Mudra for protection

Mudra is a hand gesture, we call it a seal because you use it to seal energy in your body. There are many mudras for different purposes. Some will give you more energy, wisdom and knowledge,  others will give you self love. Today we will look at mudra for protection.

There are two mudras for protection I want to share with you. The Karana Mudra and Abhaya Mudra.

You can practice these mudras as part of your yoga practice or meditation practice. Or you can use them as a stand alone wherever you are.

Karana Mudra For Protection

The First mudra for protection is the Karana Mudra.

We also call it the “warding off evil” mudra, as it dispels negative energy and obstacles. Like the fire mudra, it is also a good hand mudra for energy.

It used in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

How to Do Karana Mudra

  • Stand or sit in a comfortable and relaxed posture.
  • Raise your right hand with the palm facing outward.
  • Fold down the index and middle fingers, keeping the thumb, ring finger, and pinky finger extended and upright. You can also have your thumb gently touching the folded down fingers.
Karana Mudra
Karana Mudra
  • You can also use this mudra with your left hand if you prefer, with the same finger positions.

Hold the gesture for 15 minutes.


Use Karana Mudra as a gesture to protect you..

  • From negative influences,
  • Negative thoughts,
  • Energies or external forces.
  • To dispel obstacles  
  • Create a sense of spiritual and energetic protection.
  • Dispel anxiety and fear
  • Stimulate the fire and earth element, which make you feel grounded but passionate.

Abhaya Mudra For Protection

Various spiritual and religious traditions use Abhaya Mudra, including Buddhism and Hinduism.

In Sanskrit “abhaya” translates to “fearlessness” or “protection.”

This mudra is a gesture of reassurance, dispelling fear and granting protection. You make this mudra with your right hand.

How To Do Abhaya Mudra

  • Stand or sit comfortably with an upright posture.
  • Extend your right arm outwards and away from your body, keeping it parallel to the ground.
  • Bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle, with your forearm pointing upward and your hand positioned in a way that the palm faces forward and the fingers point upward.
  • Keep your fingers close together, and your thumb is gently touching the base of your fingers.
Abhaya Mudra
Abhaya Mudra
  • Place your left hand at the side of the body, relaxed and slightly bent at the elbow.

Practice Abhaya mudra daily for up to 30 minutes.


The benefits of this mudra …

  • Protection from negative energies
  • Dispels fear
  • Reduces doubts
  • Dispels negative emotions.
  • Reassurance
  • It is a sign of blessing used by gurus.

Mudra For ProtectionConclusion

Karna mudra and Abhaya mudra are both hasta mudras, which means they are hand mudras.

They will protect you against external and internal negativity. To get the most out them practice one or both daily for fifteen to thirty minutes.

You can add these simple gestures to your yoga or meditation routine or use them as a stand alone practice.

See also Hridaya Mudra and Ahamkara mudra, Kali Mudra.