How to Manifest Someone to text you

Do you want a specific person to send you a text message? An Ex or someone you have a crush on? Or any other reason. This article is for you. You will learn how to manifest someone to text you, using the principles of the law of attraction.

You will also learn what to do if you think your manifesting is not working, and signs to look for that it is.

What is Manifesting?

If you want to know how to manifest someone to text you, you must also understand that Manifesting means using the universe to give you want you want.

Manifesting uses the law of attraction, which says that what you focus on is what you will get. Focus on bad feelings and thoughts, you will get bad things. And if you focus on positive feelings and ideas the universe will give you those.

You manifest by making sure your thoughts and feelings are the same as what you want.

There are certain principles you have to follow for it to work. We will go into these as I go through the steps to show you how to manifest someone to text you.

Why Manifesting Works…

This is an ancient practice. It works because everything is connected. Your thoughts and feelings are connected to everything else, and everything else is connected to each other.

So when you want to manifest someone to text you, it works because you are connected to the other person.

Keep in mind, that if you try and make someone do something that is not good for them, it is likely your manifesting will not work. What will definitely happen is, the negativity will comeback onto you.

But don’t worry, as long as you mean well, you will ok.

Step by Step Guide on How to Manifest Someone To Text You

Visualizing a text message

Lets get into the details on to how to manifest someone to text you.

The six steps to successful manifestation are ….

1. Get clear on your intentions

2. Get into an abundant state

3. Choose the method you want to use to manifest.

4. Take inspired action

5. Release attachment and Trust in the universe.

6. Reinforce manifesting regularly~

1. Have clear intentions

You have to be clear on what you want to happen. The more specific you can be , the better your manifesting will be.

Don’t be wishy washy. What do want them to say? Why do you want them to say it?

The universe takes things literally. So be clear and direct with what you want.

Saying “I want him to send me a text message to ask me on a date” is better than “I want him to send me a text message me”

You can even go into more detail and say where and when you want to go on a date with him.

2. Get into an abundant state

When you manifest, your feelings and the state you are in is important. You do not want to manifest from desperation and neediness.

If you do come from a place of neediness, you are sending the universe a conflicting messages. On one hand you want it to give you something, and on the other hand you are saying you don’t trust or believe you can have. Because we are only needy when we believe we cannot have something.

Both your thoughts and feelings are important, but to manifest, your feelings are the most important things.

Remember, the universe takes things literally. If you are feeling desperation it will give you more desperation.

Here are some ways to get into an abundant state…

  • Gratitude. Be grateful for what you already have. It does not matter what, big or small, the feeling is the important thing. You cannot feel grateful and desperate at the same time.

You can be grateful for your friends, your nice phone or anything else.

  • Spend time in nature. You can go to your local park, the beach or anywhere else where there is nature. You can even look at nature images on your phone, not ideal, but you will see how abundant nature is.You are part of nature, so feel natures abundance as your own.

  • Be generous. This does not just mean money, although you can be generous with money, but also be generous with your time and attention. When you are generous you feel abundant. Take this feeling with you into your manifesting.

  • Be around positive people. Try to stay away from people who are always complaining about something. You know the type, they are always talking about what they don’t have. Their negativity is catching. Spend time with positive people and you will also develop a positive attitude.

Use any of these methods to get you in the right state, your manifesting will be boosted. You can also think of your own ways.

3. Choose your manifesting method

A journal is good manifesting method to get someone to message you

There are several manifesting methods you can choose from, you can also mix them up. They all work on the same principles.

With all the methods, you must feel you already have what you want. Because to the universe everything already exists. Sometimes we can see it, sometimes we cannot because it exists as pure energy. When you manifest you are asking the universe to take that pure energy and put in into something you can see.

The manifesting methods are..

  • Positive Affirmations

  • Visualization

  • Journaling


Affirmations are positive statements you either write or say. You must say them like they have already happened, not as if they are going to happen.

Don’t forget, the universe takes things literally and will give you exactly what you ask for.

Say “I have received his text asking me out on  a date to my favourite restaurant”


“He will text and ask me on my date to my favourite restaurant”

The first one says it like it has already happened, so the universe will give you that.

The second one is saying he will (in the future) so the universe will keep you waiting for a text in the future, but never getting it.

When you use affirmations, make sure feel them. Imagine how you will feel when you receive the text. Then take that feeling into your affirmation as if it has already happened.


Visualization is using your imagination to see what you want in your minds eye.

Imagine what you want to happen in as much detail as possible. Hear the sound of your phone receiving the text, feel the phone in your hand and your fingers touching the screen,

See the letters of the text clearly. And feel the emotions because you received the text you wanted.

Do all of this as if it has already happened. Totally get lost in your imagination.

Some people can do this easier than others. Don’t worry, the more you do it, the greater detail you will be able to imagine.


This method means writing down what you want, like you would write a story. Only this time, you are the main character in the story.

Just like the other methods you must journal as if it has already happened.

Use all your senses. Sight, sound, smell and emotions as well.

Again, you want to feel what you are writing. Without the feelings you manifesting will not work.

Mix the Methods…

As you can see these methods use the same principles i) Imagine as if already happened ii) Feel the emotions iii) use as much detail as possible.

They all contains bit of each other.

To get the most out of affirmations it’s best to imagine what you are saying as much as possible.

When you write your desire in a journal, you also want to imagine it and use affirmations in your writing.

You can empathize one method over another or you can use different ones at different times.

4. Take Inspired Action

Inspired Action is like an aha moment

People often assume that to manifest you do not have to take action, this is not true.

But the type action matters. You want to take action that comes from a deep place beyond your ego. This is what the law of inspired action says.

Normal actions can be full of fear, neediness and desperation. Inspired action comes from abundance , therefore it is aligned with the universe.

When you take inspired action, it can feel magical the way things turn out.

The good news is, when you follow the steps to manifest someone to text you, you will be in a grateful and abundant state so your actions will be naturally inspired.

You know when your acting from ego because you will be acting out fear and neediness.

Some inspired actions you can take are…

  • Text the person

  • Speak to them.

  • Self care – when you tale care of yourself you are telling the universe you are lovable and important.

  • Go to places where the person you want to text you is.

  • If you do not know the person, speak to someone they know and drop hints.

These are just some examples, you do not have to use them, as everyone’s situation is different. The key to all of this is make sure your action is not from fear or neediness, but from a place of abundance and gratitude.

5. Do not Worry about how or when your manifesting will work

This is known as detaching from the outcome, it comes from the universal of law of detachment.

You have to trust the universe to deliver your text at the perfect time in the perfect way.

You can read more on the law of detachment here.

For now, realize the universe is intelligent and wise, and what we often think we know is wrong. We can be impatient, so are expectations are off.

Go through the steps (including the next step) and trust your text will come.

The more you try to force it, the harder the manifesting will be, because you are sending out the wrong vibes.

6. Reinforce your manifesting regularly

You don’t want to fall into a negative slump, full of doubt and fear. Therefore you should go through the manifestation process regularly.

Don’t worry, the more you do it, the quicker and better you will become at it. It won’t take long at all. Eventually it will become second nature and you will go through the day with a positive vibe and trust that the universe is taking care of it.

That’s it! You now know how to manifest someone to text you.

What if Manifesting Someone to Text you is not working?

A sad face emoji feeling it does not deserve a text

If your text does not arrive and the manifesting does not seem to be working, other than you trying to second guess the timing of the universe, you could have manifestation blocks.

Here are some common blocks to look out for…

1. You believe you do not deserve it

This is a big one for a lot of people. You might feel that you do not deserve to get a text from that person. Maybe you think they are out of your league, or that they have more important people to text. It could also be you don’t feel you deserve to happy or wealthy.

Go into this belief and see if it is true (Hint: It’s not true!) Get a coach if it helps.

2. You have conflicting intentions

If you are sending our conflicting messages to the universe then you will not be able to manifest a text.

For instance, if you want a romantic relationship with someone, but you also want to do whatever you want without having to arrange it with someone else, you will have conflicting feelings.

Or if the text you want is from someone who will give you a job you want, but at the same you do not want to learn anything new, you will block the manifestation.

Look into any conflicts you have, write them down and ask if they can be reconciled or even if they are real conflicts not just beliefs you have not questioned.

If they are real, you can write the pros and cons of each thing and see which one looks best for you. You can also realize anything you want in life comes by giving up something else.

3. You have negative emotions

If you have negative energy, about anything, it will block your manifesting. Some people go around with negative thoughts about life and their situation, and they don’t even know it because they are so used to it.

If you feel angry, fearful, resentful, jealous on a regular basis then you need to release these feelings.

We all have those emotions occasionally, they only become a problem when we have them more than positive emotions.

One way to release these emotions is to question them and the negative beliefs, then replace them with positive ones. The manifesting steps above will help you do this.

4. You have a scarcity mindset

You have a scarcity mindset when you believe there is not enough for everyone. This could be money, love or happiness.

You might believe the person does not have time to text because he or she has so much else going on because you think time and attention are scarce.

Remember, the universe is abundant and limitless, there is more than enough for everyone.

5. Look at common limiting beliefs

We have all learned to belief things that do not help us, most of them are untrue. If you think your manifesting is not working, take a look at any limiting beliefs you have.

We looked a major one earlier “I do not deserve ….”

Another you might have is “relationships are stressful”

Again, question these beliefs and ask if they are true. Then replace them with empowering ones by repeating them, so your subconscious mind gets reprogrammed.

If you want to dig deeper into the manifestation blocks, go to – 9 Manifestation Blocks Holding You Back

Can You Manifest A Text From An Ex Or Stranger?

You can manifest a text from anyone, even an ex or a stranger. Use the same principles and make sure you feel it has already happened.

Also remember, that you have to take some kind of action.

How Do You Make Someone Message You First?

This article is written for any kind of text manifestation. You don’t have to text first. When visualize or use any other method just make sure you see clearly and feel that the person is texting you first.

How to Recognize Subtle Signs of Manifestation in Action

One of the most over looked signs that your manifestation is on it’s way is how you feel.

If you feel positive and trust the universe more than before, that is good sign.

Another sign is when things unrelated to you getting a text start going well. This means that your vibration has changed and you radiate positive energy.

You might find that you get texts from other people who you have not spoken to for a while. Or the people who usually text you are extra funny and nice.

Don’t forget the law of detachment though. You don’t want to get attached to the text coming, as it will slow your manifesting down. So don’t obsess over looking for signs.

However, you can look for the above signs to give you a nice boost.

How Long Does It Take To Manifest A Text?

You can’t put a timing on how the universe works. It is wise and it’s timing is perfect.

You can receive a text instantly or in a week or more. This is why it is important to detach from the results (step 5), otherwise you will drive yourself nuts trying to force the universe into your expectations.

Don’t forget, trust is a major part of manifesting, you have to trust the universe knows what it is doing.

Getting the text later than you expected could be the best thing for long run, you never know.

Can You Manifest A Text Even If They Blocked You?

Yes. It does not make a difference because if they are moved to text you, then they will unblock you. Part of your manifesting visualization can be seeing them unblocking you.

Remember, the universe will make things happen in unexpected ways and in ways that look like luck and coincidence. Don’t try to work out or worry about how it will happen, leave that to universe.

How to Manifest Someone to Text You Conclusion

You manifest by using your feelings and imagination to align with what you want.

If you want someone to text you, then you must visualize them texting you, and you receiving the text message, all in as much detail as possible. And using as many of your senses as you can.

Then you must feel like it is already happening, so say your affirmations in the present tense. And don’t forget feelings are important. If you do not feel it has happened your manifesting will not work.

Get into an abundant state before you use any of the methods. You can do this by spending time in nature or having a gratitude practice.

Also trust the process and question any limiting beliefs you have, if you feel your manifesting is not working. Replace the limiting belief’s with positive ones, by repeating them often, so they reprogram your subconscious mind.

One of the ways to tell you are on the right path is to go by your mood and vibe. If you have positive thoughts and are worrying less, then you know your vibration has changed and that your manifesting is working.

But don’t obsess looking for signs, it will block the law of attraction. As the law of detachment states you have to let go and not cling to what you want. Let the universe do it’s thing.

You now know how to manifest someone to text you, have fun and enjoy the process.

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