What is Kali Mudra?

If you want to overcome obstacles, negative thoughts and patterns that do not serve you, then Kali mudra is for you. In this article we will look at what is Kali mudra and how to practice it. Plus the benefits you can expect.

Who Is Kali?

In Hinduism, Kali is the Goddess of time, creation and destruction. She is depicted as fierce and powerful, with dark or black skin.

Kali is associated with the death of ego through the destruction of negative forces. She is revered as a mother figure and a protector who fights against the forces of evil.

You have probably seen her. She is the deity who has four arms, a garland of skulls, a protruding tongue and a weapon in her hand.

Kali is also a central figure in Shakta Hinduism, where she is considered a manifestation of the Mother Goddess Shakti, the feminine aspect of the divine.

Her fearsome form represents the transformative power of destruction. Destruction is a necessary phase that precedes creation, therefore she represents the cycle of life.

Despite her terrifying exterior, Kali embodies the benevolent mother goddess who is compassionate towards her devotees.

What is Kali Mudra?

In yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy a Mudras is a symbolic hand gestures you use to influence the flow of energy in your body.

You use kali mudra to focus your intention so as to cut through illusions, ego, and ignorance. Just like Kali’s uses her sword to cut through darkness and evil.

You can also use this mudra during practice to overcome obstacles and destroy negative patterns. It is especially good when you are going through a period of deep introspection and transformation.

How to Do Kali Mudra

Find a Comfortable Seat

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position. You can sit cross-legged on the floor, on a cushion, or in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Just make sure your spine is straight and your shoulders are relaxed.

Prepare Your Hands

Start with your hands in front of your heart or your solar plexus. Interlace your fingers with the right thumb over the left if you are a man and left over right if you are a woman.

Form the Mudra

Extend the index fingers of both hands straight out, press them together to form a point. Your interlaced fingers represent the unity of the individual with the universe, while the extended index fingers symbolize the sharpness of Kali’s sword.

Kali Mudra

Position the Mudra

Hold the mudra at the level of your heart or in front of your third eye (the space between the eyebrows).

Set Your Intention

As you hold the mudra, close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Set an intention that aligns with the transformative energy of Kali. You might want to let go of negative patterns, overcome obstacles or invite in strength and courage.


Continue to breathe deeply and maintain the mudra. Focus on your intention or observe the sensations in your body and the flow of your breath. You can meditate like this for as long as you’re comfortable, starting with a few minutes and moving on from there.

Benefits of Kali Mudra

The benefits of this mudra are..

Increased Focus and Concentration

The gesture helps direct your energy and attention, making it easier to maintain focus during meditation.

Psychological Empowerment

The mudra has the fierce energy of Goddess Kali, which will inspire you and can give you inner strength and courage.

Release Negativity

Kali Mudra will help you with emotional healing because it will cut through your negative thought patterns.

Energetic Transformation

By invoking the energy of Kali, the mudra will transform your energy, turning anger or fear into positive action and change.

Stress Relief

When you use it during meditation  Kali Mudra can help stress relief by redirecting the mind away from negative thoughts.

Overcoming Challenges

You can use this mudra as a symbolic reminder of your ability to overcome obstacles and challenges, much like Goddess Kali destroying evil.

Conclusion – What is Kali Mudra

Kali mudra is a symbolic hand gesture that channels the fierce transformative power of the goddess Kali.

The hand gesture represents unity of self with the universe the power to cut through illusion and ego.

It can also help you cut through negative thoughts and obstacles.

You can use Kali mudra anytime, however it is especially powerful when you are going through moments of deep introspection and change.