How to Set Intentions With Crystals

Crystals are ancient stones, they have a wisdom that we cannot fathom. As our chief editor Paul says “ Our egos get in the way of what we want because they think they know everything.” Keep this in mind when you learn how to set intentions with crystals.

We communicate with crystals so they know what we want, however, we do not tell them how we will get it. We leave that to their wisdom and the universe. Crystals will absorb your intention and amplify it into the ether.

This is good news. We do not have to stress about how we are going to get what we want. If we knew that, we would not be using the crystals in the first place!

Crystals can take thousands of years to form and can be millions of years old. They carry with them the natural wisdom of creation. This is what we want to tap into.

What Do We Mean by “Set Intentions with Crystals”

When we have an intention to do something, it does not mean we vaguely want something that would be nice to have.

Intention is deeper and is full of energy.

It is a true desire and a longing for something. When we have this, the energy goes out into the universe.

Our chief editor Paul explains..

“During our martial classes our instructor would give us blindfolds. We would partner up, one would put the blindfold on. The other would attack but with the intention of hurting the blindfolded opponent.

What was interesting was that when the attacker did not attack with real intention, I would not do anything. But if he had real intention, I would move to defend myself, even though I could not see what he was doing”

This is the power of intention, it sends out energy. So you want to make sure you do not send out negative energy.

When you go through the intention setting ritual make sure it is something you really want and feel the desire as you project it onto the crystal.

The great thing is, you do not have to believe in the power of crystals for it to work. If you do have any doubt, just remember what the mystics have always said said, that we and the universe are one energy. The universe vibrates at different frequencies and so appears as different forms.

Cleanse and Activate Your Crystals

Cleanse and Activate Crystals

Crystals absorb energy of their surroundings. In order from the to work for you and before setting intentions, cleanse crystals regularly and activate their energy.

There are several ways to do this. They all work, the important thing is that you have the right intention and state of being when you go through the cleansing ritual.

So before you do these rituals, take a moment to relax and get into a state of calm expansive energy.


The moonlight has a powerful spiritual and healing energy. Different moons like the full moon or blue moon have an even more powerful force for your crystals.

To cleanse and activate your crystals in the moonlight, wash them first. Preferably under natural running water like a stream. Just make sure your stone is ok to be in contact with water. Most are are fine.

Dry it, then place it in the moonlight overnight. You can put the stone outside or on the window sill.

Make sure you place the stone on a natural surface like would or soil.


The sunlight has a different energy than the moon, but no less powerful for cleansing and activating your crystals.

Make sure your crystals is compatible with leaving it in the sun. Some crystals fade and lose their energetic property.

Clean your crystals under a natural water stream if you can, dry it and place it in the sun. Outside or on a window sill.

Leave it for the whole day or for at least 7 hours.

Bury it in the Soil

The crystals were formed from the natural elements, The soil gives life, it is full of abundant energy. When you bury your crystal it will absorb this energy.

Although you are going to bury it, it is still important to clean it with natural water, to remove debris and impurities.

Find a spot to bury your crystals and a dig a hole. It does not have to be deep, but should be enough that you can cover the crystal with 3 inches of earth, so no light gets through.

Leave the crystal for 24 hours and then dig it back up. Clean it with natural water. It is now ready to use.

NOTE: Don’t forget to mark the spot you buried it.


The final way I am gong to show you to cleanse and activate your crystals is meditation.

It’s important for all the rituals that you are in the right state, even more so for this one.

To use meditation to cleanse your crystals get in a calm and serene state. You can use music and candles if you like.

Pick a quiet spot and place the crystal in front of you or hold it in your hand.

Imagine a pure white light surrounding you and your crystal. See the light engulfing the crystal with love and healing.

Breathe naturally and slowly and continue until for at least twenty minutes.

You can also use selenite to cleanse and activate your crystals. And if you have more than one crystal you can place them in a crystal grid, which means place the crystals in a certain formation so you can cleanse and use them at once. This will also enhance their power as each crystal will interact with the other.

A Crystal Grid
A Crystal Grid

How to Set Your Intention With Crystals

Set Intentions With Crystals

Now your crystal’s energy is cleansed and activated, you can set your intention.

Get into a serene and calm state. Focus on that part of yourself that is beyond the ego. The part that has always been there, from childhood to now and beyond.

If you are stressed, worried or just feeling off wait until these pass. Otherwise your intention will be negative and from ego so the crystals will absorb that energy. You only want it to absorb positive intentions.

Here are the steps to follow to set intentions with crystals…

  1. Find a quite place where you will not be disturbed and a place where you feel good.

  2. Have your crystal in front of you or in your hand. You can also wear it as jewellery.

  3. Once you are in the serene state, visualize your desire in as much detail as possible. Imagine if it has already happened. Visualize any smells, taste, colour, textures and feelings. You can also say your intention aloud.

    When you set intentions, be absolutely clear on what you want.

  4. Now hold the crystal, if you are not already doing so, and let the intention absorb into the crystal.

    You can say an affirmation or prayer  if you like. I like to say “I feel the loving/ protecting energy of the crystal and it hears my intention,”

You can sit with this as long as you like. I have done for a minute and to an hour. The power of your intention and presence is more important than the amount of time. Although they are both important.

Your crystal has absorbed your intention.

What To Do With Crystals After Intentions are Set

You can place the crystal somewhere you spend a lot of time or carry it with you.

I keep my crystals in my bedroom room, at work and also wear them.

It also depends on what you are using your crystals for. If it’s rose quartz, which is the crystal for an open heart and love, then you can keep it in the bedroom or a place where you want more harmony and connection like your family living room.

If it’s black tourmaline, a protective stone you may want to carry it with you for protection

My friend is an artist she like to where her carnelian crystals as she paints. As carnelian is a great stone for creativity.

I’ve given you some intention examples, there are many.

To set Intentions With Crystals Choose the Right Crystal for You

Each crystal has it’s main power, however they all have many uses. For example, clear quartz is used for crystal healing as it is known as the master healer. However, it is also great for mental clarity.

Choose the right crystal for you and for what you want. The best way to choose a crystals is using your own intuition from a place of self love.

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Conclusion – How To Set Intentions With Crystals

Crystals a have an ancient wisdom that we can tap into to help with setting our intention.

When you set intentions with crystals, make sure you know clearly what your intention is. Feel it deeply.

Cleanse and activate your crystals and then find a quite place and focus on your intention. The crystals will absorb the energy and give it back to you amplified.

Crystals have many properties, however each crystals has a specific dominant natural energy. Choose the right crystal for your intention to increase it’s power. The crystals intentions are to amplify the energy it receives and to give out it’s own energy. When your intention setting aligns with its, it is a powerful combination.

Remember, make sure you are in an a calm, serene, abundant state of being when you interact with crystals. Stay light and have fun.

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