The Laws of Compensation - You get what you give

In this article you will learn the law of compensation.

You will learn how to use it and how it will make your life more enjoyable and stress free.

What is the Law of Compensation?

The law of compensation is one of the twelve universal laws.

It states that you get back what you put out out in equal measure.

In other words, you get compensated for your energetic contribution. Look around at your present life, where you are is a result of the energy you have contributed.

You can contribute with….


What you do and how you treat other people. Also see the Law of Action.


Negative, fearful thoughts will bring negativity and fear into your life. Gratitude thoughts will bring positive things to your life.


If you speak to bring people down, then you will be compensated with the same energy back.


If you have negative feelings about the world then you will be compensated with world being negative towards you.

The Law of compensation shows you that you have the power to create the life you want. As Emerson said in his essay “Compensation” men know more than they realize.

If you dig deep, you may feel that you always knew what you put out into the world will come back to you.

How The Law Of Compensation Differs from the Law of Cause and Effect

The law of cause and effect tells us when we take an action it has an effect. We throw a ball it goes out then lands.

The law of compensation is about the value and balance of energy. The the exact value of energy we put out will come back to us.

As the law of Divine oneness states, the universe is one energy. It vibrates at different frequencies. Thoughts vibrate at a higher frequency to a table, so they seem like they are made up of different “stuff.”

They are not.

Therefore when you take an action or speak you are putting energy out into the universe. That energy does not disappear once it leaves you. It creates a reaction and comes back to you at the same level it went out. Have a look at the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy to understand how energy is always changing, and how you can use the law.

We Can Be Compensated in a Different Way

You Can get compensated in many forms.

When we contribute we can get compensated in many ways. It’s not always financial rewards.

For example, if you are contributing your energy in the work place, you may not get compensated with a higher salary or promotion in that company.

You might get compensated in another company who appreciate your talents and skills.

 Or you could be compensated with a feeling of self worth and appreciation of your talents. This will attract people who are operating that at the same level.

In turn, this can take you to starting a business venture with people or developing a romantic relationship with someone who resonates with your feelings.

A simpler example is bringing up children. It is challenging and we do all kinds of things for them, in return they do not do the same things for us. But we get a feeling of doing something that is satisfying and meaningful.

You Can be Compensated in Spiritual Gains

And do not forget the spiritual gains.

If you refuse to take a job that does not sit well with your principles. You might think you have not been compensated because you lost financially. However you have gained spiritually as your soul does not feel dirtied.

Therefore, do not make superficial judgments about what you have gained or lost. Look deeper, sometimes what seems negative turns out to beneficial in the long run, in ways we could not have imagined.

And do not ignore the internal benefits like peace of mind and a lack of guilt. It’s not just the obvious positive experiences that you get compensated in.

Remember, the energy will come back to you in direct proportion over the long run.

You May Not Be Compensated Immediately

In the long run you will be compensated the equal amount you have contributed. However, when you get compensated is not up to you.

This might not be easy to accept. We are used having and wanting everything NOW!

You will learn later how to change this “want it now” mindset to use the law of compensation effectively.

It would be nice to have an immediate one on one relationship with our contribution and our compensation.

Even with any personal success you have already, you cannot say with certainty which action cased it.

Sometimes you can get an immediate reward, however it will be impossible to tell if you are being compensated for your immediate action or for something you did years ago.

So look at it as a life long thing. And not like popping to the cash point to withdraw your compensation.

How to Use the Law of Compensation

Give more than is asked.

To use the law of compensation you don’t have to do anything magical. You follow simple principles that work, just like the law of gravity works without you trying.  

When you throw a ball up in the air, it comes back down without your intention.

Also, as we have learned, it would be nice to have things immediately. As it would being able to see a direct link between our contribution and our compensation.

However, this is not the best way to look it at if you want to use the law of compensation to manifest your dreams. This mindset can block manifestation.

Here is how to use it…

1. Do More Than You Get Payed For (Go Above and Beyond)

Do more than what you get payed for. Think of it as putting energy in the energy bank that has to come back to you eventually.

This not only applies to your job or business but also how you treat people and the thoughts and feeling you have everyday.

Exceed expectations of others and yourself.

2. Create Habits

Create habits for a positive contribution.

When you do anything for anyone, do a little bit extra every time. Whether that is at your job or in your personal relationships.

Have a daily gratitude practice. You can keep a journal or use positive affirmations in the morning and before sleeping.

Stay away from toxic people and environments that reduce your positive feelings and kill your motivation. This is not always possible, so if you are around such people make sure you set boundaries and let people know what you will not tolerate.

Build a habit of curiosity. This will lead you to learning new things, this puts you in a better position to contribute more.

3. Make the Work the Reward

Mystics and wise people through the ages have said not be attached to the outcome of your actions.

To make the law of compensation work for you, make the work your reward. This is easier for you now that you understand the energy exchange the law of compensation describes.

When you know what are doing will come back to you in the future in an equal and positive way then you will no longer have to worry.

You don’t have worry why a person or your that employer does not appreciate you. Because you know the energy will come back.

This does not mean you let people walk over you. You must set boundaries and walk away when someone is being abusive or manipulative.

However, it does mean, that you shift your mind from “I am doing this for you and expect this in return from you.”


“The energy I contribute to the universe, will come back to me from the universe.”

You’ll find it’s more fun that way.

Remember, you can walk away and set boundaries. The law of compensation does not punish you for not being a martyr or a doormat.

To understand more on how not being attached to the outcome have a look at the law of detachment.


The universal law of compensation says you get what you give, in equal measure.

The energy you contribute with your actions, words, thoughts and feelings all matter. Everything has an equal and opposite reaction. The energy of the entire system is always in perfect balance.

It’s a law, so it does no judge and it does not expect you be a martyr, so don’t feel guilty or scared if you refuse to help someone. You don’t have to do something you do not feel comfortable doing.

Go above and beyond what is required and do not focus on the outcome. Make the work your reward.

As with the other universal laws, the law of compensation is your birth right.

The law of attraction states what you focus on is what you will get. The law of compensation says you will get compensated in equal measure to what you contribute.

Use them together by focusing on positive actions, thoughts and feelings and allowing the energy of the universe pay you back with material and spiritual abundance.

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