How to raise my vibration to manifest?

The only way to manifest effortlessly is to raise your vibrational energy field. in this article I will answer your question, How to raise my vibration to manifest?

You will learn what happens when you raise your vibration and the practices that will have you living at a higher frequency. I will also show how to tell if your practice is working.

What is Vibration?

Vibration is the energy you put out into the universe. The universe is made up of energy, we are made up of the same life force energy.

This energy is vibrating at different speeds. So it appears in different forms. Thoughts vibrate at high speeds and our body at a lower speed. The same goes for anything you see. The slower the speed of vibration the more solid the energy appears.

Law of Divine Oneness and Vibrational Energy

One of the universal laws is the law of divine oneness. It states that we are part of the whole, in fact, it goes further and says we not only part of the whole but ARE the whole.

So when we raise our vibration we are also raising the vibration of everything else.

Look when you are in a good mood how it effects people in a positive way. Also think back to the times when you walked into a room where people are not happy or have been arguing, you felt the negative feelings.

Your vibration is effected by your thoughts, emotions and how much you are in touch with your spirit, or as some people call it your higher self.

There are several ways to raise your vibration, not only to attract what you want into your life but also for other benefits.

Before we go into how to raise your vibration for manifestation, lets look at what happens when you raise your vibration.

What Happens When I Raise My Vibration to Manifest?

When our whole being and cells vibrate at a higher speed our body feels lighter and we see the world in an abundant way.

A higher vibration is lighter and attracts to us positive things.

A Lower vibration is dark and heavy and attracts to us negative things

This does not mean things like our body, which vibrates a lower frequency is dark or bad, it means that when we carry a negative thoughts and feelings it impacts the vibration in a negative way.

How to Raise My Vibration to Manifest?

Use these practices to raise your vibration to manifest

The following methods will raise your vibrational energy. You will think in a higher vibration and your emotions will become positive, both of these will effect the world around you.

You do not have to use all these at once, pick the one that speaks to and works for you. You will know it is working when you start to feel positive and people react you to in more positive ways.

On a side note, some people may act negatively towards you. These people are unhappy and when they see someone with a  positive energy it reminds them how unhappy they are, it will trigger them into negativity.

Do not let the few influence you. Continue with the following exercises.

And do not forget the obvious things like good relationships and the ultimate high vibration – Love. The good news is, these practices will help you get and improve both.

1. Practice Gratitude

I find this is one of the quickest ways to raise my vibration and it makes such a difference to my mood. For many people, including ,itself, it works straight away.

You practice this method by looking at things you are be grateful for. Even if you are going through a difficult time, there is always something positive in your life.

The great thing about gratitude practice is you do not have to think about big things, the small things raise your vibration just the same.

For example, when you are actively grateful for the comfortable shoes you are wearing it will raise your vibration.

A great way of using this practice is to write 10 things you are grateful for everyday. The morning or before bedtime are both powerful times to do this. But anytime will work.

2. Generosity

When you give your time to people and help them without expecting anything in return, you raise your vibration.

If you are already a giving person, then do not go over board with this. And beware if you are giving to get validation or to control others.

The giving should be from a  place of spiritual abundance. It’s a place where you appreciate that helping others feels good in itself because you are adding to the goodness in the world.

Don’t worry, the universe will take care of the rest. As the law of correspondence states, the energy you put out will come back to you.

3. Breathing

As we go through life we have to deal with many ups and downs. This can effect our breathing. We go from a deep slow belly breathe we had as children to shallow breathing from our chest.

A simple breathing practice that you can do is to take three deep, full breaths through the day.

Another one is the rectangle breathing method.

Imagine a rectangle then use the sides to measure the length of your breathe.

Breathing rectangle

Breathe in for the short side, out for the long side, in for the short side and out for the long side.

4. Avoid Toxins Like Alcohol

Stay away from toxins like alcohol and other drugs. These reduce the cellular vibration of your body and effect your thinking and emotions.

5. Have Beautiful Things Around You

Make sure your environment is beautiful. Beauty inspires us and raises our vibration. Have pictures, plants and other things that make you feel good.

A higher vibration environment makes a person’s vibration higher.

This is the purpose of Feng shui.

6. Go For a Walk in Nature

This is another one of my favourite methods. Nature vibrates at a high frequency. Tree’s, flowers, the wind all just are, they do not think.

When you spend time in nature you automatically attune yourself to it’s higher frequency.

7. Eat High Vibrational Food

We can get caught up in exotic sounding methods and forget the obvious stuff.  One of those things is our diet. Make sure you have plenty of high vibration foods like local and organic fruits, vegetables and nuts.

And if you want to eat meat make sure it is from places that treat their animals well.

Avoid processed food and junk food containing sugar and unhealthy fats, they will mess with your positive vibrations.

8. Exercise

Remember how amazing you felt when you did something physical. Exercise of any form will raise your vibration.

It may take effort, but it is one of the most simple and straight forward ways to increase your vibration. Unless you over do it, you are guaranteed to feel great and abundant.

You can do weight training, cardio or yoga. Anything that gets you moving and improves your blood circulation and breathing.

9. Use Crystals to Raise Your Vibration to Manifest

Use crystals to raise your vibration to manifest

Use crystals to raise your energy. You can wear them as jewellery, have them around your home or hold them when you meditate.

Each crystal has different types of healing and vibration properties. Here some crystal you can look into that will raise your vibration…

Amethyst – This crystal is associated with the third and crown chakra.

Selenite – This crystal is known to cleanse negative energy.

Black Tourmaline  – This crystal grounds and protects you from negative energy.

10. Affirmations

Use positive affirmations to raise your energy. Affirmation are statements you either write down or say to yourself. Say them in the present tense as if they have already happened.

Say “I am abundant” not “I will be abundant”.

They are more than just positive thoughts, they are affirming that you are already abundant.

(However, positive thoughts are also good for raising your energy.)

Similar to the gratitude practice they will raise your vibration. You will then attract what you are affirming.

Learn to do affirmations properly by clicking on the link.

11. Inspiring Quotes

Just like what we eat effects our vibration, what we take into our mind does the same same. Reading inspiring or manifestation quotes helps align with the energy of the quote and the intention of the quote when the person said it.

I had a moment in my life where I though these quotes were pointless because after the initial good feeling I’d forget about them. Then I realised the purpose the quotes was to raise my vibration, that is why they felt good.

12. Do Something Creative

We are born creative, we forget this as the responsibilities of life take over. Remember we are the one energy. That energy is creative so we are also naturally creative.

You can be creative in a formal artistic way by painting drawing or making music. But you can also be creative with how you exercise, they way you dress or how you bring up your children.

Creativity is not limited. You raise your vibration when align yourself with your natural creative nature.

13. Have a Social Media Sabbatical.

We all know we should take a break from social media, but how often do we do it?

Even if you stay of social media for half a day, you will raise your vibration. There is plenty of positive stuff on social media, but the problem is there is just as much if not more negative stuff. And we are all hard wired to gravitate towards the negative.

Take some time off.

14. Re-Frame Your Thinking

Our opinions and ideas are one perspective of many. We forget this and believe our view point is the only one.

You can look at a situation in several ways. Pick one that is useful to you and makes you feel good.

For instance, if you do not like a person at work, you ca go from “I dislike this person” to “this person is my teacher, he’s teaching me patience and how to deal with awkward people”.

A great book on this is a book by Scott Adams called Re-frame your Brain, you can get it here.

Other Benefits to Raising Your Vibration to Manifest

When I first asked myself how to raise my vibration to manifest, what I also wanted was to feel happier.

Raising your vibration not only improves your manifesting, it also improves your life and daily well being. These practices also double as self care.

When you do the practices above you will notice the following …

  • Enhanced Well-Being and fewer negative emotions.

  • Increased Energy

  • Improved Health

  • Better Relationships

  • Increased Creativity

  • Clarity and Intuition

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Emotional Resilience

How To Raise My Vibration to Manifest : Conclusion

The universe is made up of vibrating energy. You are not only part of the universe you are the universe, so you are made of the same energy.

When you raise your energy your raise the energy of everything else. As your vibration gets higher your manifesting powers increase because you attract back the energy you put out.

Higher abundant energy is lighter and attracts more abundant energy to you.

You can raise your energy when you practice gratitude, use affirmations, go on nature walks and use crystals. And don’t forget the basics of exercise and how high vibration food makes your energy lighter.

Choose a practice and start now. You will not only improve your manifesting and attract positive experiences but also your health and mood will improve.