Candles for Manifestation

Whatever your manifesting ritual, using candles for manifestation will add an extra dimension and power to your creating ability.

In this article we will look how to use manifestation candles and the candle color meanings. I will also give you a step by step manifestation practice to try.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation means you create what you want by changing your vibration through changing your thoughts and emotions.

It is based on the law of attraction which states you get what you focus on.

But manifestation does not mean you can sit back and do nothing, you also have to take inspired action. However, when you change your vibration your actions will naturally change and come from an inspired place.

You can use manifestation to create anything you want from wealth, relationships, health to getting a better job.

The reason it works is because everything is one one energy, your thoughts and emotions are the same energy as money, they vibrate at different frequencies that is why they seem different.

And because everything is connected, when you change your thoughts and feelings you will effect everything else.

Positive thoughts and emotions lead to other positive things.

Why Use Candles For Manifestation?

Here you see the flame and wick transforming into smoke

Candles are beautiful and have a calming, peaceful energy. Being peaceful and calm not only helps you manifest. they also help reduce any sense of unworthiness you have by getting you in touch with your higher self.

When you Manifest with candles we also call it candle magick.

Here are three more reasons why candles are great for manifesting…

1. Candles Represent Transformation

Manifesting is about transforming energy from one appearance to another. You take your thoughts and emotions and transform them into your desire. This is what a candles represents.

A candle transforms from solid wax into liquid wax and then into a combination of heat, light, and various gases as it burns.

When you use candles to manifest, you are connecting with this process in a deep and spiritual way.

Visualize lighting the candle as representing you setting your intention and the flame and smoke as representing your intention going out into the universe.

2. Candles For Manifestation Use The Power Of The Elements

Manifesting with candles uses the power of all four elements, fire, air, water and earth. These associations are typically symbolic rather than literal.

Earth: The solid wax of the candle represents the element of Earth. It’s the physical substance from which the candle is made.

Water: The melted wax, which turns into a liquid when you light the candle, can symbolize the element of Water.

Air: The oxygen in the air is necessary for the combustion of the candle’s wick and wax, which produces the flame. The movement of air can also affect the behavior of the flame.

Fire: The flame itself represents the element of Fire, as it provides both heat and light when the candle burns.

3. Candles for Manifestation Will Help You Focus Intention

A candle also gives you something to focus on. Often when we try to visualize our desire, we get in our own way. We think we are not worthy and our mind wonders. Using the candle as a focal point that represents our desire will keep us in align with the vibration we want to put out into the universe.

What Can You Manifest With Candles?

You can use candles to manifest anything you want. They are a tool that let the manifestation and the law of attraction work.

So whatever it is you want, you can use candles to manifest it, like you would use any other tool like a vision board or journaling.

You can manifest big things or simple things. I use candles in the morning to manifest a harmonious day, I visualize myself dealing with problems with calm and elegance.

What You Will Need If You Want To Use Candles for Manifestation

To Manifest with candles you will need candles, oil and a sacred place.

You will need a candle, candle holder and oil. And off course matches or a a lighter.

The colour of the candle you choose should align with what you want to manifest (see below for the colours and their meanings). However for simplicity, you can use a white candle, which represents all the other colours and can be used to manifest anything.

Choose an oil to rub on your candles for manifestation. Here are some essential oils you can try…

  • Olive oil can be used for general purposes and can be anointed onto candles for a wide range of intentions.

  • Rose oil is associated with love, romance, and matters of the heart. It can be used when manifesting love and emotional healing.

  • Lavender oil is known for its calming and soothing properties. It can be used for relaxation, peace, and manifesting tranquillity.

  • Frankincense oil is often used for spiritual and meditative purposes. It can be employed in meditation, prayer, and connection with higher spiritual realms.

  • Myrrh oil is another oil often used for spiritual purposes. Use it for purification, protection and spiritual energy.

  • Patchouli oil is associated with grounding and attracting abundance. Use it for manifesting wealth and prosperity.

  • Cinnamon oil is often used for increasing energy, motivation and passion. You can use it to manifest desires related to ambition and drive.

  • Sandalwood oil is associated with spiritual growth, meditation and enlightenment. Use it when seeking spiritual insight and wisdom.

  • Citrus Oils (e.g., Orange, Lemon, Bergamot): Citrus oils are used for uplifting your mood. You can use them when to manifest joy, positivity and creativity.

Here’s How To Practice Using Candles For Manifestation

Law of attraction Ritual With Candles

Here is a candle ritual you can follow…

1. Set Your Intention

Before you start, take some time to clarify your intention. Be specific about what you want to manifest. Write down your intention on a piece of paper or in a journal.

2. Prepare Your Space

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed.

3. Cleanse the Space

Cleanse the energy in the area by smudging with sage or incense, or simply by visualizing white light.

4. Clear Your Mind

Relax and clear your mind through meditation or deep breathing exercises. This helps you focus your energy and intention.

5. Dress the candle for Manifestation

Anoint your candle with oils that correspond to your intention. For example, if you’re manifesting love, you can dress a pink candle with rose oil.

6. Light the Candle

Light the candle and as you do, state your intention either silently or out loud. Be clear and concise in your wording. Your intention should be an affirmation in the present tense. “I have” rather than “I want”. Click on the link to learn how to do affirmations properly.

7. Visualize Your Desire

While gazing at the flame, visualize your desire as if it has already come true. Imagine how it feels and what your life looks like with your intention realized. Feel the emotions associated with your desire.

8. Focus Your Energy

While keeping your intention in mind, focus your energy on the candle flame. Imagine the flame is amplifying and radiating your intention out into the universe.

9. Meditate or Reflect

Spend some time in meditation or quiet reflection. Let go of any doubts or negative thoughts, and stay open to receiving your manifestation.

10. Let the Candle Burn:

You can allow the candle to burn completely, or for a specific period of time, while you continue to focus on your intention. If you can’t let it burn all at once, you can extinguish it and relight it later.

11. Express Gratitude

When the candle has finished burning, express gratitude for the manifestation of your intention. Thank the universe, a higher power, or your own inner self for aligning with your desires.

12. Release Attachment:

It’s important you detachF from the outcome and trust that the universe will bring your desire to you in the right way and at the right time.

Candles for Manifestation Meaning Of The Colours

Choose the right colour, the colours of the candles have different powers

Each candle colour corresponds to different energies and intentions. I use the traditional meaning of the colours to allow me to align my rituals with my specific goals.


White candles symbolize purity, clarity and spiritual awakening. I use them for general purposes and because they represent all colours and energies.


I choose red candles for intentions related to love, passion, courage and personal power. They also help boost my energy and motivation.


Pink candles are my go-to for matters of the heart, including love, romance and friendship.


When I need to spark creativity, enthusiasm and joy, I use orange candles. They are perfect for manifesting goals tied to creativity, career success and happiness.


A Yellow candle symbolizes intellect, communication and mental clarity. I use them to enhance my mental focus and communication skills.


For intentions related to abundance, prosperity, and financial growth, I choose green candles. They also represent healing and personal growth.


Blue candles help me achieve calmness, peace and intuition. I turn to them for emotional healing, spiritual growth and wisdom.


Purple candles are my choice for spiritual pursuits, psychic awareness and transformation. They help me in my spiritual growth and intuition.


Lavender candles combine the energies of purple and white, making them ideal for spiritual healing, inner peace and relaxation.


On occasions when I need protection, want to banish negative energy, or break through obstacles, I use black candles. They also symbolize the ending of old habits and situations.


Brown candles represent stability, grounding and practicality. I light them for intentions related to home, family and for a stable life.


Gold candles signify success, achievement and abundance. I use them when I want to manifest financial success and achieve my goals.


Silver candles are associated with psychic abilities, intuition and feminine energy. I use them for intentions related to intuition development and connecting with my subconscious mind.

Remember, these colour meanings vary based on personal beliefs and cultural interpretations. So choose the candle colour that resonates most with your intention and personal energy.

Meaning of Flame When Using Candles for Manifestation

The type of flame has different meanings

Different types of candle flames are associated with specific symbolism and interpretations.

Here are some common meanings associated with various types of candle flames…

Steady Flame

If you see a steady and strong flame while manifesting, it can signify that your intentions or manifestations are on the right track. Which means your energy is focused and balanced.

Flickering Flame

A flickering flame means there are obstacles or distractions in your path to manifestation. It also means you need to focus and quieten your mind.

High Flame

A high flame typically represents high energy and strong intentions. It could also mean your desire in the process of coming into existence.

Low Flame

A low flame can symbolize a lack of energy or focus in your intentions. It might be a sign that you need to recharge your energy or revisit your goals and desires.

Dancing Flame

A flame that dances and moves erratically can suggest uncertainty around what you want. It’s a sign to bring more emotional clarity to your intentions.

Split Flame

If the flame splits into two or more separate flames, it might indicate that your energy or focus is divided among multiple intentions or desires.

Extinguished Flame

If the candle flame suddenly extinguishes on its own, it could be interpreted as a sign that your manifestation may face delays or obstacles. In some cases, it may be a signal to revaluate your goals.

Remember that these interpretations are based on various spiritual and metaphysical beliefs, and their significance can vary among different cultures and belief systems.

Whether you choose to incorporate these interpretations into your manifesting practices is a personal choice.

Ultimately, the power of manifestation is rooted in your belief, intention, and the actions you take to bring your desires to fruition.

Candles For Manifestation – Take Away

There are other candle rituals you can perform when practicing candle manifestation, I have given you one. You can play around with it and use your intuition to make it your own. You can add it to any manifestation rituals you already have.

Use candles to manifest anything, whether that is manifesting money or your dream life.

Whatever you want to attract there is manifestation candle colour that is suited for it. Have fun and enjoy the peace and tranquillity you feel when you use candle magic regularly.

(NOTE: Don’t leave burning candles unattended unless you have taken safety precautions)

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