The Law of Action

When people try to manifest a new life using the law of attraction, the missing link is often action. It would be nice if we could sit back, visualize, write a few journal entries and bam! our dreams appear. That is not how reality works, we must also apply the law of inspired action.

To manifest properly we must understand that we are a whole. Which means we have a mind, body and spirit. We use our body to act.

If we leave this out, we are dividing ourselves and our attempt to manifest we will fail.

What is Action?

Action means you do something instead of just thinking about it or imagining it in your head. You take concrete steps that move you closer to your goal.

In this context, visualisation and feeling your goal is not taking action.

You don’t have to take big bold action, a small action in the right direction can have a large impact. But you must physically move and act in the world.

Don’t just imagine your ideal job, send your resume and go to an interview.

What  is the Law of Inspired Action ?

The universal law of action is one of the 12 universal laws.

It states that we must take inspired action to manifest money, health or our dream life

It is not the same as normal action and not the same as busy or desperate action, which we all do occasionally.

The word “Inspired” comes from inspiration – in spirit. So we must act from deep inside.

You can have to do list, however the law of action is about more than ticking of actions on list.

Ordinary Actions

If your actions are coming from a place of “should” and “must” they are not inspired action.

We do not act from inspiration in our daily lives. We act because we have to, repeating the same patterns like robots.

This does not mean everything you do must be inspired , that is impossible. It means you need to understand what is not inspired action so you can a feel of what is inspired.

Getting up everyday to do the same job, and drive the same route to work is not inspired action, even if you enjoy the job.

How the Law of Inspired Actions Differs From Ordinary Actions

Inspired action feels energetic and joyful. The joy can be subtle. Where as planned everyday action feels robotic and on auto pilot.

Inspired action often means you don’t know why you are doing it. There is an element of mystery.

If you compare this to normal action you will realize how different it is. When we take normal actions we know precisely why we are doing them and can almost guarantee the result.

With inspired action you will feel vulnerable because it’s taking you to a new place.

It’s not easy from the ego perspective….

The ego wants certainty. It wants to know the result of what it is doing beforehand. So it dislikes inspired action. The ego does not want you to get out of your comfort zone.

Later I will give you examples of my experience with inspired action. For now think back to a time when you felt the subtle excitement and energy to do something, and the outcome surprised you.

At that moment you were not coming from ego. The inspired part of you knew what to do beyond thinking and feeling.

Inspired action feels like  “A Nice surprise”. Inspired action uses the law of compensation.

To sum up…

  • Ordinary action is driven by fear and obligation. Inspired action is driven by joy and creativity.

  • Ordinary action is based on logic and reason. Inspired action is based on intuition and inner knowing.

  • Ordinary action feels draining and stressful. Inspired action feels effortless and natural.

  • Ordinary action can lead to disappointment. Inspired action leads to fulfilment.

How to take Action According to The Law of Inspired Action

How to take inspired action according to the law of action

You’ll need to practice inspired action to get the feel of it.

The best way to learn how inspired action works is to start. However, there are certain manifestation tips and principles you should follow…

  1. Stay in the Present moment

Living in the now and being present are so over used that they have become cliché. They have lost there impact and true meaning.

Being present means more than not-thinking or being mindful. Being present means being who you truly are. You are presence.

You are the quiet still space that is eternal. If you spend time in silence you get in touch with it.

Spending time in nature also reconnects you with it. Remember, it is who you already are, so you are reconnecting with something that is is constant.

Most of your life you have been identifying with ego, you now have to identify with that which see’s the ego, so is prior to the ego.

What makes it difficult is that, what you truly are does not have qualities that you can point to. The eyeball cannot see itself. So it is with you.

You can only be yourself, not see yourself.

This is the meaning of being in the present moment, you are the present moment.

  1. Law of Inspired Action Requires Trust and Faith

You must develop trust and faith in your higher self and the universe.

If you have a spiritual practice you are doing this. Or if you have religious faith you will also have something to trust that is bigger than yourself.

I always suggest people spend time in nature and watch it’s ebb and flow. How the sun rises in the morning without fail.

You can also observe how it heals and pumps blood around your body. You trust it to do this.

Have the same trust when you want to take inspired action. Do what you can, then detach from the results.

2. Setting Intentions. Have a Clear Picture Of what you want

If you want to manifest and take inspired action you must have a clear image of what you want.

You must make it real as possible and feel that it already exists. You can use positive affirmations, a vision board or any other manifestation method to build a clear picture of your dreams.

Do this consistently and you will not only reprogram your subconscious mind, but you will also be communicating with the universe. Both lead you to take inspired action.

Contrary to what many spiritually minded people say, you don’t just float through life going from one thing to the next.

3. Understand How the Universe Works

You do not have to become metaphysical expert.  But you must understand how your imagination, feelings and actions influence each other and work together. All in the context of the universal whole. See also the law of perpetual transmutation of energy, to understand how your imagination transmutes into reality.

Your environment, the people you meet and the words you speak are part of that context. There is nothing that is not influencing you and you influencing it.

When you understand yourself, you will understand the universe. And visa versa. Because they are the same thing. Have a look at The Law of Divine Oneness, to understand this further.

4. Relax to Use the Law of Inspired Action

When you are stressed and in your head you will not take inspired action. In fact your actions will lead to disharmony and problems.

“Learn to relax” might seem like a simple statement. But it is much deeper than it sounds.

Learning to relax is a full body experience. It quietens your mind, reduces stress and gets you in touch with your inner wisdom.

Mystics through the ages have said the same thing, “silence is the key.” You cannot touch silence if you are not relaxed.

If you do not already have a relaxation practice, try yoga, tai chi or mediation.

5. Start Small

Practice with small things.

For instance, if you have free time and are wondering what to do. Become present, set your intention “I want to take inspired action”, get in touch with your body and see what you are moved to do next. Not what you think you should do.

You might feel like going to your book shelf,  which leads you to picking up a book that tells you want to needed to here.

Or it could be you are moved to phone someone, but don’t know why.

6. Reflect

Make notes of how you felt and what the outcome was when you took time to take inspired action.

What did you do before the action?

How different did it feel to normal action?

Did you feel different to your normal self?

By digging deep into how you felt and and the circumstances surrounding your action, you can start to distinguish the different states you take action from.

You will notice when you are stressed things do not go as well for you as when you you in a calm state.

This might not lead to inspired action every time, however it will get you closer to understanding yourself.

At the very least, you will develop self awareness and start making better decisions.

Examples When I Used the Law of Inspired Action.

Here are two examples of when I used inspired action.


I was offered two jobs at the same time. One was challenging and in new company that was not well established. There were many unknowns.

The other company was well established, I knew exactly what was required of me. The pay was higher and it was company that had a solid employee development plan.

After a few days of deliberating, I decided to go for the second, more established company. It made sense. It felt right.

I picked up the phone and instead dialled the first companies phone number at the last minute.

Something in me knew that was the company I wanted to work in all along.

It turned out to be the best decision. The small company grew, I grew with it and was given share options. The Experience I gained helped me to get other jobs later on.

I was convinced I was going to work in the well established company, until the last minute I felt this rush of excitement to phone the other one.

In hindsight it seems obvious, but at the time I really did not know why I was doing it.

Martial Arts

I had several inspired moments during my martial arts practice.

I return to these often as a reminder what inspired action feels like, because the experience and the result were immediate.

Some call these moments flow states, where everything slows down and decisions become effortless.

This what it felt like.

I was sparring, in a moment I relaxed and let go. I stopped worrying about what I was going to do and what will happen.

My movements changed, everything I did worked.

I was no longer operating from ego, but from a higher part of myself.

Where before I was in my head, working things out. Trying predict what was going to happen and attached to the outcome, now I was totally present and from that presence operated from inspired action.

Although these two examples seem very different, both times I was operating from a higher place and from the unknown.

I was clear what I wanted, in one case a job I could grow in and in the other case to win a fight and not get hit.

Conclusion: Law of Inspired Action

The law of attraction and manifesting will not work without the law of action.

The law of action is not ordinary action but inspired action.

Ordinary action comes from duty, fear and obligation. Inspired action is creative, surprising and comes from a place beyond ego.

In order to operate from inspired action you must be present and trust that the universe and your higher self know better than your ego and conditioned self.

To get a feel for inspired action, practice with the small things. Keep a journal and reflect how you felt when acted from different states.

Don’t always go by the immediate result, as sometimes we do not realize how something helped until much later. Initially it can seem like it did not work in our favour.

Remember,  inspired action is not something magical, although it feels that way. You have acted from inspiration many times in your life and not realized it because you did not take time to reflect.

Now you understand the law of inspired action, what to do and how it feels, you can start practicing it on your manifestation journey .

Watch your life become more interesting and full of pleasant surprises.