Can You Manifest for Someone Else?

You can manifest for someone else but you have to be aligned with what they want.

Luckily the law of attraction does not allow for manifesting negative things for someone else, unless they want that for themselves. In fact if you try, you will attract negativity into your own life, it will be much bigger than anything negative you wish for others.

You can have many reasons you want to manifest for someone you love and care for.

It could be your wife or husband,  your child or your parents or siblings. It does not have to be family. You can do this for friends and even work colleagues you like.

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What is Manifestation

[NOTE: You can skip this part if you are already clear on what manifestation is.]

Manifestation is creating your desire or dream life by aligning your thoughts, feelings and emotions with the energy of what you want.

How do you know what the energy of your desire is?

You know it firstly because you want it, you would not want it if you did  not have the feeling of what it would be like to have it. Secondly, you can know the energy of your desire by imagining you already have it.

Imagine it in much detail as possible, as it it is already yours. When you do this, the law of the universe will create your desire. But you also have to take action.

Manifesting and The Law of Divine Oneness

The universe is one whole, as the law of divine oneness states. This means that you, your thoughts and emotions as well as everything you see, hear, smell and touch are made of the same stuff and are connected.

So when you send out energy via your thoughts and feelings they effect everything else and attract what your thoughts and feelings represent.

The energy you put out will come back to you. This is why you want to have positive thoughts and feelings.

This is the basic principle of manifestation. You can use this to manifest for someone else, with some slight adjustments.

Respect Individuality When You Manifest for Someone Else

When you manifest for someone else you must respect they have their own life’s purpose and their own lessons to learn.

As the Chinese curse goes “May you get what you wish for.”

You can interpret this in a few ways. For me it does not mean you should not get what you desire, but that sometimes we have a different purpose than what we want. That purpose will teach us deep lessons that gives us a greater happiness and connection in the future.

So even if want to see the person achieving positive things it may not be what they need right now.

Respect the others life journey as you manifest for them. Trust the universe to do what is best.

What Can You Manifest for Someone Else?

You can manifest anything they want. A relationship, money, a dream job or good health.

You cannot manifest to make them want what you want for them. We often do not know what is best for ourselves let alone others.

So in order to manifest for someone else you have to know them well enough to know what they want.

However, if you do not know what they want, or they are not clear either, you can do a general manifestation for positive changes and abundance. Abundance in happiness, relationships, money mindset and well being. You do not have to specify.

How to Manifest for Someone Else

How to Manifest for someone else

The same principles apply when you manifest for someone else as they do to our own lives.

Here are the steps you can follow…

1. Be Clear on What they Desire

Only they can fully comprehend what they desire in all it’s detail. However, you can be clear enough to continue with the next steps.

The best way to understand with clarity what someone wants, is to listen. Asking them directly can help, but it is in casual conversations that people really give you there true desires.

Often when you ask them, they will tell you what you want to hear or they will give you a watered down version, so they don’t seem greedy or delusional.

If they keep mentioning how they dislike there job, you know they want to see an improvement of some kind. They may feel underappreciated or they would like a new job that challenges them.

That is good enough information, unless they give you more.

2. Visualize Them Having What they Want

Use your imagination to see in your minds eye the person having their desire.

You want as much detail as possible.

Taking the example of the job. If the person is unhappy in their job because they got over looked for a promotion and therefore feel underappreciated, you can imagine them getting promoted.

You can visualize them sitting in the bosses office and being told they have been promoted, with a nice big bump in salary.

Go into detail, you know the person, so you know how they will react and what they will probably will say. You can guess how they would feel because you know how you would feel if you wanted a promotion and got it.

Visualize them walking out of the office and telling their colleagues, who are happy for them. Imagine them telling you and how you would react.

You must visualize all this as if it is happening now. This is important and one of the top 2 keys to manifestation.

The 2nd key is…

3. Feel the Visualization

Without the feelings and emotions the manifestation will not happen.

How would you feel it they told you the good news? Really soak it in. If the other person wears a certain perfume or cologne, smell that. Hear their voice. If they hug you, feel the hug.

You want to physically be in the new reality even though you maybe sitting somewhere else.

Imagine it in such detail that you feel as if you are there.

Neville Goddard called this living in the wish fulfilled. Notice he says “in” not “from.” It means you are living in your visualization and not as an external observer.

Don’t worry, the more you practice the better you get at it and will understand what he means.

This is also known as the law of assumption (you assume it has already happened).

4. Let Go and Trust the Universe

The final step is to detach from the outcome of your manifestation.

Trust that the universe knows what is best for your friend or family member.

Don’t try to force your idea of what something should like onto the other person.

Maybe getting a promotions was not the best after all, instead they got a new job they love. This does not mean your manifestation did not work, it did. It just means the energy put out was correct, however, the universe used in the way that was best.

You can visit the above steps as much as you like, each time your visualization will get more vivid.

Inspired Action

In order for manifesting to work we have to take action, not ordinary action but inspired action.

As you are manifesting for someone else, it is the other person that will need to do this. However you can take action where you can. For example, you can introduce them to someone who is hiring for a job.

Ultimately, it is up to the person you are manifesting for to take action. Don’t worry, when you have manifested for them they will be inspired to work towards what they want.

Have Gratitude When Manifest For Someone Else

As we saw earlier, you want to manifest from a place of abundance not scarcity. One the best way to get into an abundance state is gratitude practice.

Think of things you are grateful for, it could be big or small. You can think things you are grateful for yourself or for the other person.

For example, say in your head or out load “I am grateful my friend is healthy.”

You can do this practice throughout the day or before your manifesting practice.

As the law of correspondence states what you feel will be reflected in the physical world. So when you operate from a place of gratitude and abundance other people will also benefit.

Best Time to Manifest for Someone Else

As you sleep is a great time to manifest

The best time to manifest for someone  else is when you are in a calm and content state. In this state you feel abundant.

The universe is abundant, so you want to align with this energy.

However there are times of the day and lunar cycle that manifesting will be more powerful…

Manifest Before Sleep

Do your visualization as you fall asleep. Once you are in bed start you visualization and hold it as you fall asleep.

Your subconscious mind, which is part of and connected to everything, will work on your desire overnight.

You will find, like I do, that you wake up thinking about your visualization.

Soon As You Wake Up

When you wake up and before you start thinking of the day ahead do a visualization. At this point your subconscious mind is receptive from the nights sleep. Once you are done get up and continue with your day.

Manifest With The Lunar Cycle

You can take advantage of the lunar (moon) cycles.

The full moon brings a powerful energy that will boost your manifesting. Follow the steps during the full moon, either outdoors or indoors where the full moon is shining.

Another, more rare event, is the blue moon. The second full moon in a month is called a blue moon. This happens every two to three years. During the blue moon you are more connected to your inner spirit, and will have higher sensitivity. You visualization will be more vivid.

Law of Compensation and Manifesting for Someone Else

The law of compensation says you get what you give. This does not only mean your time and actions but also what you want for other people.

When you manifest for someone else with a positive intent, you will attract positive intent back from the universe. It will also give you a positive mindset.

If you try to manifest something they do not want, or something negative then you will attract the same energy back.

Also if they want to manifest a relationship with a specific person then you must take into account what the third person wants as well.

Keep this in mind and stay humble to the laws of the universe and focus on a positive outcome.

Positive Affirmations for Someone Else

Affirmations are positive statements. People use them for their own desires to manifest a new reality. You can also use them for someone else.

The key to an effective affirmation is to say it in the present tense, as if what you want has already happened.

The same rules apply, make the affirmation something the other person wants and positive.

An example of an affirmation for someone else is “ My friend has new job that she loves.”

Feel it to be true. You can also visualize it as you say it.

Say it through the day or whenever you feel like it.

Some Manifesting Methods You Can Try


There are different ways and methods you can apply the steps. They all follow the same principles, i) Feel what you are manifesting ii) see it as already happened.


Keep a journal where you script what you want for someone else. Write in as much detail as possible. Let it flow.

The manifestation process I follow is to start by getting into a calm and abundant state, then writing until I feel I am forcing it and no longer flowing.

You will find your own routine. This is especially good method if you struggle with imaging things vividly.

55 x 5 Method

With this method for 5 days your write down 55 affirmations per day.

You can write them all at once or spread them through the day. This is a powerful way to manifest because it keeps your attention on your desire. The law of attraction works on the principle what you focus on is what you get. This method allows you to focus on your desire intensely for 5 days.

You can continue with the manifesting steps above and add this method for 5 days.

Two Cup Method

I like this method as it involves a physical action which adds a symbolic energy to manifesting.

Take two glass cups one with water the other empty.

Stick a label on each. On the full cup label it “Current Reality” and on the empty cup label it “New Reality.”

Take a moment and get yourself into an abundance state. Imagine the new reality you want  for someone else. Feel it and visualize it. You can also write it down or say an affirmation.

Now take the full cup (representing your current reality) and poor the water into the empty cup.

As you do so, stay focused on what you want to manifest.

Take the label of the now empty cup and put it aside. Focus for a moment on the now full cup, full of the new reality.

Take a deep breathe and feel the new reality is here.


You can manifest for someone else using the same principles you use to manifest for yourself.

Make sure you manifest what the other person wants and it is a positive energy and life affirming desire. Otherwise you will attract negative energy back into your life.

A person’s life is unique, they have their lessons to learn, what can seem like negative outcomes to you maybe the lesson they need to learn. So allow space for the universe to do what is best.

Be clear on what they want and then visualize as if it has already happened. Make sue you feel it, feelings are the key.

You can use affirmations, journaling and gratitude practice to boost your manifesting.

Remember, always manifest from a place of abundance not scarcity and with positive intentions.

Have fun and stay light.

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