The Law of Cause and Effect in Action

When your current life does not look like the way you want it to, it is often good to start with the obvious questions before you jump into the fancy sounding stuff. One of those questions we will look at today is what is the law of cause and effect?

We will answer this question and show you how to use this universal law.

What is The Law Of Cause and Effect?

The law of cause and effect is another of the twelve universal laws.

It describes how every action creates a reaction. Not just the obvious stuff, like throwing a ball. But also your thoughts create your actions and they create a vibration which reverberates through reality.

Your action has an immediate effect in your vicinity but it also ripples out into the entire universe.

You can understand this in two ways…

Taking the example of giving someone a hug.

First way of looking at is, you hug a person. They feel great, so when they meet the next person they are kind and may say something that inspires her to do what she has been dreaming of. Her actions will then affect other people and so on.

The second way is to see that the universe is one whole. As the law of divine oneness states, everything is one form. So when you hug someone you are effecting them and people neither of you will ever meet. Because the universe is all made up of the same energy, when one thing happens it effects everything else. 

Both ways are real and true. They are different aspects of the law of cause and effect.

Karma and the Law of Cause and Effect

Karma means cause and effect

Karma simply means the fruit of your actions. It’s not a moral judgement, a reward or punishment.  It’s the law of cause and effect.

If you think and act in positive ways it will lead to positive outcomes, we call this good karma. Negative ways will give you negative outcomes.

This does not mean bad things that happen to you are your fault. Bad karma just means you have not acted in positive ways.

Coming back to the law of oneness, you are the whole. Your true nature is everything. So as everything you are creating it all. Even then you should not feel guilty about the bad things that happen. You as the one create everything without effort.

You are also an individual body and mind. And as that body and mind you have control of certain things but not others. You are just as much influenced by your environment as you influence it.

So not everything that happens to you means you as an individual caused it. But many things are.

Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect

The law of attraction is really a summary of all the twelve universal laws. The law of attraction works by the mechanism of the other laws.

This law states what you focus is what you get. In relation to the law of cause and effect it means that your thoughts and actions will cause certain effects. So focus on positive habits that will lead you to what you want.

How to Manifest With the Law of Cause and Effect

Positive Beautiful Actions and Thoughts Lead to Positive Beautiful Effects

The universal law of cause and effect is good news. It means you are not at the whims of fate alone. You have the power through your actions and thoughts to create what you want. How your desires show up is largely out of your control. Things never turn out exactly as we imagine them.

Study life and the people who have the things you would like. Reverse engineer what they are doing then copy them.

What you will find is there are certain rules that they follow that got them where they are.


  • Took action

  • That had certain thoughts

  • They had certain beliefs

You must look at these together. It’s hard to take action when you have negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

And your positive thoughts won’t do much without action.

Change Your Limiting Beliefs

We have held our beliefs for so long, we do not question them. They work in the background without us even knowing they are there.

A common one is “I don’t deserve to be wealthy”.  

You can replace  “wealthy” with “happy” or anything else. It’s common for people to feel unworthy of things and not realize they hold that belief.

If you find yourself avoiding certain tasks, or avoiding going for particular things, like wealth or relationships, then you have a limited belief regarding those. You will have to do some digging to find out what it is.

Usually there is a the first belief you come up with then, there is a deeper belief beyond that.

For instance, your limiting belief my start of as “I do not care about wealth”, as you dig deeper this will become “wealth is bad”. Then further still you might get to “creating wealth is too difficult for someone like me.” Then you could get to “I do not deserve wealth.”

You will then see you believe you do not deserve it because you think you’re a bad person.

This is just an example. You will have to do the work yourself, maybe with a coach or a therapist.

Writing your beliefs down in a journal will help.

Once you see the limiting belief, dissect it and ask if it is true or makes sense.

A useful thing to do is to ask if the opposite of the belief is just as true?

Eventually you will see it is not helping you and it is simply one perspective of many. When you do, it loses power of you.

You can then replace it with a useful belief. That useful belief will cause a different effect.

Replace it with repetition. The repetition will eventually reprogram your subconscious mind.

Take Action

It takes action to create change. Action is energy that transmutes into other forms. When you go to work the energy you put into your work changes into the energy of money.

You have to take useful actions that will lead you to where you want to go. I know this sounds obvious, but we are all guilty of doing “busy work” where we are doing stuff that feels useful but isn’t. Busy work does not lead us anywhere.

Successful people, take inspired action that leads to something positive they want. They are strict about not wasting their time on things that are not going anywhere. They understand the universal law of cause and effect.

This is good news, as your actions are in your control.

Change Your Thoughts

This is different to changing your beliefs. Your thoughts are more obvious. It’s the way you talk to yourself about yourself, others and situations.

If you have a constant negative opinion of yourself and those around you then you will cause negativity around you. You not only give off a negative vibe, but you will be negative to other people and make yourself unhappy. This is a vicious circle. Negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes which lead to more negative thoughts and so on.

Change your thoughts to positive ones, even if it feels fake in the beginning. Remember, just like beliefs thoughts are one perspective of many, so you might as well look at things in a positive way.

These three things influence each other. Taking positive actions towards your goal will change your beliefs and thoughts. You are now a person who takes positive action. This new belief will take your far.

Summing Up: What is the Law of Cause and Effect

The cosmic law of cause an effect seems like a simple and obvious law, that we might wonder why even ask what is the law of cause and effect?

However if we look deeper, we see that we act like this law is not real. We say and do things that are not good for us or anyone else. Wasting time scrolling through social media looking for the next dopamine hit.

We binge watch shows that lead us nowhere and shuffle papers at work to look busy. We then are confused why our life does not look the way we want it to. we don’t realize when we act we have to deal with the corresponding effects.

When we act, which includes human thought, it has an equal and opposite reaction. That is, the energy goes outwards causes other effects. So to make positive changes, think and behave in positive ways. According to the law of cause and effect there is no such thing as luck because everything has cause, even though we not be able to see it.

If you look at from this perspective, what is the law of cause and effect, other than action – reaction?

When you understand this and let it sink in, you will see that it is empowering. You can take control of your life and do not have to be like leaf blowing in the wind.

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