Feng Shui Wealth Secrets For Your Home

People are using Feng Shui to attract abundance. Many things seems “out there” until we learn the time tested principles behind them. The art of Feng Shui is one of those things. After reading this article you will not only understand the principles but also be able to apply those Feng Shui wealth principles to your home and attract abundance and financial success.

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of consciously arranging objects in an environment to achieve a natural positive flow of energy. Feng Shui encourages harmony, peace and prosperity. The literal translation is “The way of wind and water”. If you are new to Feng Shui go here: Feng Shui 101: What You Need to Know About the Ancient Art of Placement.

General Feng Shui Wealth Principles to Use in Your Home

Apply Feng Shui Wealth Principles to Your Entire Home

When you arrange your home with the principles of Feng Shui you are sending the universe a conscious message of material and spiritual abundance and well being.

Have Your Home Uncluttered

Make sure your home is uncluttered and has as much natural light as possible. Have items of abundance around the home like a money plant (more on wealth attracting object below).

Door’s Are Where Opportunities Enter

Do not have any area where your back is facing a door. Whether it’s the bedroom, living room or office.

The door represents where wealth and opportunities flow into your life. You want to face opportunity and not turn your back on it and block it.

Facing a window is not the same, look at it this way, when someone wants to meet you they come through the door, not the window.

Colours for Feng Shui Wealth

Colours that are associated with wealth are purple, green, blue and gold.


The colour purple is the colour that most strongly associated with wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui.

Have this colour in abundance around most of your home and in moderation in the bedroom.

Try purple curtains, ornaments or furniture.


Green signifies abundance, so have plenty of greens around.


Gold is the colour of the sun and is infused with abundance and life giving energy, it is used in Feng Shui to attract wealth and growth.

Use gold in your wealth corner (see below), you can use ornaments and art with gold colours.


For Feng Blue represents the element of water and symbolises abundance and flow, like the ocean. Combine blue with white or beige to soften and control it’s energy, especially in the kitchen.

What is a Feng Shui Wealth Corner and How to Find it in Your Home

The Bagua Map and Your Wealth Corner

The wealth and prosperity corner is a section (gua) of the Bagua map. The Bagua map is a map of your home and how each area relates to certain parts of your life, it see’s your home as a reflection of your life.

The wealth corner (also known as a money corner) of your home represents wealth and prosperity and abundance.

How To Locate the Feng Shui Wealth Corner of Your Home

When using the square Bagua map, the Feng Shui wealth corner is the far left corner of your home when standing at your front door.

You can also locate your wealth corner using a compass and find the southeast area of your home. This method is based on the Bagua hexagram rather than square.

Here is a video explaining the different ways to locate your money corner:

When you have located your wealth corner:

  • Make sure it is not cluttered.

  • It is well lit, with as much natural light as possible.

  • There are objects that you can use and arrange in your wealth corner to make sure chi energy flows to give your life abundance (more on these objects below).

Specific Areas of Your Home and Feng Shui Wealth

Use Feng Shui in Different Parts of Your Home

Front Door and Entrance

In Feng Shui, the front door is where the chi enters, which means it’s where wealth and good fortune enter.

The front door is the main entrance to your home, not necessarily  the one you use the most to enter the house.

Your Front Door Colour

Traditionally the front door colour to attract wealth is red. However any colour that feels right to you is good. For instance the colour brown signifies stability, if this speaks to you then this colour is fine.

Make Sure the Entrance is Welcoming.

For Feng Shui Wealth Make Your Front Door Welcoming

Place a welcome mat at the entrance, make sure it’s clean and the entrance has welcoming lighting.

Inside the Front Door

It should be clutter free as you enter just inside the front door. You can have a water feature of some kind or artwork that signifies wealth and abundance to you.

Your Kitchen and Feng Shui Wealth

Use Feng Shui in Your Kitchen

The Stove

In Feng Shui the stove represents wealth and prosperity.

To allow the chi energy to flow abundantly:

  • Use all four burners and not limit yourself to one or two.

  • Keep your stove immaculate.

  • Use the stove daily to create and abundance energy.

Kitchen Colours

The kitchen represents fire energy, so when you decorate use plenty of red colours, minimize the colour blue as it is a water colour, and water dampens the fire energy.

Cutlery and Plates

Keep knifes hidden as they contain a sharp energy. Throw away chipped plates and do not leave empty pans on the stove, as it signifies lack of abundance.

Arrange Your Bedroom to Wire Your Subconscious for Feng Shui Wealth

Feng Shu Wealth Principles are Important in Your Bedroom.

The bedroom is not just associated with romantic love in Feng Shui but also wealth and abundance, as it is the place where you sleep and let your subconscious mind weave it’s magic. (See How to Use Bedroom Feng Shui to Attract Love and Intimacy Into your Life, if you want to increase love in your life.)

Bed Position

Make sure your bed is in a position where you can see the door, the door should never be behind you when you sleep. This will promote a natural flow of chi.


The bedroom should be uncluttered and allow natural light as much as possible, so you can enjoy the sunlight and wake up with the rhythms of nature.

Careful Where You Place Mirrors

Do not have a mirror that faces directly at the bed. It will drain your energy.

Abundance Objects To Place In Your Home And Wealth Corner to Enhance Feng Shui Wealth

In Feng Shui the objects you place around your home will influence the chi energy flow.

You do not have to use all these, use the ones that feel right to you:

Flowing Water Source

Flowing Water Attracts wealth to your home

Water is an important element in Feng Shui. Flowing, serene water signifies wealth and prosperity, as well as wisdom and intuition.

Have a water feature in your  home or garden, especially in your wealth corner.

It will signify to your subconscious to feel abundance flowing to you.

Also make sure you do not have any water leakages in your home. A leakage signifies wealth and energy escaping.


According to Feng Shui plants attract good energy and abundance into your home.

For wealth, use plants that grow upwards to reflect growth.

Do not get plants with sharp leaves or thorns on the branches. Get ones with rounded leaves.

Some plants you can try are Money tree, lucky bamboo and pathos.

Wind Chime.

A Wind Chime Brings Good Luck

Wind is one of the elements that represent the movement of chi energy.

A wind chime brings in positive chi energy and cures negative energy.

For your wealth corner use wooden or bamboo wind chimes. Six or eight rod wind chimes are used for wealth and prosperity. The wood element in Feng Shui represents wealth, health family and prosperity.

  • Place the chime in your wealth corner or the south east of your home.

  • Do not place wind chimes in a random way, they are powerful and put in the wrong area can actually attract negative energy.

  • Make sure you keep your wind chimes clean and if they break get new ones.

  • Move them regularly to keep the energy flowing.

Bowl Of Oranges 

Feng Shui recommends you have nine oranges in a bowl, either in the dinning room, living room or kitchen, for good luck and prosperity.  Citrus fruits can ward off negative energy, thus oranges are used in traditional Feng Shui.

Money Frog

Feng Shui Wealth Money Frog

The money frog, also know as the three legged toad is associated with wealth and prosperity as well as long life and good luck.

Place the money frog on a low pedestal and not on the floor. You can put the money frog in your wealth corner, at the entrance to your home (facing inwards to the house not out) or on your office desk. You can also place in the garden to signify wealth coming in from out side.

Money Vase

Chinese Money Vase

A money vase in Feng Shui brings you abundance, wealth and peace.  

  • Choose a vase you find beautiful and is wide at the base and narrow at the top. Choose a earthenware, crystal or porcelain material. You can have any size you want from small to large.

  • Place items in the vase that signal wealth to you, including pictures of what you want, eg a picture of your perfect home. You can also put precious stones, Chinese coins or stamps in there. Only fill it three quarters of the way.

  • Seal it with five cloth colours, in precise order: blue, green, red, yellow, and white fabrics. You should end up with the white piece of fabric on top of the other cloths. Tie with a five fabric strings of the same five colours.

    The five colours represent the five elements of wood (green), fire (red), earth (yellow), metal (white) and water (blue).

Place the vase in your Feng Shui money corner or southeast area of your home if you do not have a dedicated wealth corner.


Have books around the house and in your wealth corner that signify wealth and abundance to you.

Money Plant

Feng Shui Wealth Tortoise

Have a Chinese money plant (also known as a money tree) in your wealth corner. In Feng Shui this is believed to enhance your prosperity when placed in the south east of your home.


You might have seen the figurine of a tortoise sitting on a bed coins. The tortoise represents wisdom and the coins wealth. Place the figurine in your wealth corner.

Laughing Buddha and Other deities

Place what ever deity means abundance to you in your wealth corner.

Crystal Lotus

According to Feng Shui, the Crystal Lotus Flower will create circulation and balance of Chi in your home to bring you success.

Place the crystal in your wealth corner, where the is light to reflect the beauty of the crystal.

Lucky bamboo

Use Lucky Bamboo for Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui Lucky bamboo attracts prosperity. Th plant grows upward ,grows quickly and is flexible, which are qualities that attract wealth.

Items that are Financially Valuable, or Emotionally Valuable.

Finally, Feng Shui practitioners recommend having items on show that have personal value to you. They do not have to just be financially valuable but can also be emotionally value. They are a reminder of what you have in your life and give you a feeling of abundance and gratitude.

Vision Board

Have vision board in your wealth corner

A way to look at Feng Shui is to see your home as a 3D vision board and an “environmental affirmation”.  You want it to signal to your subconscious mind wealth, abundance and good luck.

You can add to this by having an actual vision board in your home, especially affective in your Feng Shui money corner. To learn more about a vision board and other manifesting methods, go to Powerful Manifestation methods.


Place purple or red candles in the wealth corner to attract abundance and wealth.

Feng Shui Connects Your Internal Mindset and the External World

Your internal mindset and the external world are connected, they both influence each other. What you have in your home and how it is arranged affects your thoughts and subconscious mind and visa versa. See: How to Reprogram Your subconscious Mind for Success on how your subconscious mind changes your reality.

As your and your homes energy rises to abundance you attract financial wealth to your life, and your actions become powerful.


The Chinese art of Feng Shui believes who we are and our environment are intimately connected.

Feng Shui experts believe the way our homes are arranged influence our wealth, prosperity and create a positive energy.

Following the Feng Shui principles will allow chi energy inside your home to flow, creating financial wealth, happiness and abundance for you.

Also see Best Time to Manifest Money.