The Law of Divine Oneness

The ultimate goal of spiritual growth is obtaining unity with life. This is the height of human experience. In this article we will look at the law of divine oneness and how it can help you manifest, find peace, compassion and realize your oneness.

What is the Law of Divine Oneness

The law of divine oneness is the foundational universal law from which all the eleven other universal laws spring from.

It states the universe is one whole. It might look like there are many things made up of different stuff. But that is just how it looks, it is not what it really is.

The Human race, animals, tree’s, the device you are reading this on are the same thing. In other words everything you see including your thoughts is god, appearing as those things.

It’s one universal energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Your thoughts seem to be made of different material than your phone. They are not, they are just vibrating at a different level.

When You Understand The Law of Divine Oneness You Realize…

  • I am you and you are me.

  • When you do something to someone else you are doing it to yourself.

  • We are the source of life- this is where we manifest from.

  • Within all of us there is god.

  • The vibration frequency you operate at, affects everyone and everything.

  • You will understand the ripple effect of what you think, say and do has.

Ocean and Wave Analogy

The Ocean is the wave, and the wave is the ocean. The universal energy is like this.

This law can be hard to get your head around when you first hear it. Although many people have an intuitive sense of what it means.

A helpful way to look at it is to use the ocean and the wave analogy.

We can talk about the ocean and the wave as separate things. Just by naming them we are doing that. However, the wave is the ocean and the ocean is the wave.

The oceans waves.

The universe/god/ source/Dao is like the ocean and it waves as everything you see. Everything you see is god.

Everything is Connected

For one thing to change everything must change.

Or another way of putting it, when one thing changes everything changes. It all changes together, it just seems like different things are changing separately.

This is why when people talk about the law of divine oneness they mention the law of vibration.

When you have negative outlook and feel negative about the world, this effects the world. Your vibration is adding negativity to the whole.

When you operate at a frequency of connection and compassion you are adding positive energy to the whole. This is why the law of correspondence says “As within so without”

Imagine you are in team working towards a common goal. You all want to succeed, you want each other to be the best they can be.

Now imagine one person has a different energy. He wants to be the centre of attention, he does not care how the team does, as long he looks good. Even if he does not articulate this, the rest of the team will feel his energy.

You have most likely experienced this in your own life.

Another example. When you walk into a room where people have been arguing, you feel it straight away.

The Law of Divine Oneness in Spiritual and Religious Traditions

Spiritual traditions and philosophy have spoken about the law of spiritual oneness in many ways.

People ignore it because it feels weird and it does not serve those in power for us to know it.

It is there in religion, if we care to look.

Jesus, stated “I and the father are one”. “All is the body of Christ.”

Eastern religions are more open and willing to talk about it and state it directly.

The greeting Namaste for instance, means I honour in you that which is in me. We are the same.

Spiritual traditions and mystics have stated in various ways. Saying such things as all there is, is consciousness. Or, you are god in disguise.

Carl Jung spoke of the collective consciousness. He said we all have access to our collective wisdom. Buddhism called it Mind, so the collective consciousness can also be called the universal Mind energy.

How to Realize the Law of Divine Oneness

To realize Divine oneness, see the interconnectedness of life

The law of divine oneness is not something that you can read about or do a course on to understand it.

It is pointing at everything, including your own thoughts about it. Yet it sits outside of all those things. Trying to understand it is like a part of the ocean trying to understand water by thinking about it.

However, you can change your perspective, which will help you get the sense of it. Here’s How…

1. See the Interdependence of Things

When you see things are all connected it can change your perspective and remind you of what the mystics speak about.

Your own body

Look how each part of your body influences another. Even your thoughts. When you think scary thoughts you feel scared and your body reacts.

If you get a foot message you feel relaxed all over and your thoughts quieten down

Your actions

Look how your actions effect others and the world around you. If you say a kind word to someone, they will take the good feeling to the next person and so on. That kind word might also motivate them to try something they have never done before, creating another ripple in the universe.

Observe Nature

A tree cannot exist without the sun, ground, air or water.

Take one of those things away and is there a thing called a tree?

Look or go outside as soon as you can and look at a tree. You will notice the ground is just as much part of the tree as it’s branches.

We cannot survive without trees and how they interact with the air we breathe.

Can you exist without oxygen? No. Then the air is as much a part of you as your heart.

2. The illusion of Separation

As you can see from the above, when we think of separate things we ignore a significant aspect of them. For communication purposes this is useful, however it make us miss reality.

Another way to see through the illusion of separation is too look at your own feeling of being separate.

Look at the feeling that you are “here” and that thing or the other person is “there. 

Where in your body is it? In the head area, the heart area or the gut?

Or all over the body?

Now look and see who is observing that separate feeling.

You can also ask what is the self?

When you say “I am so and so” , who see’s that?

This may give you sense that all is not what it seems.

3. Direct Experience via Awakening

Some people people have a direct experience of the law of divine oneness. It can be spontaneous or because of a spiritual practice.

How To You Use the Law of Divine Oneness

Understand the Law of Divine Oneness to you see the world differently

The law of divine oneness is not a law we use. However, when we understand it, it changes our behaviour and connects us to a deep power.

By going through the exercises above you will start to see the world differently. This can give you a deeper insight into the other laws, like the law of compensation or the law of polarity.

You will see the underlying connection of all the laws to the law of divine oneness.

And the deeper you go, the more power you will experience. Your manifesting will be powerful when you do it from who you are. You are the one reality. It’s like getting touch with the underlying life force of reality.

Not the Ego

However, it is not you as the ego, your self image or your body that you will understand this from. Those things are a expression of the one that you are. This is important. You don’t want to go around believing or saying that you are the one and become this arrogant delusional person.

You are the one, limitless, boundless energy.

Even if you do not have a full on awakening and experience of the law of divine oneness, getting a sense of it will change how you behave and interact with the world.

You will…

  • Treat others with compassion and respect.

  • You will forgive yourself for your mistakes not because you are trying avoid responsibility or making amends, but because you realize you were coming from fear and separation.

  • You will understand that you have more power than you realized. But this will not be from the ego. So it will not harm or cause more division.

  • When feel a sense of oneness you will not push away what you want because you feel you do not deserve it. You realize you are something bigger than you thought. This makes manifesting more powerful because you will allow it to happen with trust. Trust is a major component of manifesting.

  • You will look after your energy because you know what you put out in terms of feelings and thoughts impacts the world around you. This is what the law of compensation is about. Negative energy you put will come back to you as will the positive energy,

  • You will come from a place of abundance and not lack. When you realize the law of divine oneness, you will see that you are the whole and at the same time you also appear as an individual.  This is very different to imaging you are a separate individual. The latter means fear and lack, the former is connection and spiritual abundance. If you are the whole, what is more of an abundance mindset than that?

  • The law states, when you see the law of divine abundance clearly, you will see that everything is already here. What you want already exists. It’s simply at a vibrational frequency that you cannot see. This is the most important thing for manifesting. Feeling what you want already exists. The law of divine oneness shows you that it does.

  • All is one energy, however as the law of perpetual transmutation states the energy is always changing and fluctuating.


The law of divine oneness is the law that the other eleven laws of the universe come from. It’s the foundational law.

Divine oneness states that reality is one undivided whole, appearing as different things.

It’s not a law you use like the law of inspired action. With that law you you learn how to take action that will get you what you want. The law of divine oneness’s power comes from understanding it on a deep level.

Even if you do not have an awakening to your true self and oneness, just a sense of this law will change your perspective and behaviour. And you will vibrate at a higher frequency which will draw positive things to you.

To understand this law, look at the interdependence of your body with nature and natures interdependence with its different parts.

Look at how your emotional state effects those around you and how theirs in turn effects you.

When you connect with it you vibrate at a powerful frequency, this improves your manifestation skills because you will trust and have faith. Both of which are essential for the law of attraction to work.

But the most important thing for manifestation is believing what you want already exists. This is what the law of divine oneness shows you. If all is one, then what you want is also one. Therefore it already exists but not the form you can see.

When you realize this law you will find peace and compassion towards yourself , other human beings and the world.

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