Law of Giving and Receiving

If you keep the energy in the universe circulating you will align yourself with its abundance. In this article I will explain how to do this using the law of giving and receiving.

The Law of Giving and Receiving

When we give we receive and and we receive we give. This is the law of giving and receiving.

Life is one never ending motion of energy. The day gives way to night and seasons give way to each other.

The tree’s receive sunlight and water, and in turn they give oxygen which humans and animals receive.

Giving and receiving are different aspects of the same coin.

It feels great to give a gift to someone you love. And it feels great when someone gives you a thoughtful gift. The two go hand in hand.

When we give begrudgingly and to manipulate someone, we get a the same energy back. We do not get gratitude.

This is the law of giving and receiving.

How to Practice the Law of Giving and Receiving

Practicing this law is easy because it is part of our essential nature. We are givers and receivers.

Much of the time we do not know we are following this law. When we have a conversation we are giving and receiving. Not just the words but also the feelings and intentions we bring.

When we go to work we are giving our energy in return we get money. And, especially if we find the work fulfilling, we are also receiving a sense of meaning. If others feel the same, we give and receive a feeling of togetherness.

So you are following this law whether you know it or not.

However, the law of giving and receiving becomes more powerful when you do it consciously.

If you have the conscious intention during the day to give, you will not only give more in subtle ways you will receive the same.

When you practice this law of giving and receiving consciously, look out for a few things that obstruct this law…

Don’t Give With expectation

When you give purely to receive something back, you are putting out a needy and negative energy. Not only is this negative for the person you are giving to, it also means you will get negativity back.

Trust that the universe. it is a reciprocal universe, what you give comes back. Enjoy the feeling of giving. When you give from a place of spiritual abundance, giving is fulfilling in itself and you will realise giving is life’s most precious gifts.

You Can Give in Many Ways

You can give and receive in silent and simple ways

Giving is not just about giving a material gift or helping someone who is in a tight spot. You can give in subtle ways as well.

When you are walking you can silently wish a stranger happiness. When sitting next to someone you love have silent gratitude for them.

Send a thank you message to someone who helped you, either recently or long time ago.

By giving joy you are circulating joy, when you give money you keep wealth circulating. Once you see this cycle, life becomes fun again.

You Will Receive in Unexpected Ways

You won’t always receive directly from the time and situation you give in.

If you wish someone well, or offer them a compliment they might feel uncomfortable, even though they know you meant well. Don’t see this as a reason not to give. Your giving will come back to you in other ways.

The universe is one energy, so it does not matter where you receive from. And the universe operates by always being in balance. The energy you put out, must come back.

Be Open To Receiving

Be open to receiving

Remember, giving and receiving are two sides of the same energy. If you are not open to receiving the natural process becomes skewed.

Receive with gratitude. Imagine giving someone a gift that you have put thought into and they refuse it. You can feel the negative energy and how it seems unnatural.

Receiving and giving are in a constant and dynamic exchange.

If you struggle with receiving, use an affirmation like “I am open to receiving all the gifts life wants to give me.” Then as you walk during the day be open to the sun, air and the birds singing.

Enjoy the feeling of receiving also knowing that the other person can feel your openness and gratitude.

This way you keep the universe circulating energy. When energy flows it remains fresh.

Have a Daily Practice

You can have a daily practice where you set your intention in the morning to give. Your practice can be a silent prayer or positive thought to everyone you meet, or something more physical like helping someone carry their shopping.

You can do this everyday or a have a day in the week you set aside just for this practice.


The law of giving and receiving is a natural part of who we are. When we practice it consciously it is powerful and keeps the life energy of the universe flowing.

By giving you are also receiving and visa versa.  So you must not only be open to giving but also open to receiving.

The energy will come back to you because the universe is always in balance. And it can come back in any form and place.

You can give silently or physically help someone. It is the same flow of energy, the intention is what matters.

Consciously practice this beautiful law that you see in nature and experience it’s joy.

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