The Law of Polarity

If you are frustrated and want to give up on the whole “Secret” thing. Don’t give up yet. On your manifestation journey you will hit hurdles and blocks. One of the ways is to overcome these and avoid many blocks as you can is to learn the laws that govern the universe and manifesting. In this article we discuss the Law of Polarity.

You will learn what it is, how it works and how you can use it to create what you want.

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What is the Law of Polarity

The law of polarity is one of the twelve universal laws.

It describes how the world exists of opposites. And that these opposites not only need each other but are the aspects of the same thing.

They exist on the same continuum…

Up cannot exist without down, left without right. We wouldn’t even know to say up if down did not exist.

The same applies to our feelings. We wouldn’t have happiness without sadness. Joy without despair.

Looking at the physical world, hot cannot exist without cold, valleys cannot exist without mountains.

And if you want to look at the ultimate polarity, reality is made up nothing and everything, as the mystics have told us through the ages.

This is the dual nature of the world and our own lives. Polarity.

How Polarities Work Together

Take the masculine and feminine polarity. When two people meet in a romantic setting, the passion they have for each other will depend on where they are on the poles of the masculine and feminine energy.

Passion needs this polarity. Everyone has masculine and feminine energies, however we are skewed in favour of one. If a man and woman meet and both have the same masculine energy, they will have no sexual passion.

When you look at it from the perspective of the law of polarity and energy, it is true opposites attract.

Both Negative and Positive Polarities Have a Purpose…

The depth of a valley depends on the height of the mountains, and visa versa. We cannot enjoy the mountain top view if we did not experience the view while in the valley.

Look how spring feels after dealing with months of winter weather.

When we experience one side of the polarity for too long we don’t appreciate it anymore and can even start to dislike it.

If we have nothing to do we will get bored, if we are busy all the time we will get stressed and ill.

We cannot appreciate our lives if we did not know we will die.

You can see the value the negative polarity has. It’s not just we cannot separate the two, and they need each other but also both polarities have purpose.

Think about the the tough times you have had, it was during those time you grew stronger, delved deeper into yourself and found resource you never knew existed.

What the Law of Polarity means for Manifesting and the Law of Attraction

To Manifest Focus on the Positive Polarity

The law of attraction works using the law of polarity. It says you get what you focus on, so focus on what you want and not what you do not have.

If there are two aspects to everything and you cannot have one without the other, does that mean we are forever jumping between the two?

Never fully enjoying life, because we are waiting for the opposite to drop?

No, although this is how many people live their lives, even if they don’t know the law of polarity.

They become successful and don’t expect it last, and low and behold, it does not last.

It does not have  to be this way, because we have the power to focus our energy of attention to what we want.

You Block Manifestation Without Knowing it

If you want to be rich, you are also saying you don’t want to be poor. So you must focus on abundance or lack. We cannot focus on both at the same time.

If you say to yourself “I don’t want to be poor” you are focusing on the lack spectrum of the polarity.

If you say “ I want abundance” on the surface it seems like you are focusing on abundance, until you go deeper and realize what you mean is you don’t want to be poor. The emotional energy you are putting out is that of lack, so that is what it will attract.

Our Underlying Limiting Beliefs

This is why we need to look at our underlying limiting beliefs.

You may say “I want abundance” but if you believe deep down that you do not deserve it, or it’s wrong to want wealth. Then that statement will not mean anything, other than “I do not want to be poor, but I think poor is what I deserve”.

So you have to dig into your core beliefs about money, relationships, health and whatever else you want to manifest.

Have your mental focus on the positive aspect of the polarity and not be drawn emotionally to the negative.

We all have a tendency to focus on the negative, so you’ll have make an effort to focus on the positive. But before you do that you must make sure you do not sabotage yourselves because of hidden beliefs.

How to Change you Inner Beliefs…

The first step is to understand hidden beliefs exist. Then confront them.

If you want to know what your underlying belief is about something, write down what you want. Then see how it makes you feel. Does it excite you or make you feel fear or anxiety?

If it makes you feel fear than you have a negative belief about it.

One you have done this, question the belief…


is this belief true?

What is the opposite belief?

Is the opposite belief just as true?

Have other people achieved what I want, are they bad people, or they human like me, with good and bad points?

By asking these questions you will see that your beliefs are not reality, but an opinion you learned.

Now you can go about changing them by repeating the opposite. Eventually your subconscious mind will change and the new belief will be your operating system.

You will start vibrating at a different frequency and will attract what you want because it is vibrating at the equal frequency.

Although you will no longer be giving energy equally to both poles, you will always have some energy in the negative side, so do not try to get rid of it. Remember, on cannot exist without the other.

However, your if focus and energy is largely on the the positive. That’s all you need.

Now You Can Manifest Using The Law Of Polarity

Change you limiting beliefs then you can manifest without the breaks on.

Now you can use the law of polarity in your favour, by focusing you attention on the positive aspects.

When you say “I want to be wealthy” you wont have the beliefs holding you back.

You want to create the feeling of wealth and abundance, that is the key. You can only get to this feeling by keeping your attention on the positive aspects of the polarity. As the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy states, energy does vanish it is in constant flux mad change, So your consistent thoughts will eventually change into reality.

How to Create Energy Towards the Positive Polarity

It’s easier to focus on the negative than the positive. We are hard wired this way. So we must make an effort to put our attention the positive.

Luckily, there are techniques to help you do this…

You can use visualization. Which means creating a mental image of your desire. Creating a vision board will help you picture what you want, if you struggle imagining your desire.

Use affirmations. These are positive statements, said in the present tense, “I am wealthy.” They are more than positive thinking. Positive thinking might state everything is going to be ok, an affirmation is saying everything is ok.

Journaling is another method you can use. Regularly write down your goal in a journal as if you already have it. Do this regularly and it will raise your vibration.

The key all these techniques is to feel the emotions as if you already have your desire. What Neville Goddard called, living in the wish fulfilled.

The Law of Polarity and the Law of Rhythm

The law of rhythm explains how, like a pendulum, life swings from one polarity to the other.  So the law of rhythm acknowledges the law of polarity.

And the law of attraction acknowledges both laws and says we must focus on the positive polarity in order to reduce or soften the pendulum swing the other way.

For example, the law of rhythm means that no matter how muscular or fit you get, you will have times when you are less fit and muscular. You cannot be at your peak constantly.

The law of polarity states you cannot have fitness if there did not exist the opposite.

If you to not go to the gym and don’t care about your health. When the pendulum swings to the other polarity, you are going to feel much worse than if you had started from a higher fitness level.

Examples of the Law Of Polarity

Here are some more examples of the law of polarity, so you can be clear and see how the universe operates. Once you see it, you can start turning and pushing the knobs and levers to manifest your dream life.

Polarity AspectPositive EndNegative End
Financial StatusWealthyPoor
MagnetismNorth PoleSouth Pole
GeographicalNorth HemisphereSouth Hemisphere
EnergyPositive ChargeNegative Charge
Emotional Well-beingHappySad


The law of polarity explains the world is dualistic. Nothing exists without it’s opposite.

Not only does it not exist, it cannot exist. And both polarities have purpose and value, even though we wish only the positive side would exist. Heads and tails are on the same coin, you cannot separate them.

Use the law of polarity to your advantage to manifest your dreams and desires. Focus your attention on the positive aspect of the polarity.

Practice this regularly to make it your natural energy. It’s a relief when you are going through a hard time to realise there is a positive alternative you can focus on.

You can use visualization, a vision board and positive affirmations to help you stay focused. The key is to feel the emotion of having your goal already manifest.

Now you understand the law of polarity, you understand why you must focus your attention on what you want and not what you don’t want.

Remember, it is a law like gravity. It does not judge. You either use it to your advantage or let it will lead you around.

As Sir Isaac Newton put it, “Every action has a equal and opposite reaction.”

Have fun.