The Law of Correspondence

When I had my awakening, one of the things I realised was positive thinking had something to it. It was not just a feel good technique but was based on the law of correspondence.

In this article I will explain what this law is and how to experience it and use it to create what you want.

What Is The Law Of Correspondence?

The law of correspondence says what happens inside of you is reflected in what is happening around you. It’s one of the twelve universal laws.

So your thoughts, feelings, beliefs show up as your external world as physical reality.

Also your self image and how connected you are to your spirit are reflected in your circumstances.

It works the other way as well. Your environment and the external word change your inner state.

Where You are Now is a Reflection of Your Past Internal Landscape.

Your Past internal state becomes your present and future

Your predominant thoughts, feelings and ideas about yourself show up as your physical life.

Be kind to yourself when you realise this. Much of what we believe, think and feel comes from our parents, other significant people and society.

If you did not know the law of correspondence and where your internal world came from then it does not make sense to blame yourself.

You might regret not knowing this earlier, but that is the journey of life. We know things when we are supposed to know them. Life has it’s own timing.

The good news is you can now do something about it.

So if you want to know your beliefs and ideas about yourself, simply look at your world. Not in a judgemental way. But like a scientist observing and trying to understand something.

Not only do your circumstances give you an idea about your thoughts, feeling and beliefs, they also show you what you have going on in your subconscious and unconscious.

The simple act of being aware will bring issues to the light.

How I Experienced The Law of Correspondence

I didn’t understand it at the time, but it was hard to deny. There were a lot of changes going on within me.

I was dealing with a lot of personal issues all at once. My thought and feelings were fearful and confused. The ideas I had about myself did not make sense any more. So I was unsure of who I was in the world.

During that time people came into my life, although briefly, that were unhappy, confused and to put it politely, challenging.

The uncertainty I had in my inner world was reflected in the outer world.

When I got clear that what was happening within me was that I was growing and shedding old beliefs, patterns and ideas about myself. I relaxed and let it happen.

When the internal war ended,  it also ended without. Just as quickly as the people and situation happened, they went away.

In fact, when I met some of those people again later, our dynamic was completely different.

My Second Experience…

I had another experience when I was training in martial arts.

I realised where I put my attention in my body changed how the opponent approached to fight me.

When I put my attention just below the navel, I felt grounded and solid and present. My opponent looked more worried.

Like I said at this point I did not understand what was going on, but had an intuition that this was something significant.

When you have chaos within you will chaos without.

When you have peace within you will have peace without.

The Law of Oneness and the Law Of Correspondence

The law of divine oneness sates that everything is one. It is all made up of the same stuff. Some call it god others the universe or consciousness.

So your thoughts and feelings are the same stuff as your external environment.

I am using “internal” and “external” as a useful way of explaining the concept of this law. However, they are not separate. There is not an external or internal world. There is one world.

This is what  Hermes Trismegistus meant when he said “As within so without.”

I will continue to use internal and external, as they are useful descriptions. But keep in mind there is not an external and internal environment.

How to Experience the Law of Correspondence

It starts with self awareness. Keep a journal if that helps.

Begin to observe what is going on around you and how you are feeling.

Ask what beliefs you hold about that situation.

For instance, when you are dealing with your boss, stay in touch with what is going on inside of you. And afterwards ask what beliefs are you holding about the person and your dynamic.

Then you can compare how he or she treats you with what is going on inside of you. Experiment by changing your beliefs around the situation. See what happens.

Do this with any situation or person.

Bringing the light of your attention is transformative in itself. Especially when you do it without judgement.

Play around with your feelings and state, see how that changes your day to day life and interactions.

As you do this, you start to learn that you have a lot more power than you thought.

10 Ways to Apply the Law of Correspondence to Manifest Your Desired Reality

10 Ways to use the law of correspondence to manifest

To apply this law you want to change your internal state to something that you want reflected in the world.

As the law of attraction says, what you focus on is what you will manifest. So you want to focus on abundance not lack.

Here are 10 ways to apply the law of correspondence…

1. Self Awareness

Begin with awareness and direct reflection. Observe what is going on in and around you. See how they are connected and are actually two sides of the same coin. You can try a formal meditation or just become mindful in your everyday life.

2. Look at Self Limiting Beliefs

Your beliefs are reflected in your circumstances, if you are lacking in certain things then you can be sure your have beliefs that say you cannot or do not deserve to have those things.

Look at those beliefs and question them. Are they true? Look for the opposite belief, ask is that just as or more true?

Doing this simple exercise loosens the grip of your limiting belief. You can then replace it by repeating an abundant empowering belief.

By repeating the new belief you reprogram your subconscious mind. In time the new belief will be reflected in your circumstances.

3. Change Your State With Gratitude

One of the simplest ways to change your inner state to abundance is to have gratitude for what you already have.

Sometimes it may not seem like you have much to be grateful for. But you have. Gratitude for the simple things is just as powerful for large things.

You can be grateful for a warm bed, the shoes you have on, having come across this article. Or having the ability to read.

The reason gratitude is powerful is because it gets us in touch with our deep feeling of being one with everything. The world is in us and is us, when we see this we overflow with gratitude. Having a regular gratitude practice is a way to get in touch with this.

4. Have Gratitude for what You Will Have

The universe responds to abundance with abundance. So if you want to use the law of correspondence to manifest you must visualize and feel what you want, and you must do it in a way that you feel it has already happened.

Then it will be reflected in your circumstances. Manifesting happens in the timeless realm, where everything already exists. So by feeling and being grateful as if it has already happened you align with the way reality is set up.

Neville Goddard called this living in the wish fulfilled.

If you visualize as if it WILL happen in the future, your feelings will reflect this and the universe will leave you in a constant state of willing.

5. Change Focus

This applies on many levels. What you focus on is what you get.

Focus on positive thoughts and feelings.

Focus on what you have and not what you lack.

Change your focus from the negative things that happened to many of the positive things you have done.

All of these will change your feelings, beliefs and self image.

6. Change Your Environment

Remember the law of correspondence works both ways. You can change your thoughts and feelings by changing your environment. You can do this temporarily, like going for a walk in nature. Or you can make it permanent by moving to a different area. Rearrange you home by using feng shui.

7. Meet new people

And remove toxic people. The biggest influence on how we feel and see ourselves is other people.

Sometimes people we have known for a long time can only see us as we were and not how we are. And they definitely do not see us as who we can be.

Meeting new people will allow your self image to evolve beyond it’s past limitations. It will also change your thinking to new possibilities.

8. Take action

When people think of manifesting they often leave out action. But taking inspired action is an essential part of manifesting.

Not only does action get you what you want, it also changes your inner state and self image. You become a person who takes action, and the more you do the more you learn. The more you learn the more success you will have.

You will then see yourself as a success. This new self image will ripple into the world and will attract people and opportunities who are vibrating at the same level.

9. Know Yourself

Most of us believe we are a combination of of our thoughts, feelings, physical body and self image.

Those things are part of who we are. But we are primarily beyond all those things. we have a deeper inner self.

There are times during the day when we do not have a self image, however during those times we are still here.

Our thoughts change all the time, so we cannot be those.

Our body is made of cells that are dying and recreating. Every seven years we have a completely new body.

What is beyond those things and remains constant through it all?

That is you.

10. Change Your Self Image

We have already touched upon this. The best way to change your self image is to do new things and meet new people.

You can also visualize a new you. Imagine you are someone who has and does the things you want.

The secret is to imagine and feel like you are already that person. So when you visualize don’t imagine that is the future you, because the universe gives you what you ask for. So it will give you a constant state of wanting a new you …in the future. Never now.


The outer world reflects your inner world and visa versa. This is the universal law of correspondence.

The inner and outer world are not actually separate, they are two sides of the same coin. However, calling them inner and outer is useful.

When you understand this law you realise you have more power than you thought. You can change you your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and self image to manifest what you want in the physical world.

You can do this by mindfulness, gratitude, taking action, changing your environment and knowing who are are beyond your thoughts, body and ideas. By doing this you change the negative energy into positive thoughts and feelings.

Start by becoming aware of both your inner landscape and what is happening on a day to day basis, and learn how they are connected.

It’s an adventure worth taking.

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