The Law of Rhythm is Like Pendulum

When you understand the law of rhythm, you will not lose hope when things don’t seem to be going your way, or when they take longer than you imagined.

In this article, you learn about the law of rhythm and how you can align with it to manifest with less effort and stress.

What is the Law of Rhythm

The Law of Rhythm is one of the 12 universal laws that govern the workings of the universe.

It states everything in life has a rhythm. Nothing stays the same. and you cannot force something that is not yet ready to happen.

The law of rhythm describes life like a pendulum swing. It swings one way then adjusts by swinging equally the other way.

You can observe this in your daily life. I noticed at a certain time in the afternoon I would get the same emotions and thoughts. It was like clockwork. I would be sitting at work, and boom, the thoughts and emotions would hit. Then pass as quickly as they came.

This pendulum swing manifests in everything.

You can see the law of rhythm in action in…

The seasons: The rhythms establish seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter follow each other in a predictable order, bringing different activities and opportunities.

The moon: The moon goes through phases, affecting the tides, the animals and our moods.

Our breath: We inhale and exhale air in a rhythmic pattern that sustains our life force.

Our heartbeat: Our heart beats in a regular rhythm that pumps blood throughout our body.

Our sleep: We go through cycles of sleep and wakefulness that regulate our energy.

Our hormones: Our hormones fluctuate throughout the day, the month, and the year.

Our emotions: We experience a range of emotions from joy to sadness, from anger to calmness, from fear to courage.

Our circumstances: We go through periods of growth and decline, abundance to scarcity. And failure to success.

Our Whole life: We go from a baby to old age.

Don’t fight it…

It would be nice if things turned out as we wanted them to. But that is now how life works. We should not fight the rhythms of life. we can do, but we will only suffer unnecessarily.

It’s easy to flow with life when things are going our way, however the real challenge and our test of faith in god’s universe is when we can flow as the pendulum swing reverses.

How to Use the Law of Rhythm to Manifest

Flow with the rhythms of life

So how can we use the Law of Rhythm to manifest our best life?

In order to manifest with power we must live in harmony with the law of rhythm. Think of it as an escalator. When you go in the same direction,  it is effortless. Now imagine going up on an escalator which is coming down.

You have probably experienced this in your own life…

When no matter what you did, you could not get a situation to go the way you wanted to. Whether it was a relationship, career or something else.

Then one day, you resolved it with little effort.

This is the law of rhythm at play.

To manifest in line with the law of rhythm….

Flow with the Rhythm of Life

In Taoism it is known as wu wei,  effortless effort. It means not to force the outcome.

People misunderstand this as “Don’t do”. that is not what it means. It means do not go against the currents of life.

That means do not go against yourself either. So do not fight your emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Accept them, because they are part of the rhythm of life. They come and go in their own time.

And don’t bang your head against a brick wall when circumstances are not going your way. This does not mean you submit and give up, but something more subtle. It’s an internal feeling of not fighting against reality.

You can still negotiate objects and look to solve problems. But because you understand the law of rhythm, you do not wish they were different. So you don’t have an internal objection to what is going on.

Don’t Be Attached to the Outcome

In order to manifest and remain true to the law of rhythm, remain detached to the outcome you wish for.

This takes faith, trust and understanding of the laws of nature.

Also see the law of compensation, which states the energy you put out will come back in equal measure. So you should focus on what you are doing and not the outcome.

Observe Nature to Understand the Law of Rhythm

Look how the waves rise and fall, the tide comes in and out with the waxing and waning of the moon. You don’t doubt any of it.

You don’t doubt the sun will rise in the morning. This is the the faith and trust you must carry into your life.

“If the Sun and Moon should ever doubt, they’d immediately go out” William Blake

Look how your body heals from a cut, how the blood pumps without you needing to do anything. Nature is wise and intelligent. Trust it.

The Law of Rhythm States that, Ups and Downs are Natural

Understand the ups and down of life are natural. You cannot have one without the other. The positive would not exist without the negative.

We wish it would, but that does not make it reality.

What we consider the downs are good and necessary.

For instance, take exercise. When we lift weights to grow muscle, we must deal with the muscle hurting before it grows. We would think it crazy if someone wanted their muscle to grow without going through the soreness.

To Manifest Embrace the Cycles of the Law of Rhythm

When things are going your way, embrace them. Take this time to take action and move forward. Use the momentum to your advantage.

When things seem to be going against you. Use it as a time to reflect, consider new avenues. Use the negative energy to sharpen your skills, learn patience and go deeper into yourself to find resources that you did not know you had. See the law of perpetual transmutation of energy to understand how use negative energy in a positive way.

This maybe a good time to work on your energy levels and other areas of your life.

When things seem neutral, where things are neither particularly positive or negative you take it as time to recharge your batteries and enjoy how far you have come.

It could also be a time where you share your achievement with others, or enjoy a nice break without having to constantly push forward.

Remember, the cycles do not last. Each cycle reflects a phase, then eventually moves into the next.


When life swings one way the law of rhythm compensates by swinging the other way.

When you live an authentic life you will deal with as many downs as you will ups. Things rise and fall, this is a universal law.

Don’t fight the law of rhythm, flow with it and embrace each cycle. We like certain rhythms and dislike others. However they are all a necessary part of the journey.

It takes faith, trust and understanding to ride the waves and not succumb to despair with the negative parts of our experience.

Learn to flow with the rhythms and you will have an effortless and joyful journey to your goal.

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