Self Confidence Coach

Building self confidence does not have to be a lonely task. A self confidence coach can help build confidence and overcome negative thinking.

Life Coaching has become popular of the last 20 years. It might be time for you see what all the fuss is about.

What is Confidence

Confidence is knowing that you can do what you put your mind to.

It is not the absence of self doubt, but being secure in your abilities to overcome those doubts with action and introspection.

We might feel we cannot do something because of past traumas, lack of self respect or because of learned negative thoughts. the reason does not matter as much as your willing to take action.

What Is a Self Confidence Coach?

A confidence coach is a life coach who specialises in self esteem

A self confidence coach is a life coaching niche which specialises in confidence. He or she will help you see the underlying causes of your lack confidence. The purpose of this is to get you into action.

Not only will they help you unravel and unblock the causes of low self esteem, they will give you tools and habits to empower you do deal with set backs in the future.

Like anything, the road to confidence is not straight forward. You will have set backs, ups and down. A good confidence coach will equip you with the life skills you need for the rest of your life.

Life Coach vs Therapist

The main difference between and coach and a therapist is a life coach starts where you are. It looks at your internal (beliefs and mindset) and external environment only so it can remove obstacles to action towards your purpose.

A therapist will go over past traumas and beliefs to resolve issues. It looks back to clear things up.

Life coaching, therefore self confidence coaching, looks forward. And only looks at issues in relation to how they block you from taking action, now.

Who Can Benefit From Self Confidence Coaching

Confidence coaching will benefit anyone who wants to improve their life and see how good they can be. It instils in you a positive mindset about your self and goals.

It can help you in you in any area of your life.

There Is Nothing Wrong With You If You Hire a Coach

Remember it’s human to doubt ourselves.

So when you look at hiring a self confidence coach, keep in mind that you are not flawed and there is nothing wrong with you. You just want to be the best you can be.

It’s a sign you are challenging yourself and going beyond your comfort zone. And that is the place you where you grow. Confidence coaching helps you through this growth.

How Self Confidence Coaches Help Clients

All coaches are different, they have their own skill-set, experience and talents. And each client is different. So coaching sessions will not look the same for everyone.

The commonality between all coaches is the intention to help and get you into action. Coaches are willing to have difficult conversations.

They will help you see your blind spots, identify limiting beliefs and life scripts to create an action plan.

All coaching starts with a initial free consultation

The initial conversation is where you discuss what you want. This is important, you can see if this is the coach you want and the coach can see if it is something they can help with.

It is not a watered down conversation. And it should never should be a sales pitch by the coach. If it feels “salesy” to you, move on and speak to another coach.

It’s an actual coaching conversation. You should get value from it, and by the end have a clear idea if you want move ahead and how the coaching plan will start.

What Areas Can Self Confidence Coaching Help With?

Coaching can help with many aspects of your life

Confidence coaching can help you with anything you want. Whatever you want to do takes confidence.


It can help you make better decisions. Also give you confidence when dealing with customers or employees.


It can help speak and express yourself clearly in current relationships. Whether that is friends, family or romantic.

Or it can help with creating future relationships. You might need confidence to get out there and start dating after a break up. A confidence coach can help you gain your confidence and clarify what you want.

Self Image

We have an idea of ourselves which we carry with us. Often that idea is not empowering and out dated. If we see ourselves as lacking in self esteem that is how we will act. And If we are holding onto a self image that no longer applies we will have internal conflict.

For instance, if we have a successful career but our self image is from our college years, where we were not good at certain things, then the self image needs updating.

A self confidence coach can help you by slowly taking you to place where your new self image naturally becomes into being.

Physical Health 

If you want take up a new sport or go the gym and you lack confidence to do so, then a coach can help you. They can give you a game plan to follow so that you can ease yourself into it and start with realistic goals and not judge yourself.

Starting a New Project

Starting something new challenges our confidence like nothing else. We are full of self doubt and question if we are crazy for even trying. Especially if it is a big project.

A self confidence coach will help overcome the negative beliefs. They will work with you to create an action plan and monitor it with you.

What it Takes to Be a Self Confidence Coach

You must like helping people if you want to be a coach

You might be reading this and thinking I could help someone, I want to be a confidence coach. You can be. Here are some tips to help you make your mind up.

The first thing is, you don’t have to have perfect confidence. As I stated earlier , it is human to doubt ourselves. The key is you must have overcome a confidence crisis yourself in order to help others.

You Must Like Helping People.

I know this sounds obvious. But many people go into coaching because they think it will be fun, or an easy route to money.

It can be fun, off course. But it is not easy. Helping others is challenging and getting clients is challenging. If you like helping people, you will be able overcome the obstacles.

You Must Have an Understanding of Human Behaviour and Psychology.

A car mechanic must understand cars you must understand people. This does not mean you need a degree or have book knowledge in psychology. Those things can be useful but you must be able apply what you know.

You need to explain human psychology in everyday terms and turn into actionable steps

Many people understand psychology but cannot implement for themselves, let alone for others.

You cannot take someone deeper than you have already gone. This does not mean you cannot see clients until you have gone deep as possible. It does mean that you can ONLY help people who have not gone deeper than you.

You Must Be Present and Embodied. 

To be present means you are not thinking of what to say while your client is speaking. This is also related to being embodied. Which means you must know what is going on inside of you mentally and psychically as you are listening and talking to your client.

The client feels when things are off. They will know you are not fully with yourself so you cannot fully be with them.

They might not be able to articulate it, but they will intuit it. This will make them less open to exploring their own inner landscape and it will block them hearing advice you give them.

Ultimately you want to see the client as having what they need within them. You are just helping them find it through conversation and questions.

Coaching starts from this premise. Not from the premise of “You are broken, I can fix you”

How to Find a Self Confidence Coach

If you do not know someone who has used one, the best place to find a confidence coaching program is online. Just make sure you have a free conversation before you go ahead. Look at the testimonials.

Remember, the consultation is not a sales call. The coach should be exploring your needs. You should come away from the session clearer. It should have the same purpose and intention as all coaching sessions.

Much will depend on your budget. But always go with your gut feel. If something seems off, try another one. There are lots of coaching programs and coaching services to choose from, so shop around until one feels right to you.

Ideally word of mouth is the best. If you know someone wop has used a confidence coach then their recommendation means a lot.


A self confidence coach is a life coach for anyone who wants to improve their self esteem. If you have low self worth, lack self confidence in a particular area or just want some help and self assurance, then it’s something that will benefit you.

Coaching is about action. It’s not about talking about your feelings and problems for the sake of it. That can be useful, but that is not coaching.

You can use a confidence coach for business, employment, relationships and improving your self image.

The best way to know if it’s something that will help you gain confidence is to try a free consultation. If it feels right go for it.

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