantra.

You always make money affirmations in the present tense, as if you already have what you want.

This is because your subconscious mind take things literally. If you tell it you want something, it will give you the feeling of wanting and NOT having. Because that is what you asked for.

Don’t say “I want $10,000”


“I have $10,000,”

The key is to feel what you are saying is true.

Remember, there is only oneness, on energy. So everything you want already exists, it’s just in another form. When you understand this it will be easier to feel you already have what you want.

2. Visualization

When you use your imagination to clearly picture what you want in as much detail a possible, it’s called visualization.

For it be effective you must get within the visualization. By getting within it you are living it as if it has already happened.

Lets say you want $10,000. You can visualize this by imaging the money in your bank account. Clearly seeing your name on the account the balance you want it show.

This is Ok, but it is separate from you, you are not involved enough.

A more powerful way to visualize is to see your hands logging onto your online account by typing in the password. Clicking on the menu, and checking your balance, and seeing the extra $10,000.

Then logging out.

You can go further and visualize yourself going to a shop and spending the money, or if you do not want to spend it imagine transferring it to your savings account.

I can feel the difference, the second one feels present and real.

3. Journaling

Journaling is a mixture affirmations and visualization.

In fact all these methods are related.

Journaling means when it is time to manifest money, you script what you want in detail. One popular way of doing it is write your perfect day.

From the morning to bedtime, what would you want your day to look like? What do you do? how much money and abundance do you have?

This method is a mixture of affirmations and visualization because you write down and imagine what you want in the present tense, as if has already happened.

Not everyone likes writing things down, but some people can really get into the feel of their desire when they write.

Try it out, it might the method for you.

4. Vision Board

A vision board is a board where you place vivid images and words that remind you of your desire.

For manifesting money you have images of the amount of money you want, what you want to buy and what your life will look when you have it.

You can have images of things you are going to do to get the money.

Put the board somewhere where you will see it regularly, a good place is somewhere you walk pass often.

Take time to look at the images, update the board when you want and really let the images sink in, so you feel there are true.

5. Gratitude

I find the quickest and simplest way to get into the abundance vibration is to have a gratitude practice.

This means thinking or writing down things you are grateful for. We can all think of something.

The great thing is it does not have to be anything big. You can be grateful for a sunny day, a warm bed or a soft pillow.

It’s the feeling it gives you that is important. While you are grateful it is impossible to feel lack.

You can also be grateful for what you want to manifest.  “I am grateful for $10,000 extra I have in my bank account,”

You can use the just before your time to manifest money, think of the things you are grateful for and then continue with your manifesting method.

The more you do gratitude practice the more the feeling if abundance will stay with, you will see opportunities you didn’t before.

6. Question Your Limiting Beliefs Around Money

For many people (myself included) this is the least enjoyable thing to do. We don’t like to look at our beliefs.

However, your beliefs our one the major manifesting blocks.

Get a coach if it helps to dig into your negative ideas around money.

Some  common limiting beliefs are…

  • Feeling unworthy of money,

  • Money being the root of evil

  • Imaging that you will have to walk over people to get money.

Write your beliefs down and question them, then replace them with positive ones.

7. Make Your Environment Abundant

Make sure where you live and spend a lot of your time has an abundant feel it.

Have things that represent abundance to you. Not just financial abundance but also love, health and friendships.

Have look at Feng Shui Wealth Attraction Secrets to make your home a wealth magnet.

Also go to places where there are expensive things, get a feel of abundance energy.

Have a coffee at a high end hotel or touch expensive clothes.

What feeling do they give you? Hold onto that feeling. If you can feel abundance in the present moment, then abundance is yours.

8. Leave Your Money Mistakes in the Past

Holding onto the past will block your manifesting. We all make mistakes, see them as learning experiences.  

The universe and your subconscious mind live in the present. So when you obsessively think about your past they see that as your present.

Remember, the universe gives you what you ask for , it will give you your past if you keep thinking about it.

9. Release Negative Energy to Manifest Money

This is connected to questioning your limiting beliefs about money. When you change your beliefs around money you change your energy.

However, we do not always see our beliefs but we still carry their energy around.

Also we carry general life negative energy and feelings with us, this stops us manifesting abundance.

So have an energy release practice. There are many around. They all involve getting in touch with your body and the emotions it holds.

You can get a deep tissue massage, see a reiki master or try yoga. They will all help you.

Take regular walks in nature, this will help you align with the positive energy and abundance of the natural world. Walking in a forest or near the ocean water will remind you that abundance is everywhere. Also don’t forget, when you practice gratitude you replace negative energy with positive energy.

A powerful method to release negative energy

Get two cups, put a sticky label on one that states your current energy. Label the second cup with the energy you want to have (abundance).

Fill the first cup with water. Then pour it into the second cup. Visualize you are pouring away your old energy and and creating the new.

Take the first cup and remove the sticker and throw it away.

Enjoy the new feeling.

10. Don’t Avoid Spending Money

When manifesting money, align with the law of giving and receiving. This law says what you give will come back to you.

This does not mean you have to go on a spending spree, or give your money away to anyone who asks.

It means when you have to spend money don’t feel negative about it, have confidence that the universe will give it back to you.

Off course, don’t go into debt but don’t be scared of spending money either.

Be generous with your time as well, when you give your time and help people you will be compensated in other ways, including more money.

But you must not do things with the main purpose to attract money. Give from a place of love and abundance.

Conclusion – Best Time To Manifest Money

Abundance is the key to manifesting money and to attract wealth. So the best time to manifest money is when you are feeling abundant.

The universe gives you what you focus on, this what all these methods and practicing are using. They are changing your energy vibration to align with what you want.

Whatever method you use, make sure you feel that what you want, you already have. The reality is you do have it.

Express gratitude and move away from negative feelings and towards and abundance mindset

The universe is one energy so what you want has not appeared in the form you want it, yet. But it will!

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