Using Yoga Nidra for manifesting is Practiced in the Corpse Pose

Powerful and successful people know when you get into the right state of consciousness you can create your own reality. Some say it has been a a closely guarded secret, however it has been openly available to anyone who is curious enough to look. In this article we show you how to do this using an ancient yogic guided meditation. By the end of this article you will know how to use the Yoga Nidra for manifesting what you want.

What is Yoga Nidra for Manifesting?

When you practice yoga Nidra you enter a receptive state which allows you to manifest your goals and dreams more powerfully. Yoga Nidra means “yogic sleep”, it is a guided mediation you practice while in a corpse pose (lying down with your hands at side, palms up).

Although it is called Yogic sleep the intention is not sleep, rather it is the consciousness between sleep and waking state, also known as the hypnogogic state.

During the Hypnogogic state  you are using theta, alpha and delta waves.

As you go through the guided meditation you go into deeper levels of consciousness, even to point of oneness also known as the mind, spirit or higher self.

How To Practice Yoga Nidra for Manifesting Your Desires

Yoga Nidra is practiced as a guided mediation

Yoga Nidra guided meditation takes you through relaxing each area of the body. It helps you become aware of your breath and thoughts while allowing you to effortlessly rest as awake awareness.

You state your intention (known as sankalpa) three times at the beginning and also during the guided meditation.

When you use Yoga Nidra for manifesting, the steps can vary depending on the guide, however they follow a general outline:

1. Relax your body

2. State your intention.

3. Rotate your consciousness to scan your physical body.

4. Bring attention to the breath.

5. Become aware of feelings and emotions and let them go.

6. Use images to invoke inner peace and flow in your energy body.

7. Repeat the intention and visualise it.

8. Bring the mind back to the outer world.

How To Choose Your Yoga Nidra For Manifesting Intentions

What makes yoga Nidra practice different to normal mediation is Sankalpa.

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word meaning setting conscious, clear and positive intentions.

Choose a sankalpa that speaks deeply to you. It should be something you truly desire and believe is possible, but also stretches you beyond your current limitations.

With regular practice, your sankalpa can become a powerful force for positive change in your life. When you use Yoga Nidra for manifesting you are creating by sending positive intentions to your subconscious mind.

How to State Your Intention for Manifesting

When using Yoga Nidra for manifesting, set your intentions correctly

When you use Yoga Nidra for manifestation you want to make sure you are stating your intention correctly, otherwise you will be sending the wrong message to your subconscious. You can find more on how to set intentions in this article: How to Use Affirmations Properly.

Present Tense

Make the intention in the present tense. “I am happy” not “I will be happy”

I am /I have

Use I am or I have. Eg. “I am happy” , “I have an abundance of love in my life”

Do not say I want, your subconscious takes what you say literally. It will hear “I want..” and assume you want to want, ie a perpetual state of wanting and never getting.

Visualize it as Already Happened

You want to visualize your intention in as much detail as possible as if it has already happened.

Guided meditation video:

Here is a guided meditation for you to experience yoga Nidra:

Other Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra has a number of benefits, Including:


It promotes deep relaxation of the body and mind,

Trauma Healing and Clearing Negative Emotions

It promotes trauma healing as you enter deeper states you connect with trauma and emotions that have been buried, they are brought to the surface and released.


It boosts your ability to create because you enter into the alpha brain wave states.

Expression of the Heart

As you enter a a deep state of relaxation and consciousness you align with the blissful state of your heart allowing you to express yourself from the their. You can combine it with a hand gesture, like gyan mudra to increase your connection to the divine.

Summary of Yoga Nidra for Manifesting

Yoga Nidra is a guided mediation that takes you into  the state between sleeping and wakefulness.

You have probably experienced this when falling asleep at night and just before you are fully awake in the morning. It’s like you are awake and dreaming at the same time.

It puts you in a receptive state to manifest your dreams powerfully by reprograming your subconscious mind.

To manifest your dreams you state your intention (sankalpa) three times at the start and repeat through the meditation.

When setting intentions, make sure your intention is something deeply important to you. Say it and visualize it in the present tense as if it has already happened.

The more often you practice Yoga Nidra for manifesting what you want the more benefit you will get.

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