A women holding a Rhodonite crystal , releasing anger symbolized by the dove.

It’s hard to forgive. We can hold onto thoughts of revenge and hurt for a long time. Those of us who can let go of slights done to us easily are a rare few. We can all do with energetic help, I have used crystals for forgiveness to create an energy of healing, peace and release from feelings of anger and revenge.

In this article I will share the best crystals for forgiveness and how to use them most effectively.

What is Forgiveness?

People have different ideas of what forgiveness means. The word forgiveness comes from an old English word “forgiefan” a translation of it means “to give up.”

For me forgiveness means to give up the feelings of resentment and anger. It’s not about having to like the person or having to be around them. It’s a personal energetic thing. I want to release feelings that destroy my energy and peace.

This is why I love crystals for forgiveness, it’s not about the other person but my own journey. So by forgiving I am not condoning what the other person did.

How Crystals for Forgiveness Work

Healing crystals for forgiveness will help you connect with your higher self and the peace and tranquillity that comes with that.

They will encourage self love and open you energetically to emotional healing and confidence.

Crystals will also open and balance your chakras (the energy centers in your body).

In summary crystals remove energy blockages in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Best Crystals For Forgiveness

Rose Quartz

A Rose Quartz crystal

Rose quartz is the stone of love. Not only love for others but also for yourself. When you have been betrayed or hurt by someone it is easy to blame yourself. This stone will help you go beyond negative ideas about who you are.

It will encourage unconditional self love, as you see it was not your fault and that you are wonderfully flawed and learning like we all are.

In the process it might help you see that the other person was sleep walking through life and acted that way because they were in emotional pain. However, that is their karma no yours.


Another one of the crystals for forgiveness is Amethyst

This purple crystal will make you calm and give you clarity. It will release negative emotions and give you a sense of understanding and patience. Not only with people who you no longer want to feel resentment towards but also to yourself.

Forgiveness is not a straight forward journey. You will fall back into anger, however this stone will help you be patient.


Another one of the crystals for forgiveness is Rhodonite

This rose pink crystals will clear away past emotional wounds and balance your feelings.

It is connected to the heart chakra, which is what you need as forgiveness comes from the heart not from your mind. It will open and balance the heart chakra which will help you forgive and feel love and peace for yourself.

Rhodonite also helps you ground your energy. I love this stone as it creates a wonderful balance between emotion and the physical body.

This is the best stone if you have suffered recently as it will heal the initial shock of harm or betrayal.


Chrysoprase is one the best crystals for forgiveness

This green crystal brings good fortune and prosperity. It will calm you and connect you to truth. When we have been hurt it can cause us confusion, we feel lost and don’t know what happened, especially if it was someone close to us.

Chrysoprase will help you clear the confusion and express yourself clearly.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

This forgiveness crystal is linked to the third eye chakra and throat chakra. This means that it will help you connect to your wisdom and improve your communication.

Part of the process of forgiveness is to speak about it. This stone will help you speak clearly and effectively from a wise place.

This beautiful stone can also protect you from psychic attacks, this is also useful as when you are hurt it can leave you vulnerable.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is another super crystals for forgiveness

This stone is said to be useful for working through unresolved emotional issues. It will calm anger and any general irritation. People often use this stone to manage a daily hectic life.

Because it cleanses the energy around the heart chakra it will help you see things things clearly without emotional confusion.

It also helps your digestive system. Anger and resentment effect our gut, this is why you should not eat when angry.

Green Aventurine will help heal the gut which in turn will help process the anger out of your system.



Sodalite is referred to as the “stone of peace.” It helps logical thinking and truth, which will help you balance and navigate complex emotions involved in forgiveness.

This stone gives you emotional balance, self-esteem, and trust, all of these will make it easier for you to let go of old patterns of guilt and fear.

Sodalite has the most benefits of any healing stones. This is because is it brings inner peace and peace heals many wounds and issues.

This stone also helps with communication, intuition, overcoming negative thinking and increase in mental clarity. All of which you need when you are going through the forgiveness process.

It also opens and balances the third eye chakra, which is the chakra for seeing with clarity and intuition. Clarity is something we need, so we do not fall into seeing the whole world in  a negative way, just because of a few bad people.

Here are Some Ways You Can Use the Crystals for Forgiveness

When you use crystals for forgiveness you can place them in a grid as shown here

You can use the crystals for forgiveness in several ways. Choose one that resonates with you or mix up different methods.

Before using crystals for forgiveness make sure you cleanse and recharge them. You can do this by leaving them in the moonlight, sunlight or simply getting in a deep relaxed state and visualize them surrounded by an energetic white light.

You can also use Selenite, find out how to use SELENITE HERE


If you have a meditation practice, introduce crystals. You can place them around you in a crystal grid format, hold them, even wear them.

Feel the gentle energy of the crystals wiping away resentment and anger. Bringing you peace.

Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is a formation of crystals you place on the ground or on a board or cloth.

You put the crystals in a way that creates different shapes. A square represents strength, protection and grounding. A circle format represents abundance. You can use a spiral for flow and creativity.

Have a look at the shapes you can create. The main thing is go with your intuition.

Carry Crystals With You or Wear Them As Jewellery

Once you have chosen your crystals for forgiveness, keep their energy with you and carry them in your pocket or bag, even wear them as jewellery.

I like this method as I can hold the crystal and get a boost whenever I need it.

Place them Under Your Pillow

You can place your crystals for forgiveness under your pillow and let them heal you as you sleep.

Hold them, set your intention for them to heal you , place them under your pillow and rest knowing their energy is working on your body and subconscious.

Have them around Your Home

Crystals are beautiful. If you do not have a formal practice then you can place your chosen crystals for forgiveness around your home. Let hem infuse your environment with their energy.

I find putting crystals with candles creates a peaceful healing energy in the evening.

Crystals for Forgiveness Absorb Energy

Crystals not only emit energy they also absorb it. So make sure you regularly cleanse and recharge your crystals to clear them of negative energies.

Earlier we learned to charge them and cleanse them before using them. But you must also do this on a on going basis.

Use the same methods as before. Leave them in the moonlight overnight or in the sunlight for the day.

You can also use sage smoke or incense sticks to cleanse them.

Cleansing them will remove negative energy, bring their vibrancy back and will infuse them with your intentions.

It’s also a great ritual practice, light some candles as well you have a personalized ritual you can enjoy.


Because of the pain and hurt they cause, forgiving people is challenging. However, we must forgive in order to move on with our lives and live to the fullest.

Ultimately forgiveness comes from the heart and involves self forgiveness, the forgiveness crystals I have shared with you, all help heal and open your heart.

However, there is more to us than just the heart, we are also thinking and communicating beings. Therefore I have also included crystals for mental clarity and communication to help wipe away negative thoughts.

Choose the crystals that feel right for you, go with your intuition and use them in a way that speaks to you. There isn’t a perfect way to use crystals, it is not a science but an art.

Remember, cleanse and recharge your crystals regularly to keep them vibrant and free of negative energy.

Lots of love on your journey to peace, harmony and abundance.

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