The Dreamer Archetype Love Fantasy

Are you a dreamer or do you know someone who embodies the dreamer archetype? In this article we take a look at this beautiful personality trait.

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Are you a dreamer?

What is A Dreamer Archetype?

If you enjoy playing with the fantasies in your mind and like to imagine “what could be possible”, you are a dreamer archetype. We all have this side to us to some degree, but a dreamer is someone who loves the inner world of intuition, images and inspiration more than the mundane outer world.

To them the inner world, with all it’s magic and adventure, is more real than the outer. It’s a place where they can get answers and solve problems.

They are closely related to visionaries. A dreamer can see a better way of doing things, also a better way the world can be. They can be idealistic to a fault.

Famous Dreamers

Some famous dreamers in include:

Dr Martin Luther King.

He’s famous speech is about dreaming a better future.

Carl Jung

The psychoanalyst is a well known dreamer. Jung liked to explore and play in the inner realm of his psyche, he came up with the idea of archetypes.

John Lennon,

Was idealistic dreamer and envisioned a better way to live for humanity. His song imagine is an epitome of a dreamers way of seeing the world.

Dreamer Archetype and Life

The Dreamer Archetype are Idealistic and fun to be around

Dreamers have a vivid imagination and often seem to be lost in daydreaming.

Because they are idealistic they are also known as innocents. This makes them gentle company and playful to be around.

They can entertain themselves by dreaming and imagining amazing stories and fantasies that make them feel truly alive.

Negatives Of A Dreamer Archetype

Dreamers can become detached from reality.

When they have problems they will retreat into the safety and comfort of their inner world.

Their Life Can Be Chaotic and Unorganized.

A Dreamer can be unorganized.

For those closest to them this is a problem. They often have to take up the tasks the dreamer does not do.

They Find it Difficult to Follow the Strict Rules in the Workplace and School.

A dreamer prefers an environment that is free flowing. As it allows her to express creativity and imagination, and also gives her the space to disappear into her thoughts. They sometimes lack certain aspects of emotional intelligence and find it difficult to connect with others.

The Dreamer Archetype is an Essential Part of the World

Dreamers can think big, like changing the way humanity lives. Or simple as coming up with creative ways to solve everyday problems in the moment.

Dreamers are an essential part of society. Without them we would not have the amazing and creative things we have now. Just look at art and cinema and the wonderful places they take us.

Imagine life without those things.

Carl Jung and The Dreamer Archetype

The Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, developed the concept of archetypes.  Jung believed that archetypes are part of our innate psychological makeup and play an important role in shaping our personality and behavior.

He saw the dreamer archetype as someone who wants to connect with their true self, the self beyond what society tells them they are.

Jung believed the dreamer has a strong intuition and is not a mere consumer of reality but creator of it.

The dreamer is intuitive.

He saw intuition and imagination as an essential element that leads us to growth and gives us a deeper understanding of of the material and ethereal realm.

Jung believed that dreams themselves were a powerful tool for accessing the unconscious, and by exploring the images and symbols that arise in them, individuals could gain insight into their true selves and work towards oneness.

The dreamer archetype uses the images and fantasies in their mind to do the same.


The dreamer archetype prefers the inner world of fantasy and possibility over the mundane material realm.

Even though they tend to neglect the practicalities of life and can become detached from reality, with their vivid inner life they dream of a better world and have contributed to a better society.

Being around them gives us a sense of bigger possibilities in the moment and beyond.