Use Bedroom Feng Shui to Attract Love and Intimacy into Your Life

It might seem impossible to find time and energy for romance. The world is getting more and more complex, it can wear us down. To get out of this negative cycle we need to change our energy. The best place to this is when we are at home and especially when we are asleep and our subconscious mind works on our dreams and goals. In this article we explain bedroom Feng Shui to attract love and also how to place and arrange objects throughout your home to create the energy of romance and harmony. We also show you what to avoid, so you don’t push love away.

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What Is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of consciously arranging objects in an environment to achieve a natural positive flow of energy. It encourages harmony, love, peace and prosperity. The literal translation means “The way of wind and water”

As your energy raises to love, you attract love to your life.

If you are new to feng Shui or want a refresher go here: Feng Shui101: What You Need to Know About the Ancient Art of Placement.

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips For Your Love life

Use the right colours in your bedroom to improve the feng shui

Using Feng Shui bedroom principles for love means using the art of Feng Shui to attract love and create fulfilling relationships.

These Feng Shui Tips Will Make Your Bedroom Perfect for Attracting Love and Harmonious Relationships…

Remove Children’s items from your bedroom.

Children are beautiful and precious. The reason you take children’s items and photo’s out is to create an adult romantic relationship energy in the bedroom. This includes emotional and mental maturity energy.

You can have children items and photo’s in other parts of the home. In fact having them in other areas creates powerful energy that helps your relationships with your children.

Remove family photo’s

Same principle as removing children photo’s. How often do you feel romantic when around family members?

Again have family pictures in other areas of the room that according to Feng Shui principles are a natural and beneficial fit.

Have Duality and Pairs to enhance your bedroom feng shui

have pairs of objects as they signify romance in feng shui

You want your bedroom Feng Shui to signal relationships and a romantic a love life. So make sure you have pairs of items around the room.

You can have two identical lamps, two bedside cabinets, artwork and pictures of romantic couples. If you are in a relationship already have pictures of you both together.

Some traditional dual Feng Shui items you can have are:

  • Phoenix and dragon

  • Two red candles

  • Double happiness symbol

  • Pair of Mandarin Ducks

Relationship Corner in the bedroom

In southwest of the room, boost your bedroom Feng Shui with a relationship corner, also known as the love corner.

Make sure it is uncluttered and has items that have meaning and signify love and harmony to you. You can place the phoenix and dragon, the two red candles and photos there.

Also make sure it has soft lighting.

For more items you can place in the relationship corner and bedroom, see further down the article.

Remove old items and things You Do Not Love

  • If there is anything in the room that does not bring a feeling of love and attraction to you, remove it. Neutral items are Ok, but you have to be present and open to know which is which.

  • Go through your wardrobe and remove clothes that do not make you feel attractive and confident. Also remove ones that are tattered and fraying.

Throw away broken items and plants that are dying.

Remove negative energy by removing items that are old and remind you of the past in a negative way or of a past relationships. Even if they remind you of the past in good way, place them in another room. You want to look ahead.

The Bed and Bedroom Fengs Shui

Where you place your bed in feng shui matters
  • Where you place the bed is important to maximise bedroom Feng Shui. Do not have the head of the bed under a window, this will let out positive chi.

  • Make sure the bed is free on each side and not against a wall, so you and your partner can climb in and out, and the dual energy of relationships is not blocked.

  • In Feng Shui a solid headboard attached securely to the bed makes you feel secure and stops the chi energy from escaping .

  • The bed should not face a mirror from any direction because it is believed to change the dual energy and bring in a third energy.

Colours For Your Bedroom Feng shui

Decorate your bedroom with pink and soft red colours, but also mix them with brown, beige and white to balance out the energy.

Although in Feng Shui pink and red signify love and romance, don’t be afraid to use colours that you like and signify love, romance and harmony to you.

Make Sure Bedroom Feng Shui Has a Balance of Ying and Yang

A harmonious relationship is balanced in yin and yang. In simple terms Yin is the feminine and yang is the masculine.

Have items that balance these two energies in the right way. For the bedroom the energy should be predominantly Yin, because it is a place of peace and calm.

Make sure your room is on the cooler temperature side and with soft lighting, soft textures and darker colours (yin). Balance this with items that have lighter colours like artwork with brighter, warmer colours (yang).

Bedroom should be Uncluttered for good Feng Shui

Make sure the whole bedroom is uncluttered and has flowing energy that allows light and chi to move freely.

Do Not Have Items That Remove Relationship Energy

Get rid of the TV, it takes attention away from your current partner and also if you are single it creates a pseudo relationship that takes your energy away from future love.

Also remove anything work related, no laptops and desks and work papers.

How Bedroom Feng Shui Works

The bedroom is where you sleep and is the time your subconscious weaves it’s magic, so it is a important room to get right.

Your internal mindset and the external world are connected, they both influence each other. Setting up your bedroom Feng Shui for love affects your thoughts and subconscious and visa versa.

Create a Feng Shui Relationship Corner to Boost Your Love Life

Relationships and love are a section (gua) of the Bagua map. Beyond your bedroom Feng Shui the map points to a corner of the home that has a powerful love energy.

The Bagua map is a map of your home and how each area relates to certain parts of your life. The Bagua map see’s your home as a reflection of your life.

Using western Feng Shui, taking the front door as the bottom centre, love is located at top right of the map and therefore your home.

Classical Feng Shui uses a compass to locate the southwest of your home for your relationship corner.

Keep in  mind, although we are focusing on relationships in this article, all areas of the map are connected, Good relationships create wealth (see: Feng Shui wealth Attraction Secrets), being healthy and abundant also help relationships.

Place items and colours that signify love. See below for potential love items.

Feng Shui Love Tips For the Rest of Your Home

Arrange your home using feng shui so it signifies love and harmony

Just like the bedroom Feng Shui, each room has a love corner located in the southwest. You can place pictures of your children, family and friends in these areas. Feng Shui relationship principles can be used to have harmonious beneficial relationships beyond romance.

The living room is a great place for family pictures.

Front Door 

The front door should be welcoming, clean and uncluttered.

To attract a romantic relationship you can place an ornament like a pair of love birds at the front.

Also, choose a colour that you like and makes you feel good.

Do Not Face a Wall

When you are facing a wall, your energy is blocked to new love and romance coming to you. For instance, if your office desk is facing a wall change it so it facing towards the door.

Remove Items That Are Broken and About a Negative Past

Just like in the bedroom remove items that are broken and remind you negatively of the past. You want the energy of your home to be about the new. If you do not want to throw things away, place them out of sight.

An Uncluttered Home Lets Positive Chi Energy Flow

An uncluttered home allows Chi energy to flow

Have your home uncluttered to let the chi energy flow.


Have Splashes of pink and red around the house, in photos, and in images of relationships. Do not over do this, just enough to create in your subconscious mind the images and feelings of love, harmony and relationships.

Feng Shui Items for Relationships

Have items that signify love and relationships like rose quartz crystal, red candles, love knots and heart shaped items. ( See more  below). You can also have vision board with photo’s and images that signify love to you.

Love Symbols For Your Bedroom and Home Recommended By Feng Shui Masters

Plants for Relationships

Peonies signify love

In Feng Shui plants and fresh flowers add a positive energy to the home. Try the String Of Hearts (aka Hearts On A String) plant and  Peonies to bring romance into your life.

Rose quartz

The rose quartz crystal has a subtle pink colour, it is believed to promote love, healing and peace in Feng Shui.

Double Happiness Symbol

Double Happiness Symbol

The double happiness symbol is two copies of the Chinese word for joy and happiness (pronounced Xi). The double symbol is used in weddings to promote happiness and joy with newlyweds.

Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks are colourful water fowl that bring good luck and harmony in relationships. They are often given to couples on their wedding day.

The ornaments come in pairs. Placing them in your relationship corner will bring a harmonious relationship energy.  You can also use a painting of mandarin ducks

Mystic Knot

Mystic Knot

Also known as the Love Knot, the mystic knot is a combination of six times the infinity symbol. It is a symbol of good luck and fortune. Hang it in your home, wear it or put it in your relationship corner.

Heart-shaped Décor

Heart shaped mirrors, cushions or other ornaments will energize the space with romance and love.

Pairs of Objects:

Feng Shui experts suggest having pairs of objects, such as two chairs or two lamps, to symbolize unity and harmony. Place the pairs in your bedroom or living room to create a harmonious atmosphere that is conducive to love.

Other Love Symbols

Use love symbols, such as Cupids or lovebirds, to decorate your home. Love symbols can help create a loving and romantic atmosphere. You can also use anything that has a romantic, love and harmony meaning to you.


Use the mystical art of Feng Shui to create a loving and harmonious atmosphere in your home.

Place objects around the home that signify the double energy of romance and make sure the house is uncluttered and does not have old and broken items. Have a love corner in your home and in your bedroom to spread romantic energy.

Feng Shui love tips work on the principle that you and your environment are connected, one influences the other,  when you use items that signify love, romance and friendship in your home your subconscious mind will reflect this back to the environment creating a virtuous cycle of positive energy. For more on reprograming the subconscious mind go to this article: How To Reprogram Your subconscious Mind For Success.

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