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We often see smart people who are not successful, no matter how much they try. It’s usually because they do not understand themselves or other people. Take the free emotional intelligence quiz below, to see where you are with your emotional IQ.

Why Emotional Intelligence is Important

If we want things in life, including meaning and happiness, we need other people. And people are complicated, emotional and inconsistent.

If you notice someone who does not seem to have obvious talent but are doing well, it’s because they are good with people and they understand themselves.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is your ability to understand your own and other peoples emotions. Then be able to respond and manage them as the situation demands.

The Aspects of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Strength Test Measures 5 Elements

The simples way to look at emotional IQ is to break it down into five elements…

1. Self awareness

This is your ability to understand your own emotions and their affect on other people.

2. Self- regulation

Self regulation is how you are able to manage your emotions so you can respond to situations in calm and helpful way.

3. Motivation

When you have emotional intelligence you can motivate yourself in a healthy way that leads to improvement of your life. You can take advantage of opportunities and make healthy choices when you act.

4. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to see other people point of view and appreciate they have their own feelings and inner landscape. And respond in proportion.

5. Social Skills

This is your ability to apply your understanding of your and others in your day to day interactions. Whether in the work place, family or socially.

How Accurate is the Emotional Intelligence Quiz?

Although this free online emotional intelligence test  is for entertainment purposes, I have designed it to give you a good idea of where you stand.

Answer the questions honestly and remember that emotional intelligence is not fixed. You can change and improve.

Once you have done the emotional competence test, If you want some tips on how to improve on certain areas have a look at: The Four Branches of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence Quiz

For each statement, indicate how often it is true for you using this scale:

1 = Rarely or Never

2 = Sometimes

3 = Often

4 = Almost Always or Always


  • I recognize my own emotions as they occur.
  • I understand the reasons behind my feelings.
  • I can tell when my mood is about to change.


  • I can calm myself down when I’m upset.
  • I handle stress without getting overly upset.
  • I think before I act or react.


  • I can tell how others are feeling just by looking at them.
  • I understand when people are going through tough times, even if they don’t tell me.
  • I feel for others and show genuine concern.

Interpersonal Effectiveness:

  • I manage conflicts in a constructive manner.
  • I know how to maintain healthy personal boundaries.
  • People find it easy to trust and confide in me.

Emotion Management:

  • I’m able to cheer myself up when I’m feeling down.
  • I know techniques to manage my negative emotions.
  • I celebrate and enjoy my positive emotions without going overboard.

Social Awareness:

  • I can read a room when I walk into it.
  • I understand the dynamics of group situations.
  • I know when to speak and when to listen in a group setting.


36-48: High Emotional Intelligence – You show strong capabilities in understanding and managing your own emotions as well as those of others.

24-35: Moderate Emotional Intelligence – You have a good grasp of your emotions and those of others, but there might be areas where you could improve.

12-23: Emerging Emotional Intelligence – This suggests there are several areas you might work on to improve your emotional intelligence. Consider seeking resources or training to bolster these skills.

Below 12: Consider this a starting point. Everyone starts somewhere, and recognizing areas of growth is the first step in increasing emotional intelligence.

Note: This quiz is for informational purposes only and is not a scientifically validated tool. It’s always recommended to seek comprehensive assessments and feedback when aiming for personal growth in this area.


Emotional intelligence is an essential skill for success and happiness in life.

It means we must understand and manage our emotions, while also understanding other people and then respond in a appropriate way that the situation demands.

Use the emotional intelligence quiz as a tool to highlight any areas you can improve in. Although it is for entertainment purposes only, it is a great starting point.

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