Write a love Letter to Universe

If you are finding it challenging to let go trying to control when your manifesting will come, the love letter method will help you.

In this  article we look at how to write a love letter to the universe that works, and how this unique method helps you let go and detach from the outcome.

You will learn the 5 steps to create the perfect love letter for you.

What is the Love Letter Method to the Universe?

The lover letter method is a manifestation method, where you write a letter to the universe to get your desires met.

When you want something, the universe wants to give it you. But you have to do your part. One of the things you must do is to let your desire go and let the universe take over.

The love letter manifestation method is a wonderful way to do this because you are putting your thoughts onto paper, they go from inside you to out. I will show later, how you let go further once you have written the letter.

Align Your Thoughts and Feelings.

Manifesting means aligning your thoughts and feelings with what you want. The universe needs both. You cannot just think of what you want, you must also feel it. A love letter to the universe helps you do this.

You write it like any other love letter and start of with “Dear Universe.”

This is a nice way to start because it shows respect, appreciation and affection.

You need all those to manifest.

Why the love letter method to manifest is good….

  • Putting things onto paper helps you clarify what you want.

  • It makes it real when we see it in writing

  • It puts it out into the universe

  • By re-reading it, it keeps you positive and overcome negative thinking

  • It makes you feel gratitude (more on this later)

Steps to Use the Love Letter Method to the Universe

Love Letter Method. Write the letter and let go.

1. Get clear on your desires.

2. Feel your desire

3. Write your love letter

4. Read your letter out load

5. Let go and let the universe take over.

1. Get Clear on Your Desires

This is an important step, don’t rush through or skip it. You have to let the universe know what you in a clear and direct way.

I find the best way to do this is to write down my desires and get exact as I can. If you keep a manifesting journal, you will probably have a clear idea of your desire already.

If not, write it down, it does not matter how. You can write bullet points, paragraphs or something more detailed.

You are not writing the love letter yet, just getting clear on what you want in as much detail as you can.

For your letter, pick one thing. Don’t ask for lots of things in one letter. (If you want more than one thing start a new letter.)

“I want to be wealthy” is too vague. Say “I want to start a business that makes me $20,000 a month in one year” is much better.

You can ask for anything from money, relationships, health to wisdom to solve a problem you are facing.

2. Get into the Feeling of Your Desire

As you get clear on what you want in your own life, you will feel what it would be like to have it.

This is an essential element for all manifesting methods. You have to feel what it would be like to have it because the universe will only give it you, if you have faith it already exists.

When you feel the positive emotions of it as happened already, you are living in the wish fulfilled, as Neville Goddard called it.

To the universe, everything exists already as pure energy. You do not see somethings because their vibration is to high.

When you feel you already have what you want, you are changing the vibration so it comes into a form you can see, touch and experience.

If you feel you don’t have it, you are not coming from a place of abundance, and so will not be aligned with the universal laws.

3. Write Your Love Letter to the Universe

Write a dear universe letter

Now you are clear on what you want and can feel what it is like to have it, you can start writing your love letter to the universe.

The key is to express gratitude.

If you have followed the first two steps you are already in the right state of gratitude. (If you want to, you can further enhance this by starting the letter by thanking the universe for something you already have.)

Start with “Dear universe”

Then write as if your desire has already been given to you.

Come back to the letter once day, once a week or whatever feels right to you.

Although it’s ok to write on your computer, It’s more powerful if you hand write it, as it has a special energy and connection to the universe when you do.,

Lets look at some examples, to give you an idea how to use the love letter method.

Examples of A Love Letter to the Universe

Here are two examples, one longer one and one shorter. The length does not matter. Go with what you prefer, just make sure you write using the principles we have talked about.

Manifestation Letter 1: Career and Job

Dear Universe,

I am filled with immense gratitude as I write this letter to you. I feel the warmth and support that you continuously provide. Today, I want to express my deepest thanks for guiding me towards my dream job, one that fulfills me both professionally and personally.

I am thankful for the opportunity to work in an environment that not only challenges me but also supports my growth and creativity.

I am grateful for colleagues who are not just teammates but friends, offering encouragement and laughter. The sense of belonging and contribution I feel every day is a true blessing.

I appreciate the abundance this job brings into my life – the financial stability, the ability to contribute to meaningful projects, and the chance to grow and learn in my field. I am truly grateful for the balance it brings to my life, allowing me to pursue my passions while also caring for my loved ones.

Thank you, Universe, for aligning this opportunity with my path at the perfect time. I trust in your wisdom and timing, knowing that everything happens for my highest good. I release my desires into your loving care, confident that you will bring them to fruition in ways even better than I can imagine.

With love and gratitude,

[Your Name}

Here is a is a shorter example…

Letter 2: Relationship with the right person

Dear Universe,

With a heart full of love and gratitude, I reach out to you today to express my deepest appreciation for the love that is entering my life. I am so grateful for the presence of a partner, who is not only my lover but my best friend. Someone who understands me deeply and shares my values and dreams.

With love and gratitude,

[Your Name}

4. Read your letter out load

When I have finished writing, I like to read the letter out load to myself. This speaks it into existence further. Also, hearing it out load helps me make changes or clarify what I have written.

It also boosts positive thoughts.

5. Let go and let the universe take over.

The final step is to let go. You can burn the letter with a candle as a gesture of letting go. Watch the smoke and see it as your wish going into the universe.

Or you can post it to yourself or just put it in an envelope and leave in your draw.

The only disadvantage of the burning method is, you will not be able to reread it to reinforce the manifesting and your focus.

Does the Love Letter Method Work?

Whether you thinks it is the power of the universe or your own subconscious mind, the love letter method works.

When you feel what you want as if it is already here, something magical happens.

In the end the best way to see if it works is to try it, with a sincere effort.

Many people have reported that it has worked for them, try and see if they are right.

If you are feeling positive emotions and generally feeling good, it’s a good sign your manifestation is going in the right direction.

Tips to Boost your Love letter

Here are some ways you can super charge your love letter to the universe.

  • Read it before you go to sleep, as at this time your subconscious mind is open. Together with the universe it will work on your desire while you sleep.

  • Use visualization to vividly imagine what you want, in as much detail as you can. Do this regularly.

  • Have a regular gratitude practice. This will create a positive energy around you as you go about your life.

  • Have a meditation or other spiritual practice that helps you let go of trying to control your desire, and instead trust in the universe.


The love letter method is a manifesting method where you send a letter to the universe showing gratitude, love and appreciation.

You can use it to manifest anything you want, including wisdom and or insight into a problem you are having.

People use it to manifest wealth, relationship with a specific person and also health.

The five steps are 1. Get Clear on what you want 2. Feel what it would be like to have it 3. Write your love letter to the universe 4. Read your letter out load 5. Let go and trust the universe to deliver it.

Make sure you write the letter has if you have already received what you want. To the universe what you want is already here because the the universe is timeless. So write in the present tense.

You can boost the power of your love letter by using visualization, reading it before you go to sleep, having a gratitude practice, and a spiritual practice that helps you surrender the results to the universe.

Take a look at the love letter examples I have given you, use them as templates, but write your love letter in your own words, while feeling gratitude knowing that it is already yours.

Love and best wishes on your journey.

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