If you feel disconnected from life it is because you are disconnected from your self. In this article I will explain what the higher self is and why it is essential that you connect to it. You will also learn what connecting to higher self actually means and how to do it.

What is Your Higher Self?

The term higher self is confusing and misleading, because there is no lower self. There is simply THE self, which is our real self.

Our real self can feel like a higher consciousness because we are used to living from our inner chatter. In one sense it is higher because it is the truth of who we are.

So when people talk about higher self they actually mean SELF.

I will continue to use the word higher self for simplicity, but keep in mind that what I am referring to is THE Self, and not something that is above a lower self. Also it is not an inner self as opposed to an outer self and it is not the same as the subconscious mind.

When we are operating from the higher self we have a feeling of being authentic and a sense of being home.

It is beyond our thoughts, feelings and constant internal chatter. And is is beyond our body.

When I say beyond I mean it encompasses them but is prior to them, they are downstream of the higher self.

The higher self is the real you, in fact it is YOU. Everything else including your physical body is a function of the higher self.

The higher self is God, Dao or as some people call it the divine self, the words do not matter, you can call it whatever you want.

Another way to look at it is as the silence or stillness in you, even when your mind is chattering away.

Summary: The higher self is the real and is the God/Spirit/Dao. In Zen they say it is your original face, who you are before your grand parents were born. It is the silence and stillness that is always there.

Why Connect to Your Higher Self?

Can being real and authentic ever be bad?

When you want achieve something the best way to go about it is to look at the principles and mechanisms involved so you know you are operating with real information.

Take golf. You want to know how best to swing the club, where to place you eyes, and how the ball reacts when you hit it in different conditions.

In other words you want to operate from reality, from the truth of the situation.

This true for who are more so than anything because it is the basis for everything.

Operating from the truth of who are will improve every aspect of your life.

The side affects of recognizing and living from your higher self is your inner chatter subsides, your anxiety is reduced, you make better decisions and you become harmonious with people and situations.

All of these will improve your life and give a new power to your manifesting methods.

6 Ways to Connect to Your Higher Self

When you connect to your higher self, you recognize that you are already your higher self, you’ve been miss perceiving reality. The spiritual journey is recognising it and living from it.

So how do you recognize you are already your higher self?

You firstly acknowledge that is exists. By reading this article you have done that. Let it really sink in.

Then you can do various practices. Use each practice to see what already is. Do not use it as a way of rising from a lower self.

When you recognize your higher self as who you already are, your thoughts and desires will remain and so will your judgements. But you will see that you are beyond all of them but also they are yours.

So with the practices do not try to quieten the mind or be non judgemental, focus on the the silence and stillness that you already are.

Here are the ways to connect with your higher self:

1. Meditation

    Meditate to connect to your higher self

    Sit relaxed and observe that you are the silence and stillness that encompasses everything. It’s that simple. Do not focus on thinking. If you enjoy guided meditations try the Yoga Nidra meditation.

    2. What Do You Love Doing – What does it feel like?

    Look at your life when you do things that you truly love for the sake of doing them, not to show other people and not solely for the end goal.

    During this time you will notice you have a timeless quality to you, it’s because you are being as you are – the higher self.  

    What does that feel like to you?

    3. Nature

    Spending time in nature connects you to your higher self

    Spend time in nature. Your Higher self and the natural world are not separate. When you are in nature you will enter into your natural higher self consciousness.

    Nature does not try to be non judgemental, it does not try not to think, it does not try to be itself. It is. So it is with your higher self. This what you sense when you are in nature.

    4. Gut Feeling

    When we are mesmerized by our thoughts and feelings we feel confused and full of doubt. When operate from the higher self are clear and decisive.

    Look back over your life when your gut feeling (intuition) gave you a clear indication of what to do next.

    Now take this into your everyday life and become aware of when it happens. The more you focus on it the more it will become part of your everyday experience.

    Remember, don’t look for big things, it’s the everyday small decisions that make up our life.

    When you are operating from your higher self, your gut feeling becomes clear.

    5. Reading

    Reading helps to understand your higher self.

    Although I am not a big fan of too much reading, it does have it’s place. The problem becomes when we take the words for the truth. They are pointers and no more. The truth of who you are is not a concept.

    However, reading books can help clarify things and bring to the surface questions you never knew you had.

    6. Learn How Your Higher Self Speaks.

    Your Higher self is wise and compassionate.

    The way we speak to ourselves when we are lost in egoistical thoughts is very different from when we operate from the higher self.

    • The higher self’s language is reality based. It does not live in fantasy and does not wish things were different.

    • When you are operating from the higher self, you will see reality as it and not run from it.

    • You will not increase conflict but you will also not avoid it. You will be concerned with the truth of the situation not with winning or losing. This means you will not add negative energy.

    • If you feel superiority, arrogance or specialness you are not operating from the higher self.

    • Also the opposite is also true, feeling humbler than others is a sign you are not operating from the higher self either.

    • The higher self does not think in black and white terms. It does not see things and people as fully good or fully bad.

    When you connect to your higher self and live from it you will not come from a place of defensiveness and your words will reflect this.

    Be observant, when you operate from an authentic, still place, how do you talk?

    Connect to Your Higher Self Conclusion

    We all have are own spiritual journeys to live through. The spiritual path we choose will depend on many factors, it will call us when we are ready.

    However, the higher self we will recognize will be the same for all of us but how we express that in the world will be unique.

    It is not something we have to create it is who we are, we simply have to recognize it. The spiritual growth will come from how often we live from that place.

    It is known by many names God, Dao, Divine Self and many others, however the names do not matter, it is the experience that is the jewel.

    Our higher self is not separate from the physical world. It is the divine energy and inner wisdom that we have tapped into many times already. We just have to become conscious of it for it grow and flourish.