Spiritual abundance meaning

What is abundance in the spiritual context? Abundance manifests in the present moment, but what does that mean? In this article we will look at spiritual abundance meaning, what it looks like and how to connect to it.


Spiritual Abundance Meaning And Everyday Abundance

When we think of the word abundance we think of material possessions like money, but also health, friendships and plenty of opportunities for excitement and adventure. These all give us a feeling of living a full life.

There is nothing wrong with these desires, they are natural and we all have them.

However, we want those things because we have an underlying feeling of lack. If we did not have this lack we would not desire those things to feel fulfilled.

You will have noticed that when you succeed in getting what you want, the satisfaction only lasts a short while.

Spiritual abundance meaning is different to the everyday meaning of abundance.

Spiritual abundance meaning…

It means you do not lack anything because you see who you really are. You are connected to your spiritual self.

The feeling of something missing in your life and the feeling that you are not complete is the opposite of spiritual abundance.

Think back to a time when you felt nothing was missing. We often experience this feeling when we are on holiday. We put aside our usual way of looking at things and because we are in a new environment it connects us to the abundant part of us.

On holiday we naturally fall into the part of us that is not trying to change. In other words at the moment we forget ourselves.

You can think of other times this happened. The birth of your children or moments with them as they grow up.

You can experience the feeling everything is perfect even when you got a new job that you wanted.

These feelings do not last, but they give you a momentary taste of what spiritual abundance feels like.

Your Life Experience When You Realise The Spiritual Abundance Meaning

When you are spiritually abundant you feel connected to others

When you have spiritual abundance you will experience many blessings.

1. Completeness

You feel complete and whole. You do not feel like you lack anything. This is the key to a fulfilling life.

All of us to some extent feel we are unworthy and underestimate our own value in someway. Sometimes it’s stuff that we don’t like about ourselves, like our looks, our intelligence or our physical strength. But often it’s a vague feeling of not being good enough or worthy of being here in this world.

We are so used to that feeling, we do not notice it.

When you have spiritual abundance you do not feel unworthy. You do not even feel good enough. You just feel complete.

It feels like everything is Ok with you and always has been, nothing can shake that.

2. You No Longer Crave Things

It’s natural to want things.

However, outside of your basic need of food, shelter and safety craving things is not natural.

So when you crave that new bit of tech that you think will make it all ok for you, you are trying to fill the hole of unworthiness.

Because we live in a consumer culture and are encouraged to desire things with constant marketing and advertising shoved in our faces, we don’t even know that craving is manufactured and not natural.

When you have spiritual abundance you do not crave things because you are not trying compensate for a feeling of emptiness. You are content with what you have.

At the same time you still want things that will make your life easier or even more exciting. But you will not crave them.

You will go from “I must have” to “It would be nice to have.”

Your desires will change to preferences. Paradoxically, all if this will actually lead you to manifest abundance in other areas, effortlessly.

3. You Will Feel Connected to Others

When you are spiritually abundant you will see that underlying all appearances we are not only made of the same stuff as the universe but we are also the same consciousness. When you say I, it is the same I when someone else says it.

The connection is deep, even when you disagree with someone you will not lose the connection. In fact you cannot lose it, you only image you do.

People will feel that you are living from a deep place, so without effort you will spread spiritual blessings.

4. You Will Feel A Natural Joy

When you are spiritually abundant you feel a natural joy. Some call it an uncaused joy, or a joy without a shadow.

Uncaused, because it has no reason. It is not because you got something, it is always there, we just don’t notice under the chatter of our mind and our feelings.

Without a shadow because it does not come with any negativity. If you look at the happiness that you get from things, people or situations they all come with some kind of fear.

When you meet the person of your dreams, you will feel amazing but soon after you feel scared you might lose them, or start to feel you are not good enough for them.

If you buy a new car, you will have to deal with the worry of maintaining it or it getting stolen or damaged.

When we get something we want, the happiness is fleeting. We are lucky if it lasts three days. The excitement quickly dwindles  and we look for another fix.

Look at the many things you got that you wanted. If getting what you wanted was the key to happiness you would be brimming with joy by now.

You might be thinking that the reason you are not happy is because you did not THE big thing, whatever that means to you. But it’s easy to forget our past wants also felt like THE big thing.

Also look at people who seem to have it all, many of them are miserable.

This is the spiritual abundance meaning of joy, it is ever present and it is who you are. You realize you do not feel this joy, you are it.

5. You Will Be Fearless

You will still scared of the usual things like physical danger and pain to yourselves and loved ones. But you will not feel the fear of being judged, the fear of not fulfilling your potential or the fear of missing out.

6. You Will Have More Energy and Vitality

When you are not in constant fear and anxiety and when you are no longer trying to fill the bottomless hole of unworthiness, you will feel a new energy burst through.

You will be more engaged in life not less.

People are so used to getting motivated by scaring themselves into action or from a place of lack, they think when fear or lack is absent they will sit around doing nothing.

That’s not the case. There is a natural energy you have. It’s the same energy that pumps the blood around your body and heals wounds. It’s the same energy that grows tree’s and rotates the planets.

This energy does not break through until we stop imaging who we are and connect with who we really are.

7. You Will Make Better Decisions

One of the biggest stresses in life is making decisions.

Even when we have done our best to weigh up the options, we never have all the information we need. The results of our decisions are out of our hands. We know this that is why we feel anxious.

Part of the problem is we have many conflicting thought and ideas. They all seem to have merit, so we go round and round in our head and eventually pick one out of frustration.

It’s hard to have clarity when your mind won’t stop chattering and when we are full of fear. Also because we feel unworthy we are scared that a decision will make us even more unworthy.

That is a lot to deal with.

When you have spiritual abundance you feel whole already so your decision do not have the same importance, so with be detached from the outcome.

You will also have less mental chatter, which means you have more clarity. This goes for your emotions too. One of the life lessons I learned was not to make important decisions when you are emotional. Our emotions colour and influence our decision making.

Spiritually abundant people have much less riding on their decisions, which actually makes them better decision makers.

8. Freedom and Flow

We are imprisoned by our own thoughts and ideas. When you are spiritually abundant your mind quietens down and you see your thoughts are not reality.

When you see they are not reality you are no longer lead around by them and no longer constrained by them.

You feel a a tremendous amount of freedom. Not the freedom to do whatever you want, you are still constrained by natural laws and man made ones. But freedom from having to live with brakes on because your mind and feelings keep holding you back.

You will feel this freedom doing ordinary things like going to work or washing the dishes.

Athletes often experience what they call flow, it’s a feeling of being moved rather than moving yourself. At the same time they their oneness with the surroundings. You will hear them say, I was absent. They mean the idea of who they are is absent. This is freedom.

How to Cultivate Spiritual Abundance

Know your true self to cultivate spiritual abundance

True spiritual abundance comes from knowing who you are beyond your thoughts, feelings, ideas and body.

One of the ways to connect with who you are is with self enquiry. Look at what you are not. A simple way to do this is to point at something, for instance point at your leg and ask “Am I this leg?”  If you can see the leg then you cannot be it. What is that see’s the leg?

The leg is part of you, but not who you are.

Carry this on to other parts, then to your thoughts and then the feeling of being you.

You have a sense of who you are, yet you are aware of that sense? What is that awareness?

I can’t give you the answer, no one can. They can tell you what they found but you have to experience the answer for yourself.

Knowing yourself is the only way to experience spiritual abundance at it’s ultimate level.

However you can get a glimpses of spiritual abundance through certain practices…

1. Spiritual Abundance Through Meditation

Do not use meditation to quieten your thoughts, that is a never ending and pointless task.

Instead use it as a way to connect to the ever present silence that you are. You will know when you connect with it because it will feel like arriving home. You will fall naturally into it because it is you.

From that place of silence you will experience the spiritual abundance meaning.

Try it, not everyone likes meditation so don’t beat yourself up if it does not feel right for you.

However, don’t give a up straight away, try it for a while. You never know you might have a knack for it.

2. Spend Time in Nature to Experience Spiritual Abundance Meaning

Especially places which are awe inspiring. We can’t all pack up and go the Himalayas but we can head to somewhere out of the way.

When we are in nature we can connect to ourselves that is also part of nature. Nature is present and not lost in thoughts, same as our true nature.

3. Spiritual Abundance Mantras

Mantras never worked for me, however people have told me when they did these they understood the spiritual abundance meaning.

A spiritual abundance mantra that you might find uplifting is “Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha,” which is a mantra dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, who embodies wealth, prosperity and beauty.

“Om” is the universal sound of creation, symbolizing the essence of the ultimate reality.

“Shreem” is the seed sound of Lakshmi related to abundance, prosperity and the principle of material and spiritual growth.

“Maha” means great, and it signifies the increase of energy within oneself.

“Lakshmiyei” refers to Goddess Lakshmi herself.

“Namaha” means ‘I bow’ or ‘I surrender,’ indicating reverence and devotion, allowing one to receive blessings

By chanting this mantra, a person is seeking the blessings of Lakshmi and expressing a willingness to receive the abundance that life has to offer.

These practices will give you a taste of abundance spiritual. However don’t forget, in order to have an abundant life you must see who you are.

Spiritual Abundance Meaning Conclusion

Spiritual abundance meaning is not the same meaning of abundance we use in everyday terms. It does not mean money or other material things.

Spiritual abundance refers to a feeling of being complete, whole and connected to the universe. When you have an abundant spirit you know who you are and therefore do not feel lack and shame of being unworthy.

You will experience freedom, flow and will no longer crave material wealth, although you will still have “nice to have” wants and needs.

Develop spiritual abundance by knowing who you are. one way of doing this to enquire who you are not. When you know who you are, you will have spiritual connection in each life moment.

You can also experience spiritual abundance through meditation, spending time in nature and repeating an abundance mantra. Anything that gets you in touch with your true nature will work.

There are many spiritual practices you can try, the best thing is to give them a go and see what happens. We are all different, what you are drawn is personal to you.

Remember, the spiritual abundance meaning you find is your unique journey. Others can share their experience and point the way, but you have to see for yourself.

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