An Indian carving Showing The Law of Gender

Align with the natural universal laws to make your manifesting powerful. Today we will look at the law of gender, what it is and how to use to get what you want.

What is the Law of Gender?

The law of gender, like the law of polarity, explains how the physical world, including your physical body, operates in opposites. Life creates and flowers abundantly through the interaction of masculine and feminine energies.

Men and women have both masculine and feminine energy. In most men the masculine principles are dominant and in the majority of women the feminine energy is dominant.

Both energies need each and are sides of the same coin. So really they are one energy with two aspects.

The Chinese Yin and Yang symbol explains this polarity. It states that the law of gender manifests in all of nature.

Yin means the feminine and Yang the masculine.

Masculine and Feminine Principles

The Yin and Yang Symbol representing the masculine and the feminine interplay

The sex act is a simple way to get an overall picture and feeling of each energy and how they both interact.

The feminine is open and receives the active masculine. Together they create life.

At the extremes the masculine (Yang) has boundaries that do not allow anything to enter and the feminine (Yin) has complete porous boundaries. This is why we need to balance both the energies.

Qualities of Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy

Yang (masculine) is ego and Yin (feminine) is the Higher self.

Yin is associated with the dark as it is hidden and not obvious. If you think about intuition, it is something that is subtle and concealed. Yin is also associated with the moon and water, both have a dark energy that conceals their depth of passion.

Yang is associated with light as it is active and open. Look at action, it is obvious and in plain sight. Yang is associated with fire and the sun, both are  outward and expanding.

Both energies when positive are creative, they are unifying and move life forward.

When negative they create division and destruction.

It’s important to understand that each energy has an element of the other energy. If you look at the Yin and Yang symbol, you see each side has some of the other, represented by a dot.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is using your thoughts and emotions to focus on an inspired goal to bring your desire into form.

It involves a mixture of passive receiving from your subconscious mind and intuition and also an active visualization of your desire, coupled with inspired action.

Apply the Law of Gender to Manifesting

Nature Creates With Masculine and Feminine Energy. Do the same when you manifest.

Before we go into the steps to use the law of gender to manifest, lets look at some principles that apply to the tools you will be using.

Your brain as two sides, the right and left. Your left left brain is Logical and masculine. The right side is creative and receptive, therefore is feminine. When you manifest you will use both sides. This is what artistes do during the creative process.

When you actively think and imagine, that is your masculine energy.

Your feminine is the passive receiving subconscious mind, it expresses it’s self via images and emotions. It talks and understands in the language of symbols.

The universe is made of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. The former is in water and moon. and represents the inner world, It is the soft mysterious energy. the latter is found in fire and air and is assertive energy.

So you will be using the above feminine and masculine energy to go through the steps below…

3 Steps to Manifest using the Law of Gender

Step 1. Get in touch with your higher self, which is feminine (yin). This will open you up to receiving intuition and inspiration. You want to be close as possible to your true desire. This must come from deep within you.

I say close as possible, as sometimes we have a deep longing for something, but are not quite yet clear on what it exactly means. Some people are clear immediately others need to go through the process to get full clarity.

So don’t get stressed on knowing exactly what you want, trust that your deeper self and intuition will lead you correctly. So go with what seems you obviously want. Don’t over think it.

Step 2. Visualize your desire in as much detail as possible. You are now using your masculine yang energy actively to think about your want.

When you visualize, make sure you see it as already happened. Imagine and feel it here already. See yourself doing (masculine) and feeling (feminine) as if your wish had already been fulfilled.

The feminine positive emotion about your desire is important. Without it your manifesting will not work. You have to feel the emotions of already having it.

Step 3. Take inspired action. This will come naturally to you when have followed the previous two steps. Inspired action starts from a deep place (yin) and then your action (yang) will have a different outcome than if it was an ordinary action from your active thinking mind.

Things to Consider When Manifesting Using the law of Gender

There are things you can use to make sure your manifesting works and also adjustments you can make that align with your character and energy.

Overcome Manifestation Blocks

Limiting beliefs are the main manifestation blocks. We all have these and most of the time we do not realize it. They only come to the fore when we do something different and go for what we want.

When you try to feel your desire as already manifested, you might find that you cannot do it. Usually it comes down to you feeling you do not deserve it l or there is something wrong with wanting what you want.

Question these beliefs, ask if they are true and then look at their opposite and ask if they as equally true. Asking these questions, you will find your beliefs are simply points of views that you learned, most likely from childhood.

 Other Methods to Manifest Using the Law of Gender

In the steps I said use visualization, you can also use other methods. Either instead of or together. You will find all the methods are inter linked and share the same principles. Just go with the one that resonates with you.

The principles they share are that they are i) done in the present tense and ii) are infused with emotion.

Some methods for you to try…

1. Affirmations. Repeat what what you want out load or in your head.

2. Journaling – write down your desire in a journal in vivid detail.

3. Vision Board – Create a montage of your goal with images from magazines and photos you have taken, place them on a board and put it up on a wall in your home.

Notice the Law of Gender in Your everyday Life

Start taking an interest in seeing the masculine and feminine in your daily life. Notice the difference between active thoughts and thoughts that come to you from inspiration.

See how you naturally balance doing with being or see if you are out of balance, one way or the other. Also notice it in other people and the environment.

Nature is a great place to look.

Understand Natural Rhythms

As you manifest understand that you will sometimes be in the masculine mode (taking action and expanding) and sometimes in the feminine, taking stock, waiting for inspiration and adjusting based on an inner knowing.

This is a constant play of opposites that never ends.


The universal law of gender tells us life is an interaction between the feminine and the masculine. We need both to live an abundant and creative life.

When you understand the masculine and feminine qualities you will see them everywhere.

Feminine, is receiving, inward flowing, passive and compassionate. When you use intuition, empathy, communication are connected and nurturing, you are in the feminine.

Masculine is action, outward flowing and protective. When you have focus, drive, determination and goal orientation you are in the masculine.

To manifest successfully you need both. Follow the steps above to create the life you want.

Remember, not only do you have both energies within you, each of the energies has and element of the other. So although you will have a dominant energy do not exclude one over the other.