Unleash Your Hunter Archetype to Get What You Want

Once you realise the many internal energies and stories you have at your disposal your life takes on new meaning and power. You see more opportunities than you ever imagined. In this article you will learn about your hunter archetype and what happens when you unleash this inner predator.

What is an Archetype

An archetype is a recurring pattern of behavior and personality that represents a universal theme. Archetypes are often found in myths, fairy tales, dreams, and art.

They can combine or overlap with each other. For example, a hero can be both a hunter and a lover.

What is the Hunter Archetype

The hunter archetype represents the primal instinct of survival and domination. He needs to hunt for food, territory, and mates. He is also motivated by curiosity, excitement, and achievement.

The hunter archetype is often associated with masculinity, but it can be found in both men and women. It is not limited by gender, age, or culture. I use he in this article for simplicity.

The Characteristics of the Hunter Archetype


The hunter’s goal is not only to conquer and dominate and force his will on the animal but to transform himself and grow in the process. He is curious about who he will become.


The hunter understands the deep connection between the animal, himself and his tribe. The animal is sacrificing itself to nourish others. It’s death becomes new life as it feeds the hunter and his tribe.


Although hunter he has the intention to impose his will on nature he also has reverence for the animal. For example there is a an Amazonian tribe will salute the animal and sing to it.


He is mediator between the civilised and the primal in all of us and within himself.


The hunter loves to explore new horizons and discover new things. He is always looking for opportunities to learn and grow.


The hunter archetype feels energised by the need to master, thrive and conquer.


He is present. The hunt requires intense focus so is an opportunity for him to transcend his ego consciousness. During the hunt he is aware of the primal, eternal dance he is doing with the prey.


The hunter knows how to use his skills and talents to achieve his goals and he is not afraid to improvise or adapt to changing situations.


This archetype faces danger with confidence and courage. It is not easily intimidated or discouraged by obstacles or challenges. And it is willing to take risks and fight for what it wants.


The hunter strives to be the best. He enjoys testing his limits and proving himself and is not satisfied with mediocrity or complacency.


The hunter is faithful to his tribe. He values trust and honesty and will protect and support those who are close.

Unleashing Your Hunter Archetype in Your Life

Your inner hunter will power you ahead.

Whatever you want in life, whether career, relationships, health or adventure activating your hunter archetype will power you forward. You activate this archetype by taking action:

  • Targets each goal with relentless focused  intensity, presence and courage.

  • Be just as interested in the transformation you go through as much as reaching the goal.

  • The hunter focuses on its’ prey both to dominate it and to dance with it. This does not mean you try to dominate a potential partner, but that you dominate barriers and hurdles that get in the way, including your own fears.

  • A hunter respects and revers it’s prey, so you will respect and revere your goal . The purpose of an animal hunt is food, for career it will be money and fulfilment and for relationships it will be connections and intimacy.

  • When you activate this archetype you embrace the challenge and responsibility that goes with it and share your abundance with family and friends.

  • Be present and mindful, this will make your actions powerful.


The hunter archetype is one of the most powerful archetypes that you can tap into to transform your life for the better.

By activating your hunter archetype you will become confident, creative, resilient, passionate and fulfilled in life

You will also discover more about yourself, your purpose and potential.