The Law of Detachment

If you have a desire you want to manifest, you will be in a constant state of stress and longing until you get it. This is not only a miserable way to live, but it also blocks the law of attraction from working. The spiritual law of detachment shows us how to go for what you want, without being miserable before we get it.

In this article you will learn what the law of detachment is, the magic that happens when let go and a few tips on how to do it.

What is the Spiritual Law of Detachment

The law of detachment means letting go of your attachment to the outcome of your actions and manifesting .

All religions and mystical traditions have said this.

They tell you to surrender and trust gods will. Or surrender to the universe, the Dao or whatever else they mighty call it.

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Law of Detachment and Control

If we look closely and with courage we see that we do not have much control as we think we do.

When we are in the early stages of life, we need to be naïve to go out and make our mark in the world. Otherwise we would not do anything, it would be too daunting.

However, as we go through life and become adults we must acknowledge there are many things we wanted that did not happen.

It is good to take responsibility. But you also need to know where your responsibility ends and the universe takes over.

Detachment is Not Apathy or Giving Up

When we understand how little control we have compared to what we thought, we can give up and become apathetic or do something else.

That something else is understanding how the universe really works.

So letting go does not mean you don’t care or refuse to get involved in life, it means you understand life better.

It’s a natural part of your spiritual growth where you have a detached involvement, you do not force solutions or outcomes.

Law of Detachment and Psychology

When we think too much about the outcome we are more stressed and pay less attention to the process. Paying less attention to the process means the outcome will be harder or impossible to achieve. Because the outcome is a result of the process.

What Happens When We Detach From The Outcome

A new energy breaks through when we detach from the outcome and let go

When we detach from the results, our actions and manifesting methods become powerful because we are aligned with the natural laws of the universe.

We are no longer living completely from our egos, negative emotions of lack and habitual thinking patterns , but from our higher self. When we come from our higher self our actions are inspired.

This is because when we let go, we surrender the results to something bigger than ourselves. And we trust that something. Then a new type of energy breaks through.

Opportunities will present themselves to you and you will meet people that you need to meet.

Why? Because everything is connected and is one energy.

The Law of Oneness and The Law of Detachment

The law of divine oneness states that everything is made of the same stuff. This includes your feelings and thoughts.

So when you let go of the outcome and surrender the results, your feelings and overall state will change. This impacts everything else. As all is connected.

How to Detach From the Outcome

The law of detachment means understanding how life works so you can let go

To detach from the outcome start with understanding what you can and cannot control. And become comfortable with that.

However, you cannot be comfortable unless you know there is something bigger than yourself that is working on your behalf. Otherwise you’ll be too scared to let go. Understandably so.

Tips on Using the Law of Detachment

Living the law of detachment is a personal journey. However there some things you can do to help you along…

1. Understand What You Control

Go over your life and look at your successes and failures. Ask how much was luck and how much was your effort. Also ask how much of it was predictable, before it happened.

You’ll have to put your ego aside, especially for the successes. We want to believe our high points were all down to us. In the same breathe we say our failures were due to bad luck.

Try this exercise.

The point of this exercise is to understand and feel what you have control over and how much is out of your hands.

If you got job that you liked and payed you well…

Did you have control over the moods and personality of those hiring you?

Did you have control over the job becoming available and the other candidates who applied for it?

What control did you have of the company existing in the first place?

What made you apply for that job at that time?

If they had taken a different route to recruiting, how would have known about the job?

And so on. You can think of other questions.

Do the same with your failures because looking at them will give you different insights and will also help you clarify the things you can change.

2. How Much Do You Really Now

It’s amazing how we think we can predict the future. Or when something happens we say “I knew that was going to happen” , hindsight is a funny thing.

We cannot even predict out next thought. We only know our thought once it has happened.

Take a moment now, what is your next though going to be, before you think it?

If we do not what are next thought, how can we predict other things?

I do not mean obvious, linear things. Where the law of cause affect means A leads to B. They are straight forward.

I mean complicated things things which need many variables to work together to bring the outcome. Like the job interview we spoke about earlier or starting a business. Even meeting the person we want to marry.

When you realize you cannot know, you let go of trying to guess and worry about how things are going to work out. This will be scary at first but when you understand at a deep level you will accept it. Especially when you see how everything is interconnected.

3. Trust in Something Bigger

Trust in something bigger to apply the law of detachment

You must have faith and trust in something bigger than yourself. If you have a religious faith or a spiritual then you will already have this.

If this is new to you, you can look to religion, mystical practices. Or you can observe the world around you and your own body.

What is that makes the sun rise, the seasons come and go?

What is that keeps your heart beating and heals your wounds, without you doing anything?

Trust that.

Our thoughts and ideas are limited. When we let go into something bigger we are also opening our self to infinite possibilities.

We are not good at even predicting what will make us happy, it’s often things we never though about that happen give us the most happiness.

4. Where Is Happiness?

We believe happiness is somewhere in the future, “Only if this or that happens will I be happy. ”

Look at your achievements, how many gave you lasting happiness? How quickly did the happiness fade before you were looking for the next thing?

People work hard towards a goal and when they achieve it, they are often disappointed at how they feel. They look back and see the actions they took and struggle that got them there was what gave them joy.

You will see happiness is in the moment. By allowing the world to be as it and focusing on what you are doing, you see you are happy naturally. This type of happiness does not depend on the outcome as much as you thought.

When you do these four things, you will naturally live in the law of detachment. You will become more efficient, and as I said earlier you start seeing coincidences and opportunities pop up for you.


The law of detachment states you must let go of attachment to the outcome of your actions. This includes visualisation, affirmations or any other manifesting method. Once you have done them, leave the rest to the universe.

When let go, your actions become more powerful and you will attract opportunities that seem magical.

Detachment, surrender and trust in something bigger than yourself, all go together. If you do not believe there is something that is beyond your ego, thinking and past conditioning, you will find it impossible to detach from the results.

When you realize you have less control than you thought, that you cannot know the outcome before hand and happiness exists naturally when you are present. You will let go with ease.

This will not only make you more effective but also stress free.

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