Meditation for manifesting

People do not associate meditation with manifesting. But as you will learn, it’s a perfect time to put your order into the universe.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is NOT a way to quieten your thinking. Those of us who have fallen into this trap will know how frustrating it is. Not only frustrating, but it has the opposite effect than we intended.

The more we try to control and suppress our thinking the louder it gets.

Meditation is a time to observe what is going on without trying to influence it. By doing so we get in touch with who we really are, then the end result is that we realize we are everything all at once.

So meditation is not a battle, but a letting go. As you will see, letting go is an essential part of manifesting.

What is Manifesting?

(NOTE: If you are clear what manifesting is, you can skip down to the meditation for manifesting steps.)

Manifesting means aligning your vibration with the vibration of what you desire in your own life.

Everything you want has a specific energy to it, you align with this energy by using your imagination and feelings.

This is what the Law of Attraction means, what you focus on is what you get.

However it is not just a mental focus but a whole body focus, where you experience your desire as if it is already here.

There are various methods you can use for manifesting. The key points in all of them is you must imagine what you want in as much detail as possible, feel the emotions as if you already have it, and then let go.

Meditation for Manifesting Guide

Mediate Manifest process

Meditation for manifesting involves the principles of meditation to get in the right state of abundance. You then ask the universe for what you want by using visualization and affirmations. Finally you let go of your attachment to your desire and trust the universe will deliver it.

Before you start the process, become clear on what you want. Pick one thing. It could be more money, a better job, a new business, relationship or health related. This sets your intention for the manifestation meditation.

1. Get in a comfortable position

Your physical position is important. You can sit on the floor in your favourite yoga pose or in a chair. You can also do it lying down.

Whatever position you choose make sure your back is straight but relaxed and you are not slouching. This allows the energy to travel in your body as you meditate.

2. Relax and become present

Go through your body and notice areas that are tense. Don’t fight them, just breathe into them and then imagine the out breathe carrying the tension away.

Do this from head to toe.

Don’t rush and do not dwell either. This is an important step, as it gets you into a flow like state, where you are fully present in the moment. Don’t worry about your thoughts, this includes positive thoughts. The purpose at this point is getting in the right state.

We rarely spend time fully in our bodies, in order to manifest we must do so, to fully experience what we want. Remember, to manifest we must experience what we want is already here, we can only do this with our body.

3. Visualize what you want while meditating

Now it’s time to use your imagination and visualize what you want in fine detail. See yourself with your desire, feel it, use your sense of smell, touch and hearing.

You are doing this in detail so you can fully experience it. Without visualization and the details, it is just a day dream.

The best way to visualize your desire is to imagine it from your point of view. Don’t be an observer. See things from the first person point of view, just as you do as you go about your life.

Do this for long as you like. Some people can get into their imagination easier than others. Don’t worry, the more you do it the better you get. You will be able to imagine more vividly each time.

4. Say an affirmation

While you are in the imagination, add an affirmation.

Positive affirmations are present tense statements. You can say them out loud or in your mind.

For instance if you wanted to manifest a new job. You can I say “I love my job, the wonderful people who appreciate me and the great salary I am on.”

Notice, the affirmation is in the present tense, it is saying you already have your job. It is not saying “I WILL have it, THEN I will be grateful.”

Say the affirmation 1 to 5 times.

5. Let Go.

Let Go once you have manifested

When you are ready, take a few breaths and with each out breathe release your desire to the universe.

You are letting the universe know that you trust it to deliver you wish.

When you hold onto your desire it blocks the manifestation. This is why one of the universal laws is the law of detachment.

6. Finish the meditation

Once you have let go, get up from your mediation and knowing what you want is on its way!

How Often Should You Use Meditation For Manifesting?

This is a personal choice, just don’t over do it to the point where it becomes stressful and a chore. You don’t want to use meditation for manifesting as way force the outcome because you are impatient.

I find doing it in the morning and then before bed is powerful. Both times are when the subconscious mind does not get in the way.

Meditation for Manifesting Recap

Meditation for manifesting is a powerful method to bring your desire into reality.

Mediation gets you in an open state for visualization of your desire. Start manifesting by Following the steps above and trust the universe will do the rest.