Crystals for Pets

When I got my first dog as a little child I was amazed at the variety of emotions and behaviors he had. He seemed to have just as complicated inner life as I did. Many people are not aware that you can use the power of crystals for pets to help them in many ways.

As pet owners know their pets can have all kinds of emotional issues from fear, nervousness and separation anxiety.

In this article I will go through the different crystals you can use for your pets, their benefits and how to use these healing stones. I will focus on dogs, however you can apply this (with a little tweeking) to any of your pets.

The Power of Healing Crystals For Pets

Crystals can take thousands of years to become the form that we see. They go from liquid to solid, they hold that energy of transformation and the wisdom of time.

They have been used for centuries in rituals and healing practices for humans. Our pets are part of the family, whether it’s dogs or any other pet we can use crystals for pets to give them the same healing and protection.

Crystals can reduce anxiety, offer protection, clear our minds and expand love.

Best Crystals For Pets

[NOTE: None of what you are about to read should replace a qualified vet]

Each crystal has a main energy but also has other healing benefits. So choose the crystal for a specific purpose. But also don’t worry if you cannot find the exact type of crystal you are looking for. The crystal shapes also have specific energies, follow the link to find out more.

Crystals are beautiful, just like us, our pets respond to beauty.

I have a friend of a friend who takes their Border Collie shopping for crystals, she shows it a few and the collie will be drawn to one. Not just dogs, all animals are sensitive to beauty and energy.

Try it, your dog intuitively knows what it needs.


Amethyst crystal for pets

Imagine your pet surrounded by the serene gentle energy of Amethyst. This crystal is renowned for its calming properties, making it perfect for pets who experience anxiety, stress or panic attacks.

It’s gentle and soothing for their spirit. And it alleviates their fears and creates a peaceful environment. Think of Amethyst as a tranquil haven for your pet, where they can find solace and relaxation.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This stone, known as the crystal of love, is ideal for nurturing your pet’s emotional well-being.

It creates a deep sense of companionship and love and strengthens the bond between you and your pet. Rose Quartz is heartwarming, it gives comfort, loving and harmonious relationship.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Crystals for pets

This great crystal is excellent for grounding and stabilizing, making it ideal for pets that are easily overwhelmed or nervous.

It acts as a protective barrier, filtering out negative energy and creating a safe, secure environment. Smoky Quartz is like a steadfast guardian for your pet, ensuring their emotional stability.



Imagine your pet energized by the balancing properties of Agate. This versatile crystal is known for harmonizing yin and yang energies and it brings a sense of balance and stability.

It’s particularly beneficial for pets needing a boost in confidence or adaptability. Agate is a grounding force, fostering a sense of security and resilience in your pet.



This crystal is excellent for amplifying and cleansing energy, making it perfect for pets needing a rejuvenating boost.

It’s refreshing for their soul, clearing away any stagnant energy and promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Black Obsidian for Dogs

Black Obsidian crystals for dogs

Picture your dog guarded by the powerful energy of Black Obsidian. This crystal is known for its protective qualities, especially against negative energies.

It acts as a shield, safeguarding your dog from external stressors and fostering a sense of safety and security. Black Obsidian provides strength and protection for your canine companion.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

This crystal, known as the “master healer,” it’s powerful healing energies are excellent for enhancing overall well-being.

It clears away negativity and amplifies positive energy. Use this healing stone if your pet has immune system issues, physical or joint pain.

Clear Quartz is also ideal for pets needing an all-around energetic boost, it promotes health and vitality.



This crystal is perfect for calming the mind and easing overactive thoughts.

It’s particularly beneficial for pets who are prone to anxiety or nervousness, it creates a peaceful, calming environment.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

This crystal will bring good fortune and prosperity.

It’s like a charm of luck, increasing your pet’s chances of experiencing joy and happiness. Green Aventurine promotes a positive outlook, it encourages your pet to embrace life with enthusiasm and optimism.

How to Use Crystals For Pets

You are only limited by your imagination. As long as your pet will not harm itself you can do what you like.

Here are some ways you use crystals for your pets…

Attach Crystals to the Collar or Leash

Imbed Collar With Crystals

Upgrade your pets collar by adding crystals. You can hang one like a pendant or you can get fancy and have the collar studied with various crystals. You can also put them on the tags and their leash.

This way your pet will carry the healing energy with them in a safe way.

Place Them Where Your Pet Sleeps

Place the Crystals where you pet sleeps.

You can place the smaller ones under the blanket or basket. It depends how secure they are, as my dog ruffles around quite a bit, I do not do this. However my friends dog barely moves when it is asleep, so she puts them under the the thick blanket and her dog is fine.

The crystals do not have to be so close, you can place the larger ones around the area where your dog sleeps, but its best to keep them out of reach as some crystals can be toxic when ingested and others can easily be damaged.

Use Crystals For Pets at Bath Time

Use Crystals for Pets at Bath Time

You can place crystals near the bath and if safe, place some in the bath. You can also use them as a gentle massage tool for your pet. I have a small crystal bowl that I use to pour water on my dog.

Carry Them With You

The Crystals Energy expands out, so you can carry the crystals when you go for a walk or are near your pet.

For example, if you have a new pet, like an anxious dog that you need to train, carrying amethyst with you to help during the training session.

Cleanse and Charge The Crystals Regularly

Crystals not only emit energy they also absorb it and amplify it. So overtime it will absorb energy from the environment, which will change the crystals healing powers.

So make sure you cleanse and charge the crystals regularly, once a month is enough but you can do it more often if you like, especially f you feel like it has been a particularly challenging period.

Here are some simple ways you can cleanse your crystals…

Use The Moonlight to Cleanse Your Pets Crystals

Wash your pets crystals, dry them and then place them in the moonlight. You can put them outside or in the window sill. Place them on natural material like wood and earth.

Leave the crystal overnight.

Cleanse Your Pets Crystals In the Sunlight

The sunlight is another powerful method to cleanse and charge your pets crystals.

Wash and dry them, then place them in direct sunlight. Some crystals fade in the sunlight, which reduces their power, so make sure the crystal is compatible with sunlight.

Leave it all day or for at least 5 hours.

Meditate To Cleanse the Crystal

I like doing this when my dog is in chill mode. I put on some calm music, have the crystals I meditate and imagine a white light surrounding and soothing us and the crystals. You can also a specific intention as you meditate. For instance, if your pet is going to the vet, you can set the intention that it is protected.

Do this for at least twenty minutes.

Bury Your Pets Crystals in the Earth

Crystals get their energy from the earth and the cosmos. So burying them is another great way can charge and cleanse them.

Just make sure your dog won’t dig it up!

Find a spot and mark it so you know where you buried it. Dig a small hole, place your crystal in it then cover it up with the soil.

Leave it overnight or during the day.

Dig it up and wash it.

Final Thoughts and Take Away

Pets are part of the family so why not give them the same crystal healing and protection we give ourselves?

I have given you what I think are the best healing crystals for dogs and pets. Whether they need physical healing or emotional healing, there is something here for your pet.

Once you have chosen the right crystal for your pet , you can incorporate it into a dog’s collar, tag or leash. You can have them as ornaments where they spend most of the time. You can also carry them with you as you walk or spend time with your pet.

Whatever healing crystal you choose, make sure you cleanse and recharge them at least once a month. Crystals absorb energy around them, so you want to make sure there are emitting pure crystal healing energy for your pet.

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