How Introverts Recharge

If you are an introvert you have advantages you can enjoy, but you need to understand how introverts recharge. Otherwise you will think there is something wrong with you, which will effect your emotional health.

In this article we will look at what is an introvert, the benefits and how introverts recharge.

You will also learn two simple ways to tell the difference between an introvert and an extrovert.

Whether you are an introvert or have a family member or an introverted friend you want to understand better, read on.

What is an introvert?

As introverts we need to spend alone time to recharge. We are content in our own company.

I never used to consider myself an introvert because I thought introverted meant shy. I was far from shy.

Often shyness is simply paranoia of what people think about you. Introversion is not being paranoid.

Introverts are wired different to extroverts. We like to socialize and party, we like chatting and getting deep into conversations, but too much of it makes us tired and in my case, irritable and annoyed.

Plenty of times on a night out I have left without saying goodbye. Next day I got phones calls asking me where I disappeared to. Those closest to me were used to it.

Not all introverts are alike, some feel overwhelmed others just get annoyed and tired.

Introverts like to do things in small groups or in solitude, So their hobbies most likely will not include big team sports or things that require a lot of people.

Benefits of Being an Introvert

Introverts are observant and thoughtful. Because they do not get their kicks by being the centre of attention, they see and notice more than other people.

This also gives them better focus and concentration. Imagine how much harder it is to concentrate when you need stimulation from being around other people?

Many introverts can be great listeners. I say they “can be” because there comes a time when you just cannot be bothered. You zone out or get irritated and talk over someone.

But initially, introverts will listen get to know you.

Someone I used to work with described me as self contained. I think this is a good description of an introvert. We do not need validation and do not need to be involved with every conversation that is going on. This independence gives us a unique vantage point.

Introverts will have fewer connections but the connections will be deeper…

This can make a relationship with an introvert meaningful. We’ve all met that person who is friends with everyone but you never really get to know him. Introverts are the opposite of this, they are more likely to have empathy.

If you look at today’s world we are constantly connected. If we are not with someone in person, we are connected via social media. It is well documented that this is creating an emotional and mental health problem, globally. People hardly spend time alone.

Introverts are happy to be alone. Solitude is amazing for re-balancing your emotional and mental health.

Solitude also helps with personal and spiritual growth. We find out a lot about ourselves when we have to face our inner world without distraction.

You’ll see later with the ways to recharge, a few of them will also help you grow spiritually and personally.

You may have heard that introverted people are more creative. I do not agree with this. I think for creativity you need a mixture of both introversion and extroversion, and be able to shift from one to the other. This is part of creative peoples contradictory personality.

Spending time alone can help with creativity, but it depends how you spend that time.

Introvert v Extrovert

A simple way to look at the difference between extroverts and introverts is the way they get their energy and emotional regulation from and how they process information.

Extroverts feel energized around people and bigger groups. They feel drained when they are alone. Introverts are the opposite.

Whereas introverts process information internally before they act or respond, extroverts process information externally, they will talk and discuss things to work stuff out.

Why Introverts Need to Recharge

Introverts process information before they react, this is draining, especially if you are dealing with several people at once.

Imagine how less draining it would be if your just blurted stuff out without a second thought and let others deal with it.

How Introverts Can Recharge

14 Ways Introverts can recharge

Lets look at the ways introverts can recharge their batteries. As you can guess they are going to involve things you can do by yourself.

Some are quick others take more time. So there s something here no matter what your life circumstances.

1. Nap

I love naps, they are an underrated way to get the boost you need. I am lucky, I can nap anywhere. Not everyone can do this. But if you can, this is a great way to reset.

All kinds of stuff happens when we sleep. We process what has gone on and we reset our thinking.

Even a 5-10 minute nap will do the trick.

2. Spend Time in Nature

This is one of my favourite ways to recharge. I don’t do it often enough. But every time I do, I am glad I did.

Nature is calm and has a energy that we naturally align with when we are surrounded by it.

You can go in the woods or forest, near the sea or ocean or a nice mountain walk. They are all amazing and the fresh air will rejuvenate you.

I like to spend a couple of hours or more, but half an hour can be a benefit if you are short on time.

3. Introverts Recharge With a Walk

I was having a discussion with a friend, we were talking about if people who are happy, like to walk, or does walking make people happy?

Probably both, was our conclusion.

Walking is another one of those underrated but free and easy things you can do to recharge as an introvert.

Walking in nature is ideal, however a stroll round your neighbourhood will do.

Our ancestors walked everywhere, I think we tap it into something primal and natural when we walk.

4. Take a Bath

This is a no brainer if you want to spend quiet time by yourself. Fill the bath, light some scented candles and chill.

To make this even more relaxing add some bath sea salts to get magnesium and other minerals into your system. This is really good before bedtime.

5. Spa

You can create a spa at home as part of your bathing practice. Or you can go to your local spa. Everyone is there to relax, so you won’t have to be in social mode.

6. Introverts Can Recharge With a Movie

This might seem like you are giving your brain more stimulation, but it’s ok because you do not have to respond. You sit back and enjoy the show.

What makes introverts drained is when they have to process information so they can respond and interact with other people.

7. Getting Organized Will Recharge Introverts

If you have clutter around your home or on your desk at the office you will feel overwhelmed.

I feel great after a tidy up. When I was younger I used to leave it till it got unmanageable. Now I keep on top of stuff and make sure I am organized.

Your state of mind is reflected in your environment and your environment in turn influences your state of mind.

8. Gardening is Great for Introverts

Other than cutting the grass, I do not do any gardening. However, people have told me how relaxing they find it.

I can see why. Try it, you’re away from everyone and doing something that is soothing and life affirming.

9. Get off Social Media

This is another obvious one. But for many, hard to do.

Take a day or two or a week off from scrolling and you will feel like a new person.

When we are on social media we are using the same part of the brain we use when we are around people in real life, Not good for an introvert. Take a break.

10. Gym/Exercise

For me this is at the top of the list when I want to recharge. When I train at home, I don’t listen to music, just silence as I lift weights.

Although the gym I go to plays music I still find it relaxing and recharging. I prefer to train alone and but it’s no big deal if someone wants a quick chat.

In addition to its health benefits exercise will release natural chemicals in your body with will help you relax and recharge after the workout is over.

11. Cooking is a Great Way for Introverts to Recharge

When you Cook, it has a similar vibe to gardening. Cooking with natural ingredients and getting your hands in the dirt while gardening are similar.

The act of cutting the ingredients, feeling their texture and enjoying their aroma will get you out of your head. Also a healthy meal is more enjoyable when you have taken time to prepare it yourself.

12. Meditate/Yoga

I prefer yoga to meditation. However, meditation is great as well. There are many apps you can use to meditate. You can also go onto YouTube and follow a guided mediation. Just find a quiet space and go within.

You can do yoga at home if a you don’t want to be around other people in a class. Although, during the class you are not interacting with anyone, except the instructor who may occasionally correct your posture.

13. Write

Put your thoughts and feelings onto paper or your screen. You can even write a book or a short story.

I don’t do this as much now, but I used to love letting my consciousnesses flow and see what it comes up with.

You’ll be surprised the things you learn about yourself when you write.

I find putting pen to paper is more relaxing than typing onto a screen. Try each one and see which one you prefer.

14. Read

The classic image of an introvert is someone in a quiet place by themselves reading.

Reading for fun is very different from reading to learn because you have to. The latter will drain you the former will energize us introverts.

You can also listen to an audio version if you prefer. I like to read, listening does not relax me as much.

How Introverts Recharge Take Away

Introverts recharge when they are by themselves. Although they like to be around people and attend social events, when they are in the company of other people for too long they feel drained. As some say, their social battery needs to be recharged.

Extroverts are the opposite. Too much time alone and they feel their energy drop. They need to be around other people to recharge.

If you are an introvert there are many benefits you have. You are a good listener, you have deeper relationships because you have fewer people you interact with. Because they are observant they will build emotional intelligence.

And because you do not need constant validation and attention you are able to see the world in a different way.

On first impressions people might confuse the introvert for being shy. This is not the case, both introverts and extroverts can be shy.

The best way to recharge is by spending time on activities that don’t require you to interact with other people.

Self care activities such as exercise, meditation, gardening, spending time in and explore nature are great for introverts.

Remember, there is not a one best way for introverts to recharge, so choose the activity that suits you and makes you feel good.

Also don’t feel guilty for wanting alone time, everyone benefits when you recharge and raise your energy levels.

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