Being Open and Imagining Your Future is a Powerful Manifestation Method.

There is abundance all around us, yet we imagine we live in lack. What if there was a way to tap into abundance that successful people have used throughout history? A way that does not depend on where you were born, your past mistakes, how intelligent or old you are and does not require you to be confident. All it requires is commitment and faith and the higher power does the rest. It’s called manifesting, in this article we explain the powerful manifestation methods that are available to you as your birth right.

What is Manifesting

Manifesting means using your imagination and emotions to create the future you want. The key is to feel as if your goal has already happened. There are several powerful manifestation techniques you can try, including vision boards, visualisation, affirmations and journaling.

Manifesting Methods at a Glance

  1. Vision board
  2. Journalling
  3. Affirmations
  4. Be who you want to be, now
  5. Take action
  6. Visualisation
  7. Gratitude
  8. Pillow Method
  9. 55 x 5 method
  10. Two Cup Method
  11. Focus Wheel
  12. Eliminate limiting Beliefs
  13. Angel Numbers
  14. Tarot

Law of Attraction and Manifestation Methods

The law of attraction is a description of how reality is set up, For instance, positive thoughts will attract positive events and negative thoughts negative circumstances. But it’s more than just positive thinking.

Like the law of gravity explains how objects behave, the law of attraction explains how our thoughts and feelings create our reality, whether we know it or not. A baby does not need to know gravity exists for it to be affected by it.

We use manifestation techniques to bring our desires into existence. The techniques use the law of attraction to manifest our desires like we use gravity to walk.

How Powerful Manifestation Methods Work

Powerful Manifestation methods

Whatever manifestation methods we use, the dials we are turning are imagination and emotion to experience our wish as if it has already happened, we want to live that feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Here is the thing, when we imagine our desire vividly and feel the emotion of it, it then exists in a place I call pure potentiality.

Pure potentiality is the part of life that always exists and is the source of everything. It is our true self or as some people call it our higher self. Once we imagine and feel our new life it is in this place it takes shape, then it comes into being into the material world.

This is when new doors start opening for you and you will see coincidences happening, you will take actions that move you forward to your new reality, motivation will be easy.  

And the reality you imagine and feel starts taking shape in the material world because it it already exists in pure potentiality.

Your actions are a vital part of this. You do not sit back and let it happen.

Let dive into the manifestation methods available to all of us…

Vision Board

A vision Board is a powerful manifestation method.

A vision board is a poster size visual representation of your goals and the future life you want to manifest.

How to Make a Vision Board

The way to make a vision board is have pictures, magazine cut outs and other visual representations of what you want and stick them on large board.

Use pictures and images that inspire you, that give you an exciting feeling in the gut when you look at them.

You can use the vision board for a “big picture” life arching goal or for a specific single idea, like a dream job or home.

Place it somewhere you can see it, look at often as possible.

See it as living developing thing, you can update it as often as you like.

You can also make a digital one, and have it as wallpaper on your computer or phone.


Journaling is another Manifestation Method

Journaling is a written representation of what you want to manifest (also known as script manifesting)

Writing down what you want and how you want your life too look creates focus and is therapeutic. To be a powerful manifestor you want little fear and negative energy as possible, the journaling therapeutic affect will help you with your mental health.

To Use journaling effectively as a manifestation method:

  1. Get clear vision in your mind of the life and person you will be.

  2. Feel it has happened now. Getting the emotion of it is essential.

  3. Journal (write) as the person you will be when you have your goal.

  4. Continue to hold the image and feeling as you write.

When you do this often you will get into a flow state as you write which means you will write from a deeper place.

Journal as much as you want, it’s especially powerful in the morning and before bedtime. You can try what is known as the 369 method – write 3 times in morning, 6 in afternoon and 9 times at bedtime.


Use affirmations to create your dreams

One of the most well known and best manifestation methods are Affirmations. These are a verbal representation of what you want to manifest.

Positive manifestation affirmations are most powerful when you feel and imagine what you are saying as if has happened already.

“I am wealthy” not “I will be wealthy”.

Repeat the affirmations as the person you will be. So ask yourself “who will I need to become to manifest what I want”. Then feel and imagine you are that person already.

Repeat them through the day, especially in the morning and before bedtime.

You can use the 369 method – affirm 3 times in morning, 6 in afternoon and 9 times at bedtime.

For a deeper dive into affirmations go to: How to Use Affirmations Properly.

Manifestation Methods Require You To Be the Person You Will Be. Now

Behave as the person you would be if you already had what you wanted. This is part of all manifestation methods but can also be used by itself.

How would your future self speak to people?

How would you handle problems?

What mindset would you have?

How would you feel, walking around on a day top day basis?

Would be annoyed at the same things?

Live those answers as much as possible, be your future self, now!

Take Action

You need to take action for your dream life to manifest as you want it.

Action is a manifesting method like the others. Your imagination, feelings and action all work together to create the life you want. Some say action is one of the, if not the best manifestation techniques.

Don’t worry, you will not have to force yourself to act. If you imagine a future that inspires you and gives the the excited feeling in the gut, you will naturally take action towards that future.

You will seize opportunities when they arise and open yourself up to coincidences that take you towards the life or goal you desire.


Use visualization  for manifesting

Visualisation is a manifestation technique that focuses on imagination to create the life you want.

Visual Manifestation Methods Use Your Conscious and Subconscious mind

You have a conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious works in the realm of images and feelings. It does not know the difference between something that is happening and something that is imagined. This is the part you are using to manifest your reality when you visualize.  

How to Use Visualization Techniques

  • Imagine your goal or life you want as if it has already happened.

  • See it clearly and vividly, go into detail to make it real as possible.

  • Get the positive excited feeling in the body.

  • Play around with images in your mind to get the feeling you want.

I find imagining lots of money in my bank account does not have the right feeling for me, imagining what my life will look like when I know I have lots of money does. So I imagine both with the emphasis on what my life will look like. See what works for you.

For those who need material evidence to really believe what you are doing, studies have shown imagining an action e.g playing the piano, lights up part of the brain the actual act of playing the piano does.

Gratitude is One the Powerful Manifestion Methods

It’s hard, if not impossible, to manifest when you are fearful and depressed.

You will create positive energy when you practice gratitude daily and you will vibrate at the level of spiritual abundance. Remember, you attract the vibration you are putting out.

You can keep a gratitude journal or you can repeat the things you are grateful for to yourself.

You do not have to be grateful for big shiny things, be grateful for everyday simple things is just as powerful. It is the feeling that is important.

Pillow Method

Put Your affirmation under your pillow at night you sleep.

With this method you imagine and feel your dream life vividly, write it down and place the paper under your pillow before you go to sleep.

Imagine your future and repeat your positive affirmations while falling asleep. Again feel and imagine it has already happened.

A good way to get into the feeling is to ask “ What would my life look like if I already had what I wanted”.

Falling asleep is a powerful time to reprogram your subconscious mind as you are in a receptive brain wave state. The Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation is a powerful manifesting tool for this reason, it gets you into the brain wave states that allows communication to your subconscious mind.

Use 55 x 5 With Your Manifestation Methods

In simple terms, this manifestation method involves writing down your affirmation 55 times a day for 5 days.

Two Cup Manifestation Technique

This manifestation method involves getting two cups, preferably the same size.

Label one cup “Current reality” and the other “New Reality”

Fill the current reality cup with water and leave the other empty.

Now visualize and feel your new reality. Really see it. Make it real as you can.

Experience how you will feel and how you will act as if was already true.

Once you feel it is already happened, keep that feeling and pour the water from the current reality into the the new reality cup.

Breathe in as the cup fills ups, you are breathing your new reality into the present.

Focus Wheels

The focus wheel is one of the powerful manifestation methods from Abraham Hicks. To create a focus wheel start by writing your desired outcome in the centre of the circle. Then divide the circle into 12 sections, in each section  write positive affirmations related to your desire.

As you write each statement imagine how it feels to have already achieved your goal, focus on the positive emotions associated with it.

Powerful Manifestation Methods Eliminate Self Limiting Beliefs

Part of manifesting is eliminating beliefs that limit your reality and block manifestation. When you do the manifesting methods described you will come up against your limiting beliefs. Mostly picked up from childhood.

Journaling is especially good getting for rid of these beliefs.  

This is deep work and can be uncomfortable, but it is worth doing.

Use Manifestation Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are recurring numbers we see around. They can be in the form of phone numbers, licence plates or anything else. They are messages from the universe, if we pay attention they tell us about our selves and the next move we need to make.

Look for recurring numbers and sequence of numbers and look deeper into their meaning. go here to find out how to use angel numbers to manifest your desires: A Guide to Manifestation Angel Numbers and What they Mean for Your Life.

Use Tarot for Manifestation

Tarot communicates with your subconscious mind. When you hold your intention of what you want to create while doing a tarot reading, the cards will guide you. Depending on the spread, each card will represent an aspect of you and reality that will move you to your desire. Go to this article to find out more, How to Use Tarot for Manifestation: Manifest Love, Money and Happiness.


The most powerful manifestation techniques are the ones you do regularly.

Although a positive mindset is important, the power of manifestation methods comes from experiencing your future as if it has already happened. Then trust the universe and be detached from the outcome.

Effective manifestation techniques are both visual and emotional. They rewire our subconscious beliefs to bring positive things into our life.

The powerful manifestation methods you use will also depend how you are wired. You might be someone who prefers visual reminders over written affirmations or verbal affirmations over the written. Don’t be afraid to play around with different manifestation techniques to find which one is the most powerful one for you.

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